One Heart, One Mind
Aug 29th, 2008
Scribe: Priscilla Van Sutphin

“ Beloveds, I have one heart and one mind towards you.  I am not wishy-washy in My love for you, nor am I One Who changes My mind easily like many men do. I am head over heels in love for you.  I have a love commitment !  What does commitment mean to you beloveds ?  Are you good at commitments and keeping your word to others ?  I AM !  I am FAITHFUL and TRUE.  I am truly committed.  My love never fails, remember ?

There is nothing I don’t know about you.  How much do you know about your earthly wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, daughter, mother, or son ?  Well I even know every hair on your head.  I’ve counted them. Of course that’s not as tedious for Me as it would be for you.   [ little joke of the Lord : )  ]
I am single eyed towards you. Yes, I have eyes that see differently than you, and I can keep them on everyone in the world.  And I have eyes that see for me, in angels and watchers.  So yes, I have the advantage.  But I want you to know how much I love you and adore you.  I want you to know that like a good FATHER, I am excited when I get to spend time with you.  I love just holding you in my arms, and watching you sleep like an earthly dad would.  I speak to your spirit while you are sleeping.  I pray for you while you’re sleeping and others are sleeping !  I watch over you day and night. 

I am NOT a neglectful Father.  If My eyes are on the sparrows so that not one of them falls to the ground unless I know about it.  How much more are My eyes fixed on you and all that happens to you.   The more you know Me, the more you will realize that because I know what the enemy is about to do…I’ve already planned for the relief !  I watch to see if you trust that truth.  I know that trust takes time to develop, especially for those who are more wounded than others.

I’m not out there beating on your door, forcing Myself in, but I do knock.  I do expect you to ASK ME IN.  You know what ? I’m not only standing, but like an eager child at times, when he can’t wait to do something, I often am like that in My heart, eager to see if you will let me in, and how desirous you are to have ME as your company !  What breaks My heart is that so few of you really understand how eager I am to spend time with you ~!

I want to share My heart, to share My thoughts and opinions with you.  I want to teach you things, more than you want to learn them !  When love dials down in a marriage, and you find yourself in patterns that leave it less than exciting, you start waning in consideration for the other, and often people take advantage of each other.  I want to daily renew the excitement in our relationship, because I know what you are made of.  I know that flesh gets bored easily.  I know that distractions abound.  So I woo you with all kinds of signs or wonders, or speak to you parabolically, so that you will search a thing out.

I know how to woo a heart to ME.  I am an expert on LOVE.  So if you want to know more about love and how to be loving, you just have to come to ME, and I will teach you all you need to know.  I can show you how to win the love of that man you sleep with.  I know how to endear you to that woman you live with.  I know what pleases your children more than toys.
I know how to win back the heart of a backslidden child.  And I want you to RELAX in My arms of love as you go through each day, knowing that I HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS in My heart !

If you want to hear from ME, just come to ME, and sit or walk with ME, and I WILL show you great and mighty things you do not know.  {Jer 33:3}  I WILL LOVE on you and impart My peace to you.  Just come into My arms with thanksgiving and praise, and I will help you with EVERYTHING you need to know.  So flee anxiety by running into MY arms.  Rest in My love and ALLOW ME to touch you.  I love you !  And My love is FOREVER !”