Birthing Dream
November 11, 2019 
Priscilla Van Sutphin
When I was waking this morning, I had been dreaming.

What I remembered:
I’m on like a bucket trying to deliver babies. I’m having multiples [ 12 babies!!! ] (I was formerly an OB & NICU nurse in my early real life.)

I could see people downstairs eating dinner, talking and such, but no one would come up and help me.
It’s like I was up in an attic. It was one of those ladder stairways that pulls down from the ceiling to get up to the attic.
I was telling some-one, a young person, please ask someone to help. But wanting someone with experience.
But no one has experience. I look down and one baby’s head is starting to crown. They are smaller than usual, [No way could I or anyone hold that many babies] but needing help to care for them as they come out so I can keep birthing the rest, then I awakened.

I had not gotten the meaning so felt led to ask Cyndee Pillow for help.
November 10, 2019 posted for Cyndee KP to look at. Her Interpretation which I feel was spot on:

12 in the Bible among other things, represents faith and the Church. I think this is what it means here.

The bucket indicates gathering which can also indicate the Church gathering. You were in the attic or viewing from above from a heavenly position such as the prophets sees.
You represent The Holy Spirit bringing in a harvest that is faith based.
Jesus said, “When I return, will I find faith on earth?” You know this birthing will need lots of help (the Church’s help), but you see their condition.

So many gathering and eating and drinking, right when they should have been partaking in the labor.
So much here but I believe this is a picture of your heart lining also up with the heart of God.

There is a fixing to be a harvest of souls into the kingdom. God showed you the prayer directive over the condition of the Church. Lack of faith and dedication.

This birthing will have to take miracle working faith in The LORD. There is no other way it will.

This has to be a corporate effort. The Holy Spirit is crying out for help. Also ministries with the heart to help bring in the harvest.”

First published:now
Received  August 12, 2007.
~ Priscilla Van Sutphin​