Woke up this morning hearing the Lord say 
“bless and do not curse”. I was so convicted 
because of activity on Facebook. There’s so 
much anger & vitriol we all have at seeing 
some of the things that have been uncovered. 
Some of it makes you so sick to your stomach. 
Especially the stuff about abuse of children. 
Seeing someone enjoy torturing children 
in a video just so they could drink their blood 
that had more adrenal components. It was 
just overwhelmingly sickening. It is the 
‘depths of Satan’ as the bible terms it.

There has been alot of violence & murder loosed in the land due to lack of repentance in the church & escalating antichrist spirits in the world. It’s all around us along with many other factors contributing to this.

But this time I’m just crying and crying and I can’t stop crying. The Lord reminds me of my own shame about sins that I’ve committed in the past & then I cried more. Deep heart conviction is something I needed and had been asking for. But a part of me still wanted to say, but Lord they’re just little children that they’re abusing. Your word says if you do any harm to such as these little children it would be better for you to have a rope around your neck and be tossed into in the middle of the sea. So they already condemned to hell. There isn’t any worse punishment in the world.
I had two abortions before I was saved & I had to repent of them so the Lord reminds me, I too was a murderer. Jesus said anyone who hates is a murderer.

Believe it or not I thought of Clockwork Orange ( movie from yrs ago before saved) & how they force this guys eyes open to watch all these horrible scenes.

Is there anything worse than hell? I think not! Thought on that! So many of us are angry at the things that have been uncovered, yet they were things that were suspected some of them. And other things not comprehensible or imaginable.

God is The Judge, and there is no one as holy as HE is. Those outside of Christ are already condemned. A part of my own sensitivity to the crimes being exposed is my own history of being abused as a three-year-old by such freemasons of the OTO. So I think it touched a place in my heart still not free of anger. 

I’m not saying that we should be tolerant of such gross evil. I’m just saying that I’ve made mistakes in how I spoke and conducted myself in public forum because of resident pain in my heart. Be angry but do not sin the Word says.

For this I’m truly sorry if you’ve seen any of these responses of anger. I’m not saying that we can’t speak up against evil. We MUST speak up against evil. It’s how we speak that’s important. God is very concerned with injustice. True prophets are also concerned with what is on God’s heart. But he wants us free also from any adverse reactions to it. If we rely on Him He can show us what to say or pray.

Just this week, I had a vision of someone shooting a gun at young people on the street in front of my apts and I was rushing to try & help stop the bleeding. I used to be a nurse so my instinct was to help. A part of this vision has to do with saving the souls of the young who are being destroyed by the garbage in the media, believing the lies they are fed. They and others are dying spiritually, bleeding out as it were. Isaiah says these are in prison and no one says release.

Isaiah 42: 22 KJV But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses: they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a spoil, and none saith, Restore.