“Blazing Trails”
Rec'd Feb 20th, 2004 
Reposted 8/20/22  

“I have some drawing of my own 
to do in the sky & in the earth! 
Only I have all things at My 
disposal to make such a display. 
have the northern lights, & 
I have volcano dust & all kinds of 
chemicals to use to write a
message in the sky. I have all
 glory & power. I have angels who can do anything, to do My bidding. Nothing is impossible for Me. I wrote on a wall in Daniels time, & I will demonstrate My glory in this age with magnificent displays.

I showed Moses & Egypt My mighty WONDERS. And I will show them in this hour! Man thinks He can control everything in the universe; that he can control the weather. He can control politics & even LIFE itself in cloning humans. Do you think I will sit idly by? NO, I WILL NOT! And I have not.

Reports of strange weather will come in from all over the globe. Strange happenings, & all manner of SIGNS in the heavens & in the earth. But will man bow to the Almighty One? You shall see.

Will man humble himself in the eyes of the Almighty? Will he find himself instead fighting against Me with all his might? I see the end from the beginning & nothing is a surprise to Me. I have foreseen everything & There will be angelic visitations upon the young & stunning displays of healings & miracles through even the youngest child. I will explode inside My people with My glory & there will be a tremendous change in your ability to FOLLOW Me. Recognize that this display will cause much anxiety to the enemy of your souls as this takes place. Do not expect all people to be stunned into silence lest you underestimate your opponents.

Every stronghold of the enemy in your life will be annihilated & brought low. Your thinking will take on My thinking. Your walk will take on the quality of My walk. The things that you thought were so important but were not, will fade away in your mind. And only what is important to My KINGDOM will remain important to you.

Life as you know it will be over in a moment of time. NEW LIFE will flow down from the throne room of heaven in an unprecedented way & man will fear those who are called by My name. And as they feared ME, they will fear you in this hour, because you will know things about them, that no one else knows.

You will know their pains & their hurts & the roots of all their rebellion will be seen by those who have prepared their hearts for ME. This blessing upon you will not be due to your striving, but due to MY LOVE, having it's way with My Bride. I am trampling the grapes of wrath. I am the One Who sits in the heavens & laughs! I am the One Who created it all, so is anything a surprise to Me? NO. I am &
have already planned for My response in all this. I have
a plan, written in mysteries of the past & I will now bring those mysteries to pass.

And for those who choose to come to Me in this hour, despite their past, there will be GREAT GRACE. You can REST in this glory, & receive My fire, or you can resist it & find yourself resisting ME. Do not despise the many with horrendous backgrounds of rebellion that will come & lay down at your feet! Know that ALL MANKIND is precious to ME, as they are made in OUR IMAGE! Be filled with LOVE as you come into My presence.

Expect an outpouring of MY LOVE that will empty you of
yourself, as I reveal Myself to you. Expect to be filled up to the brim with all that I am, that YOU CAN WALK ACCORDING TO MY WAYS. I WILL NOT PASS YOU BY. This is not a contest. THERE IS NO SIBLING RIVALRY IN MY KINGDOM!

My Kingdom runs on LOVE. The kingdom of the evil one, runs on fear. Remember that PERFECT LOVE, casts down all fear! So My LOVE will drive out all that has caused you to fear intimacy with Me & with others. You will TRUST Me, as MY LOVE overpowers you! Trust will become complete in you. Peace will become perfect in you. Your REST will be perfect in Me. JOY will overtake you as you see the fruit of the HARVEST of all time! Startling miracles will take place, & that is already started! All you have to do is worship ME My Beloveds, & I will rain on you.

I will pour out My love in you. I will pour out My manifest presence & soak you in perfumed oils that you may smell like a new Bride. I am coming to you! I will, I will, I will not leave you nor forsake you in this hour! My FIRE will go before you wherever you go. I will lay low the enemy of your souls. And as the opposition arises, I will hide many of you in the shadow of My wings, in very peculiar ways.

Others who are willing will lay down their lives as a living sacrifice for they will not fear what MAN can do to them. They will KNOW ME. The battle of all the ages is beginning to take shape & form. REMEMBER WHOSE YOU ARE! REMEMBER BEFORE WHOM YOU WILL STAND ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT & DO NOT DENY ME BEFORE MEN. THOSE WHO KNOW ME, WILL DO GREAT EXPLOITS, & THEY WILL NOT BE AFRAID OF LOSING THEIR LIVES. THEY WILL NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES, EVEN UNTO DEATH!"

Holy Spirit thru Pris