Come & Sing a New Song

I had just listened to John Wilds worship
vids, & went to the table to send out the 
newsletter, & I got a tune, and words were 
coming, so I tried to record, but that was 
distracting me...then sat down to write, 
as I sensed there was a worship angel here, 
doing this in me. And this is what I received.

“Come & sing a new song, to the King of all Kings. Angels are just waiting for the song you sing.

Heaven is My home, Earth is My footstool. Heaven is your home, come into My presence

That is where you start. Sing to Me a new song Sing a song of lament. Sing a song of joy for every girl & every boy.”

“The children are in waiting for the King of Kings. Waiting for the Ring that will bring them everything. Things that they have longed for, things that they have suffered for.

Promises on the wind will soon make your head spin. I’ve got everything, in the palm of My hands. Nothing has escaped My view of every woman & man. I see all they’ve done, from birth unto old age. I’ve seen the ones who’ve lived in a gilded cage. I’ve seen the ones starving, neglected by the rich. I’ve seen the liquor dripping, from the lips of the heartless, & the oppression they have meted out, upon the poor & weak. I know every word they spoke, throughout every week.

I know them in & out, I know them deep within. What I know would really make your head spin. For I’m their guardian angel, I keep track of every thing - Every little word, every little action. Good & bad, Through thick & thin. They don’t realize the trouble they’re in. For scribes write everything they hear, & write for all to see. But I do this thing all the time for only God you see. His ordinances are kept or not, His commands whether done or not. His words whether revered or not. Hopes & dreams you’ve shared. Words of praise or complaint I see. So think about that for a bit, & know that nothing escapes my view. Nothing can be hidden from Him Who sees it all.

The Divine order is changing because man again has gone too far. Waging war against his God, & mocking all I love. Destroying land & sea, & all that came from Me. Surely My people see the writing on the wall, for hell has ushered up it’s steam, & enlarged it’s chambers. For the wickedness has grown & pridefully displayed it’s intent & vileness.

But I have a song to sing in the midst of the darkness, & so do you. YOU KNOW THE END of the song...It’s not very long. For the skies are displaying My promises & My terrors. Signs & more signs abound throughout the earth. But men want to blame it on “you eaters.” Men who are hypocritical in their thinking & ways will blame my judgments on YOU!! They are full of leviathan’s ways, & only like to hear what they want to hear.

They don’t hear the trumpets I’m blowing. They don’t see, because they are like their idols, deaf & dumb & blind.

Yet in all My anger, My arm is stretched out still to a rebellious & difficult people. If they will respond to My calling as I come do My glorious surprise, then they also will receive My mercy. But if they still mock & scorn Me & My beloveds, then My wrath will pursue them, & they will no longer be laughing & mocking. So YOU ARISE MY BELOVEDS & SING A NEW SONG, FOR I AM YOURS, & YOU ARE MINE! COME INTO MY ARMS & RECEIVE WHAT I HAVE TO CLEANSE YOU. FEEL THE BURNING FIRE OF MY LOVE, FEEL THE CLEANSING WATERS FROM ABOVE. LET ME SEAL YOU & FILL YOU, FOR THE DAYS AHEAD. For I have great plans for all who love Me. Come & let me pour My oil in you.

Slow down & let me fill you up. Lay down the phone. Lay down the computer. Lay down YOUR plans, & come. Rest in My arms of love & let me tenderly fill you & reveal more clearly My plans for you. You know Eyes have not seen nor ears heard what I have planned for those I love. Worry not! Fret NOT! Enter into My heart & feel My love for you. Fill up your tank, & the fire inside will grow & grow, & grow. And I will thrust you out, catapulting you like I’ve told you long ago, into the sea of peoples, whose hearts are ready for receiving My love for them.”

You will go on ships. You will go on planes. You will go by car, & travel very far. Some of you will go on angel’s wings, like Philip, in days of old. So don’t worry about ANYTHING. I have it all in My hands. Dance & rejoice for the TURN AROUND in favor & all new dimensions is coming. I’ve told many of you of My plans, so keep in joy, keep in peace. Sing a new song! Dance a new dance! Prance a new prance! Be Warrior-ready! Stay steady & calm. There is much excitement in the air. All that’s wicked is being uprooted, so there will be much that disturbs you even more than now, but not for long. For the King is standing. He is ready now.”