​Dreams & Visions

The Skywriter is coming to
impart, to draw, to pour out 
revelation on His beloved creation.
​I have drawn in the sky many 
times when no one was watching, 
but signs & wonders in 
this hour will increase
exponentially to get the attention of 
those whose hearts have strayed far away from My love. Those who have been bound by demonic forces will suddenly realize that I AM is watching them.

​I said I would pour out My spirit on ALL FLESH, that I would pour it out on your sons & daughters, your children & grandchildren will be moved to prophesy, & will see visions, even though their parents don't!!! This will startle many into submission to the truth of the Holy Spirit because they will know things that only that person that they are getting it for would know!!

​Many children in this hour have been called from the womb like Jeremiah! Only I will NOT wait till they are grown to use them. I will use them in their homes, in their schools, on the playgrounds, on the school buses, in the marketplaces to say things to others that only I & that person(s) would know!!! I will use them to comfort other children.  I will use them to heal others of any age group!  But it will not be like you have experienced before.  

Just MY presence in them (& you) will heal others.  Just your shadows passing by others will heal them.  Do not be afraid!!  I will protect them. My angels are all around them. Though for some, the enemy has attacked them unmercilessly because he knows because they are marked to be MINE. PRAY OVER THEM DAILY & NIGHTLY especially when the witches & warlocks are active. For they send torment & harrassment spirits, & death to them in their wicked prayers.  Some have been tormented since 
toddlers by wicked spirits, some due to gov't requirements that poison their systems, & bring spirits that torment because of what's in the innocu lations.

​Others like them or called to be like them, will be attracted to them, - just like adult prophets. The demonic will only be attracted to destroy them. So this is why you MUST decree & pray daily for them, as for yourself, & teach them to worship ME, for that is your secret place of safety.

Many will have very specific words that will break strongholds over people.  It will shock those they minister to, that this comes out of a child. But it will be a sign that it is GOD Who knows them & loves them deeply. Don't underestimate them in any way. For I will pour in many prophetic gifts; prophetic writing, prophetic worship songs, prophetic dance, prophetic poems that when they speak them over people they will be healed emotionally.  I have such a variety of gifts I am pouring out. All of which are found in My WORD. There are examples of everything in there.  So be not afraid of manifestations, because they are only signs & wonders that I spoke of to Peter & Paul & did through them as well!!!

Children will heal & deliver, just by their presence because MY SPIRIT is in them, & that will happen to people of ALL AGES WHO ARE MINE.  The dead will be raise to life, including the walking dead who have taken the poison of the antichrist spirits. Teach the children to worship, to read the word, many are very precocious for their age. Teach them to look to ME, like you do for what it means. My angels will attend to them closely. So DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!

​I can make them invisible in a moment, with a word or touch of My angels, & I can do the same for you, just as when Jesus disappeared in the crowds set to throw Him off the hill!!!  They will do GREAT MIRACLES JUST LIKE YOU!!! So DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM!! Or you will find yourself in strict correction by ME.  I AM the Creator, so I know what they can do or not handle. TRUST ME to use them mightily & do not shrink back.  

Many of the youth will give you confirming dreams & words of direction so that whole families will work together, & be on the same track, so to speak.  The youth are always a HUGE PART OF ANY AWAKENING. Reach out to them, for they have been primed by the enemy to follow after the wicked ideas of the enemy, but I will capture their hearts with what I do.  I wrote in the sky & on walls in history.  I will do many mighty signs & wonders & those who have been prepared will move in greater things like I told you due to the explosion within of My Spirit, in the midst of the surrounding darkness.
Get ready beloveds, for the KINGDOM TIDE is coming!"