♥️ Exposures in My House
still small voice:
"For years I have tried 
to warn & let my people know 
that repentance & prayer is needed more in my house than all the programs & entertainment.

Religious spirits have defiled my house and bound many to compromise with my word. Seminaries have even taught new age principles. And so letting down the guard has brought such compromise. Lack of the word leads to lack of prayer & lack of compliance with living My word.

So now I must intervene to make some adjustments. You will not only see political uncovering in these days ahead, but exposures in the church, called by my name.

Compromise with secret societies will also be exposed in those who are in the pulpits & public eye. I have warned, but many ignored my warnings, & now the uncovering will startle many, but it will lead to great repentance for those duped.

Startling confrontations will cause great change, & a cleansing of my threshing floors. Be sure to pray, & not mock for all our vulnerable to such deceit apart from My grace!

Notable names will no longer be “stars”. I will have no competition in my house, & no glory but to Me! Honor is appropriate for those who honor Me. But adoration belongs to Me alone. I am God, & there is no other!"

Holy Spirit through
♥️ Priscilla Van Sutphin