Priscilla van Sutphin

“ I have chosen for Myself a most peculiar 
army for this hour. They are peculiarly 
precious unto Me, & I will make them My 
jewels! I am gathering & I am scattering.
 I am winnowing & I am perfecting. I am 
really pleased with My work you see. I can 
see that My children are really getting to 
know the depth of My love for them. Little by little & grace by grace, more is being deposited, & they will come forth with a sweet fragrance in them, that will capture the hearts of all around them.

Just as Esther soaked in myrrh, then perfumes for six months, being rubbed & rubbed, & rubbed daily with perfumes, I am rubbing my goodness into you. I am rubbing in HOPE. I am rubbing in LOVE. I am rubbing in PEACE. I am rubbing in Patience & PERSERVERANCE, that you may go higher in your faith & not turn back again. I have so many gifts to bestow on My Bride!

I am making her like My strong horse in battle, & she will not turn away from the fight of the ages. She will go forward in a CONFIDENCE in who she is & I will fight along side her. Nothing can separate us. I am looking forward to this battle, My love! Aren't you? Those in heaven are awaiting it & have been interceding for it.

My angels are at attention. They are waiting for orders & many have already been sent down to engage the enemy's forces. I have given you many tools of war My Bride & I am not going to leave you alone in the battle. Remember how Gehazi saw that those with them were more than those against them? KNOW that I have a plan to make a spectacle of the enemy! Just when he thinks he has the upper hand, is when he is in for a fall. 

His rage will be stirred, when he sees the fullness of My plan, so I am telling you ahead of time, that I have all planned out in advance, so that even then, MY love, YOU WILL BE HELD IN THE PALM OF MY HAND! Restrain yourselves from giving in to FEAR! For I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of POWER, & LOVE, & a sound mind!

I AM FAITHFUL AND TRUE. I will not forsake you in the darkest hour My love. Keep your eyes in My Word, for I am pouring out revelation for these times, so you will know what is ahead before it happens. I do nothing lest I tell my servants, My prophets ! 

So EXPECT to see more than you have seen. Expect Me to show you great & mighty things that lie ahead. EXPECT to receive a greater portion of My love and My power, and authority! For I am coming to your side, just as a Bridegroom does, & I will execute vengeance on Our enemies! 

And I will use you to do it ! I will put MY WORDS in your mouth & you will use it like a SWORD. I will give you wisdom for each & every situation, that you will know what is happening. I will increase the seven fold Spirit in My Bride, that she will do GREAT EXPLOITS in My Name !Glory upon glory, & grace upon grace will be poured out. Look to Me, for I AM the LOVER of your soul, & I am releasing & stirring up the hearts of the young.

A little child shall lead them. One will set a thousand to flight & two will set 10,000 to flight. I am releasing groanings & utterances & travail will bring forth great passion & compassion that will loose the prisoners from their bonds. I will increase the FIRE of INTERCESSION, even in the little ones of My flock, so do not be afraid! Do not hinder what I do in them! I will use their innocent hearts to set thousands to flight. Agree with their prayers & groanings. Ask them what I am doing & I will show them what to say to you. You will find yourself learning from them! For I don't use those mighty in their own opinions. I use the meek! I use the WEAK to confound the strong!

My army will walk in HUMILITY & FORGIVENESS & will have MY COMPASSION & STRENGTH. I will do mighty miracles through old & young alike. I will use those, no one expects to be used. I am not a God of partiality, or exclusivity! I bring beauty for ashes, & the oil of joy for mourning. I work in the opposites to the ways of this world. 
So expect to be dazzled! 
Expect to see things you have NEVER seen. 
Expect to see wonders!
Expect also to see counterfeits rise up, but know that they have already begun with their mechanical means to imitate what I do through various devices & tricks.

YOU WILL SEE THROUGH IT MY BRIDE. Believe Me when I say that I LOVE YOU & have passionately been waiting for this day when I would make you My jewels in My crown! I will do a mighty & remarkable thing, that man may not take credit for! GET ready to be suddenly surprised! I delight in surprises & you will too when you receive them!

Your biggest surprise will be the suddenness with which I do this marvelous work. And it will happen all over the world. It will not be like before. I will also stir up the youth of the nations like a battering RAM, & they will enter into the battle with fervor & zeal, such as not been seen in many generations. Do you have a daughter or a son who is awol? PROCLAIM OVER THEM what I have said about them! Stop begging & start PROCLAIMING! Speak the truth of the Word over them. Speak it outloud! Speak it loud & clear to the enemy of your soul. 

For MY righteous indignation BURNS at what he has done to them through his many strategies. But I am telling you that they will be UNDONE. IN A MOMENT, they will be TRANSFORMED. In a MOMENT!

That is all it takes for ME to change them! Stop worrying, stop fretting about the one who is caught by the enemy in all kinds of sin, in drinking & in smoking, & in drugs. FOR IT IS NOTHING FOR ME TO TOUCH THEM. I WILL DO IT ! TRUST ME & SEE WHAT I WILL DO IN THIS GENERATION CALLED X. HAHAHA. 


Jan 27th, 2004 11:11pm