“Dance on Injustice!”

This morning I woke up praying 
for the children, and removal of 
the oppression that is surrounding 
us, crying out to the Lord. Then 
later in the day I turned on Utube, 
& a suggested vid was on “hiding 
the children.” It was dated 10-5-21 
and by a friend of the people 
presenting her revelation.
In 2017 one of my friends had gotten a warning for the children & it’s posted here:
Then this year another friend who is a seer, saw a vision of us hiding our children because they were going to force the bioweapon on them. She saw us hiding them, just like in WWII.

The Still small voice….
“They will stop at nothing to get their way, so they will deceive you & go into the schools without permission & gather the children for injections. You must pray & not only pray, but RISE UP for me against the evil doers, & attack their plans by going to the meetings NOW, & taking legal action. Pray for those who are already pursuing this, & repent for the wickedness that has taken over the schools & universities. Many feel justified due to the presence for years of prejudice & fears for the stand they have taken. Pray against the wickedness in the medical system & repent for them, & release angels that will loose conviction, & revelation of JESUS.

Understand that as you arise, I WILL ARISE! For I AM with you & IN YOU, thus when you listen to ME, & do what I want, I will back you up! REFUSE to be intimidated, but not with hatred or bitterness. You must daily give me all that angers you. Lay it at the cross, & let ME intervene as well. Do NOT be presumptuous, but do only as I say to do. When men went ahead of Me in battle, they lost lives, MANY LIVES. So only move as I am leading you to move! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, some people used to say. My prevention is to NOT BE INTIMIDATED! To PRAY, & FAST, to WORSHIP & praise Me. Your worship strengthens the Kingdom warriors, & your own lives. I will empower you in the worship. So don’t let up! Remember to DANCE on the injustice!!!

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin