Good Things Come 
From Dead Trees
I was watching an instrumental 
worship video on YouTube and 
it was showing a group of mushrooms 
growing and I can’t remember their 
name, but there are medicinal 
mushrooms. The Holy Spirit spoke then, “good things come from dead trees”

The Lord continued…
You know that I said a seed has to fall to the ground to bring forth life. So also, when trees are struck down, & die, they also out of suffering bring forth new life
that gives help to humans. It is so in the natural, & in the spirit. For when men & women die to SELF they can become conduits of my Grace & healing to others.

Everything that dies on earth brings life to something else. The dead plant gives life to bugs, & worms use what’s dead in the soil to bring life to the ground which enables new seeds to be planted in it & grow. Fish give life to mammals, & fish can give life to plants when it’s buried underneath the roots of a plant. Many things are food for another living creature.

I’ve told you life and death are in the power of the tongue. So because my spirit lives in you, you can create life, or death, with your words, because your words “prophesy“. Justice Saul it is said in the word “prophesied“ in his house. (See 1 Samuel 18:10).

I am calling you all in this hour to take every thought captive because the enemy wants to pollute everything I’ve created. So, don’t be quick to speak but rather be quick to listen, and slow to speak. Slow down and think about what you are saying, so that all the life of the spirit overcomes death in the lives of those around you, Because the enemy of death has been riding his pale horse since 2020 more to destroy everything I’ve created. But I am not only creator. I AM a Re-creator. I AM the Ultimate “Fixer”! Where there is death, I can create NEW LIFE.

Lawlessness and chaos have been increasing per the plan of the WICKED, but The great groundswell of opposition is causing turmoil, because people want freedom & life, not death & confinement. Speak up for freedom, for that is the message I preached so long ago in your age. I came to bring life and that abundantly, not death and restriction except in the knowledge of the tree of evil and corruption!

Demons are like parasites, in that they suck the life from mankind. But My Word is LIFE! Thus you, filled with the Spirit of LIFE IN YOU, speaking out of My word, & posting My Words in the media is a great offense to the enemies of God. God haters do not want to hear the truth. I AM the way the truth & the LIFE! Thus they cannot bear to hear the truth, for it convex and reveals the secrets of their hearts to them.

Mercy & Justice are the FOUNDATION of my throne I said. there is no mercy in God haters except for their own kind. There is only false humility, false sympathy, apathy, complacency, and a murderous selfish heart. The thing is that you too, were born that way up until I got a hold of your heart. Pray for grace & transformation for the elect & chosen, that at My revealing they will come eagerly. For all the earth shall see My true ones revealed as I reveal my Son to the whole world. They will be the “BURNING ONES” to witness & do great exploits for Me.”

Priscilla Van Sutphin