Environmentally Safe
11/4/17  2:30pm
Holy Spirit through Pris

“I have taught you to use sound 
judgment when you can. I have 
taught you to look before you leap. 
I have taught you to seek me for 
all wisdom in doing anything.
Many people go to extremes about 
the environment and I am pleased 
that they care about my creation, 
but you can’t control everything to 
the degree that some people want 
to. But if you look to me And worship 
me I can renew the earth if you would ask.

The problem is that people don’t ask. They don’t seek their God. They seek science. They seek other men’s opinions. But they seek not the One Who created the heavens and the earth. There is much tumult over a variety of infractions in the earth. But the greatest outrage in My heart has to do with the care of CHILDREN and PROTECTING children.

Thus, if you want to be environmentally safe SEEK ME to guard your children and to protect them from all things that could hurt them and from all humans that could hurt them! Caring for children is the greatest privilege in the world. It is the greatest responsibility. I do not take lightly mental, physical, sexual or spiritual injury to children. There is balance in training up a Child the way he should go. I didn’t call you to spoil them so that they don’t have any boundaries, or the other extreme of neglecting them, or abusing them, such that they develop a distorted view of their heavenly father. I Did not call you to give them adult responsibility when 
they’re but children! That is stressful and abusive. I said Fathers should train up a child in the way they should go, not children train up your parents! If you feel burdened as a parent you are to come to ME for advice. I judge by the heart, that is your heart’s desire to do what is right in My eyes. So I am not condemning, but warning you to look to Me, to listen for My voice.

There are some children being tormented to do bad things by demons who want to see them abused!!! There are also demons who try to get adults to over-react and be abusive or neglectful & uncaring too! So WALK IN THE LIGHT AND ASK ME TO HELP & REBUKE THE DEVOURER FROM YOUR HOME! Watch what and who you let into your home through the varieties of media! Much perversion is coming through utube for kids and tv shows designed by ungodly persons. Watch what your children are watching! Ask ME if it’s ok!

Be alert!  For your enemy is prowling the earth seeking whom he may devour in this hour! Whose thinking he can twist; A little bit here, a little lie there! Be cautious in protecting & guarding your children. I have warned you. 
Awaken to the signs of the times. Do not stick your head in the sand ! Whoa! Watch and be dependent on Me for where to go and when to go so that you are protected. Pray over you and your children daily. Worship Me in the beauty of holiness, for when you do my presence increases over you and you have access to My wisdom and all that I am!”