​The Best is Yet to Come
Word through Priscilla Van Sutphin
5-3-01     2:00 am

I have come to set my fire upon the dry dead 
I am going to raise up my army that they would 
conquer and take the lands that have laid barren & dry that have had death reigning over them for so long. The soil has been cracked & dry, parched & immovable.

But I will cause the earth to cough up salvation.  I will call to the four winds & they will blow on my gardens & RAIN will come even in the driest & most arid lands I will pour forth My Spirit.
An awakening of unprecedented proportions will shake the Arab world,  & other areas of long sustained death.  Astounding miracles will take place & thousands at  a time will lay down their lives for the King of Kings.  No longer will death rule & reign over My own.  I will shake the heavens & the earth & I will lead all nations to the "Desire  Of all Nations" & they will be My people & I will be their Lord & Master.  None will need to be taught of another for My Holy Spirit will teach all things to men.  NO MAN will be able to take the credit for what I ALONE will do.

Nation upon nation will be in the Valley of Decision........
Many have longed to see this day when My Son will come and ride over the earth with His armies. No other name will evoke such terror.  I will restore the fear of the Lord in the church and in the earth, that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD !   Know that all things will become new. Those that have laid down their lives and suffered for the sake of what I will do in the earth  have not suffered in vain. They have suffered WITH ME.  I will use the base and unlikely ones to speak truth among the nations. I will now lift up the humble and make them to sit before kings and princes.

I will not relent till my name is made a praise in the earth and people will KNOW that I ALONE AM GOD !   Sons of Esau, and sons of Jacob will sit down together in harmony sharing the Bread of LIFE !  When My judgments are in the earth the people will learn knowledge.  The people will turn to understanding, and wisdom will replace arrogance. Humility will replace pride.  Love will replace fear. And the earth will know that there is  a God Who loves them and loves His people; His creation.

Men of great wealth will succomb in a day.  Men of great influence over nations will be in the same valley with men who are homeless on the streets. And I will take unto My banqueting table the lowly and humble ones.  All that is prideful and arrogant will be laid low and brought to nothing before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Arise and THRESH  Daughter of Zion, for low the days have come that you have dreamed about, and surely MY HAND is upon you to bring My will to fruition.   Seek Me while I can be found, for the days approach quickly, where no man can endure without knowing Me.  Perilous times have come. Watch and stay close to Your King, for you are My Bride and I am jealous over you .  I will defend you!!!!  I will lay waste the mountains of perversion and pride, murder and suicide in the land.  I will have my way before the coming day of wrath.  Every mountain will be laid low, every valley exalted.

The deer will leap for joy the mountains will cry out.the lame will leap like a deer; the blind will see & all the brokenhearted will know they are loved. Reach out with My love!  Reach out to the lowly ones. Reach out beyond yourselves & see what I will do! Come on an adventure with Me, & see how much I will do for my beloved. Open your arms to the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.  I  AM the  Lord of Hosts & I command the armies of God.They are arrayed in battle dress & are waiting the orders.the day is fast approaching. Worship Me in Spirit & in truth!  Fill your cups with new wine...drink of My Spirit.  Fill your lamps. Come to Me & nothing will be withheld, just come. Time with ME is well spent & never wasted..

I AM whistling for your sons & daughters.THEY WILL KNOW Me!  THEY will be established in MY LOVE & GRACE!  Fear not oh daughter of Zion  I will not abandon them!  They are precious to me. I will expose the liar & thief. I will shake them free from the rebellion & witchcraft. Is anything too hard for ME ?  Do NOT be moved from Your bastion of  FAITH!  Speak My WORD & watch it come to fruition! The best is yet to come!