Sept 28, 2023
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

I heard the above words.
[Palm trees stand for VICTORY!]
(I did a Bee rescue in the pool while doing my exercises which became an object lesson) After rescue he just sat there cleaning himself & rubbing legs together, airing out his body from the chlorine water & almost drowning. (Deborah means bee)

Still small Voice:
“I’m Rescuing the Deborahs from Religious, unclean, jezebelic rulers & associates. I will not allow you to be taken out like Kathryn Kuhlman! Some of My Deborahs have almost been drowned due to associations with jealous, envious “friends”.

It’s not that those friends are hateful, so much, but that they are unhealed & there is mixture in their messages due to wrong or impure motives; ie self interest, insecurity, hurt or pride.

Many women of honor have been treated with dishonor by the men around or over them, due to misunderstandings of scripture. The men have forgotten about the words in Galatians that there is NO MORE MALE OR FEMALE. HE Who became the Curse broke the curse!”

I went back to the pool, & the bee was still there on the side of the pool slowly walking around still not up in the air & the Lord said:
“They’ve been restrained, held back, afflicted & restricted. So I am coming to resuscitate My daughters who have been controlled & unaffirmed, discarded & who feel forgotten.
There is much for them to do in the days ahead as there is for My whole body!!!

Don’t think that I have not seen your suffering & diminishing rejections My daughters! ALL who have been bound, in these days ahead will have their chains broken so that there can be Unity by the power of My HOLY SPIRIT. 

I know it’s been a long hard journey for many of you. Know your rewards are at The DOOR!
I AM pouring our resuscitation oil by the power of My Holy Spirit. And I will kiss you, & kiss you & kiss you My beautiful daughters, with Revelation Glory & My Mighty power to heal & deliver! Once I perform My great Miracle in you, will you see mighty startling miracles! 

Your days will be filled predominantly with JOY & DELIGHT! For you have longed for these due to MY heart of COMPASSION I have put in you! Hold on tight to Me for though delight is coming, it comes on winds of great change & turbulence. 

SO I WILL EMBUE YOU WITH MY PEACE. My LOVE will destroy roots of rejection & anger from hurts, & enable you to flow in the GLORY, understanding better how much I love you. Enochean days are ahead of you. In the midst of deep darkness you will shine like the stars in the heavens!”

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