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Lion of Zion Prophecies - Rosie Lovejoy
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Various Prophecies on DOORS - 2004-5

2019 Prophecies
A Word for the Saints in India      Dec 31st
Word for Women                     Dec 1st
Word on Rejection  
Bright & Shining Stars               Nov 24th             
Birthing Dream                        Nov 11th
Charms & Harms                      Oct 22nd
Some October Words                 Oct 11-13th        
The Lion Will Roar                    August 2nd
Bifurcated Thinking                     July 14th
Illumination                              July 10th
3 Visions - California - Christianna Shreifels  July
Days of Wine & Roses -                 June 27th
Word for California                      June 18th
Moments til Dawn                        Apr 7th
Trumpets are Blowing                    Mar 28th
Recipes Rendered                         Feb 16th         
Word for Florida:Corridor of Glory      Feb 6th

2018 Prophecies

 Offer Yourself Willingly via utube    Dec 29th
​Hope Springs Eternal                                 Dec 18th
The Unraveling                                           Nov 28th   
Paradise Lost                                             Nov 18th      
The Force of Reformation is Here             Oct 31st
The Voices of Bitterness                           Oct  11th
Rain is Coming                                            Oct 2nd
The Sea of Profiteering & Wickedness      Sept 26th
The Government is on His Shoulders         Sept 11th
Learning by Trial & Error                          Sept 1st
It is Well With My Soul                            Aug 31st
Military Tribunals                                     August 5th
​Vision of Ballerina & Coming Healing           July 8th
Bless & Do Not Curse                                  June 28th
Restauranteur                                            June 10th
Vision of an Ancient Seal                            May 26th
Foreboding Influences, Assurance
New Shoes for My Outcasts
​Winners & Winers                                     May 2nd
Spiritual Cataracts                                    April 17th
Rat Infestations Will be Routed                April 12th
The Tightening of the Noose                     March 31st
​Resurrection Life                                       March 30th
Purple Tapestry                             repost  March 22
Startling Manifestations of His Glory       March 22              
Insanity Has Been Loosed                         March 10th
​Dark Clouds, Sunny Horizon                       Feb 26
11th Hour of Power                             
The  Winds Are Blowing               repost    Jan 15
Downsizing                                                  Jan 12th
Encounters                                                 Jan 7th   
​A Cool Breeze is Coming                              Jan 1st   

2017 Prophecies

Deliverers Are Coming - Winds Are Blowing 1/25/17
A Serious Call to Repentance to Release the Nation
for MEN & Women  through Lynne            2/1/17
A Fistful of Dollars Word                   2/6/17
A Tidal Wave of My Glory                    2/10/17
Judgment Coming to Haters of God            2/14/17
Warning About the Children - Bev Fischer
Land of the Rising Son - Word for Japan  2/25/17
I AM Arising                                    2/26/17
Wrestling with Lions                            3/28/17
My Glory Will Arise - short                  4/8/17
New Day Coming - short                        4/15/17
The Elisha's Are Arising                        4/16/17
Permutation                                       5/26/17
God's Grace is Greater Thank You Think 6/22/17
Parable of the Faithful & Unfaithful Sons & Daughters 10/21
The Great Turnaround                   11/4/17
Environmentally Safe                     11/4/17
​Diamonds & Dust                            12/18/17
The Lord is Coming to His Garden of Reknown 12/31/17

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2006-2012 Prophecies
Earlier Prophecies - see free book page
​2016 Prophecies  
​​Conquering Kingdoms       1/1/16
Muzzled & Muffled         1/14/16
Impressions_Impresario    1/24/16
Stifled & Rifled            1/29/16
Wealthy Banqueting Table 2/10/16
Night & Day               3/2/16
I Reign!                    3/14/16
Armies Are Marching      3/29/16
Stand Up! Stand Up! Stand Up!  5/1/16
Incorrigible                 5/10/16
Vigilantes at the Gate     5/14/16
Supervised Chaos          5/26/16
Conditions Are GO!        6/11/16
Concerts to Baal           6/15/16
Put On Your Seatbelts    6/26/16
Scarabs_Sign of Palm Tree Beetles 7/2/16
Great Opposition           7/19/16
Law & Disorder            7/30/16
Transformation is At Hand    9/24/16
Arise Oh Judge of the Earth 10/5/16 
Turn Around, Turn Arounds  10/06/16
Crescendo                    11/9/16
Restructuring of the Church 11/15/16
Woe to You Rich             11/19/16
Year of Reparation - 2017   12/22/16

2015 Prophecies 
Resurgency              12/25/15
Waning of Liberty but Expansion of GRACE  
Canada Oh Canada      11/2/15
​Nothing I Cannot Do    11/8/15  
Resuscitations           10/25/15
Costly Anointing        10/13/15
Miraculous Restorations 8/31/15
Honoring the King       8/14/15
"Orchestrated"         8/4/15
Nations in Turmoil      7/26/15
Word for My RUSSIAN Bride 7/7/15
Dry River Bed            6/5/15
Numbers                  5/30/15
The DELIVERERS        5/12/15
Extremism                5/1/15
Transfixed               3/28/15
The Kingdom is At Hand 3/4/15
Are You Genuine?        2/24/15
Out of the Frying Pan Into the FIRE   2/15/15

2014 Prophecies

Total Restoration                  Jan 1st 
The Cambrian Mythology       Jan 5th 
Winking At Injustice             Jan 9th 
I AM Pressing                        Jan 15th 
Misdirected Guidance            Jan 16th
Guarantees                            Jan 5th 
Emerge-ency Landing             Feb 5th 
Host of Nations                     Feb 16th 
Options                                  March 11th 
Sandy Foundations                 Apr 5th 
Stellar Conductivity               Apr 19th 
Indictment                             May 1st
Gross Negligence                   May 3rd 
Dance with Me                       May 9th 
As in the Days of Daniel         May 10th 
Ring of Authority                    May 26th 
Ruling in the Midst of Adversity        June 8th
Honesty & Transparency                    July 8th 
Turmoil Within, Trembling Without   July 14th
Entertaining America                         July 23rd 
Liberty and Justice for All                Aug 1st 
Where Have All the Tall Men Gone?   Sept 6th 
I WILL REIGN !                                 Sept 15th 
Ravished                                             Oct 8th 
Clothed in Righteousness                    Nov 3rd 
Blight is Coming                                  Dec 24th  
Word for 2015                                   Dec 27th 

2013 Prophecies

Staged Resistance & Equal "Play"    Dec 29th
Systematic                      Dec 29th
Lack of Hearing,Perceiving, Understanding  Dec 20th
Fresh & Breezy               Dec 14th
I Will Overturn Oppressive Regimes    Dec 9th
Fork in the Road              Dec 6th
About Face                     Dec 3rd
Tailor Made                    Nov 30th
The Sword Pierced Me Through     Nov 21st
Chaotic Insurgence         Nov 11th

No Remorse                    Oct 29th
I'll Crack Open Hidden Understanding  Oct 20th
The Great Humbling        Oct 12th
Oppression Lifted          Sept 26th
Faded Roses                   Sept 3rd
Nations in Derision         Aug 30th
Ingenuity                       Aug 2nd
Speak My Truth             July  17th
Surges, Changes & Glory  July  4th
Gradient Measures          May  14th
Systematic                    May 9th
Time in a bottle            March   24th
Rides of March            March    15th
Incredible Boosters      March    6th
Reformers                    Feb    22nd
Incredible Energy         Jan     3rd
2021 Prophecies
Jubilee                      Mar 28th
Trust My Plan                  March 7th
Consternation                    Feb 19th
Unfolding GLORY                Feb 8th
Unraveling II                    Jan 19
Tumult                          Jan 15    

2020 Prophecies
12/22/20  "Christmas Unfolded"
Dec 18th word from Amanda Grace
see About Face 2013 word
see I will Overturn Oppressive Regimes
Armies Are Marching   2016 word
Prepare for Union           9/10 
Prognostication              8/23/20
The Arising of My Glory    8/1/20
Fore & Aft                  7/1/20
Vissicitudes                  6/10/20
Removing the Masks         5/12/20
Habitation                   4/24/20   
Reclamation                         4/12/20
​Out of the Frying Pan - Blitzkrieg     repost
Going Out the Way We Came In   3/28/20
​Steady Yourselves                   3/22/20
End of this Age & Return of Christ
Apostolic Reform                    2/12/20
Oh Israel                            1/27/20