Australia, I Am Your King !

This morning awoke around 9:30 to an image of Australia. It's as if someone was using a magic marker going up and down the east coast with it of Australia.  Then I saw a line drawn in the middle as below.  Then I saw the west coast, along the southern portion drawn with magic marker in the same manner, as if someone was planning something and had drawn up the plan.

So then asking the Lord the meaning, as I already knew Queensland had been hit with storms, Tsunami, and there have been prophecy sent to me of someone predicting earthquake.

Then I heard as I waited...
" Queensland, you may be the queen's land, but you are not the KING's land.
You have played the harlot with a spirit of Bondage, and I am washing and washing you clean till you sparkle like a diamond.  The line drawn down the middle represents
The shaking that is coming that will divide the land, not only physically, but spiritually asunder.  Just as you are the size of America, you have some of the same characteristics of America and her whoredoms.  Repent from your honor to the gods of freemasonry and ancient demonic entities, and you will be freed." [ I sensed those who are Christians must do more identificational repentance, though you may have not had this in your background, and the druidic roots as well, are being uprooted. You may disdain their practices, but the generations need cleansing.]

"Repent of the traditions of man, in the church that is called by MY name, and you will be freed.  I am not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man that I should change my mind. I have drawn the lines and men have drawn their lines calling for population "control". For Death and suffering.  We shall see how my plans versus their plans works !  I am not laughing.  I am not the one scheming against mankind as so many think.  The enemy is in your midst, and has been from the beginning. He is a thief and a liar.  I love this nation and I am giving it a second chance through all the shakings and tumult to bring restoration of what is really important to her well being.

My heart beats for you My beloveds who have withstood so many formidable enemies, but like Israel, you have not routed them all from your midst.  Thus I am shaking and will shake till you are completely set free.  You are My beloveds, and you have been pressed down on all sides, but then you grew fat and complacent like many nations who have been blessed.  And you forgot Who blessed you.  Those who govern you do not have your best welfare in mind, but their own.  Still amongst you are many mighty lions and I am using these mighty ones to bring down the powers and principalities that have run amuk.

Lay down the gauntlet, and run the race with your eyes on the Pearl of Great Price, for I will be with you who bow to MY will over your own, and I will use you mightily to establish MY KINGDOM purposes in this land, and in many other lands important to Me. The sea is your buffer and the source of much of your life on your coasts.  But what will you have if you don’t have ME ?  I remember your great sacrifices, and I remember how you have fought against all odds and I will again bring My LIFE that will set you free as you repent and turn to the One Who truly loves you !”

I see a great shovel being used by the LORD, to scoop out the middle of the land, and He is digging up, digging up, like someone looking for a treasure.

And again He says,  “ Your “gold coast” is nothing compared to the treasure I have hidden in your nation within the people who need to regain perspective of the Lover of their souls.  I am restoring a true foundation, not built on worldly treasure hunts, but on what really matters eternally.  Seek ME, and you will find LIFE. Love ME, more than the world around you and you will have life inexpressible and overflowing with glory !”

I am moving east, and I am moving in the west. I am bent on harvesting of souls, and restoration of MY KINGDOM over all the kingdoms of this earth !  Will you declare it, and destroy the old foundation that is syncretism? Will you be on MY side in this adventure of the final battle ? Come ride with ME, MY lighthorsemen! Come ride with ME ! "

Through Priscilla Van Sutphin