“Hollow grams”
Lord said, I want to talk with you…
and I heard “holograms”.

“You may have seen how they can 
project holograms of angels good 
& fallen, but they will use them 
also for tormenting people they know 
are fearful - Trying to lead them to 
more demonic infestation; to make them 
think they are crazy, & to take medications. Which will then cause incarceration in mental facilities, for some, only it will not be safe in such places. These places will be infected with murderous spirits. They’ll say it’s suicide but it will be murder.
They can give them IV’s under the guise of giving them medicine then give them “killshots”. So “Co vid camps” are not the only option they have been building in America the Beautiful. If you will pray against these things, I will turn it on them. They will not be able to fulfill their draconian plans, but instead, like Haman, will experience their own intended judgments. 

There will be much twisting & turning in this new year by powers that be in charge of nations. They will not know how to handle the protests, & resistance, & will respond with panic. Clashes will become bloody in some nations with totalitarian gov’ts. But I WILL destroy the plans of the wicked as you PRAY, DECREE & WORSHIP! I will bring down the bloody dictators!

There are some I have appointed to decree with power the Word of the LORD, that as they speak it out, angelic hosts will go right away, to fulfill the Word. And in church services, this will bring healing & deliverance for all who honor Me. This will be most helpful when gov’ts decide to not allow any deliverance or healing especially in public. But you will then just be able to speak the Word, & deliverance will come. For some others, they will not even have to say anything. The children & youth will be able to do it just by their presence, because of the anointing on them.

( Years ago I saw this happen with a young woman who came with her mom to our home group, & she started praying for this person we were ministering to, but she was not speaking outloud. Yet as she did, God delivered them.)

(Another incident happened in a spanish speaking home group I went to. This young guy was telling how his son was deaf & still living in Mexico, so I began to by the Spirit speak to him, that if he would repent of idolatry in the family, that God would heal his son. As I did this, this elderly man between us, suddenly coughed up a demon. It really stunk bad, which is how I knew, besides his cough that it was a demon. This kind of thing will be a daily phenomenon. When I was in India in 2002 the Lord told me we would be transfigured, & later explained, just like Jesus, to be able to endure the days coming. The word for transfigured is the same as transformed in the Greek.)

Lord continued:
“People have a lot of religious ideas about what I can or will not do without any sound basis in the Word. I AM the Creator of heaven & earth, so there is NOTHING I cannot do! Only BELIEVE that I can do it. I said if any two agree as touching anything it will be done for you. Use the authority I’ve given you. Raise your expectations for my interventions.

I have given you the keys to the Kingdom, because you are My sons & daughters of Light. I will make your light SHINE so brightly that others will be startled into the Kingdom. I AM also doing a world wide awakening that will transform many into the Kingdom, for I know the struggles they have gone through, & the oppression of the enemy’s forces, & the bloodline curses they have endured. My heart is broken for how the world is in such confusion & darkness, & I WILL MAKE MY LIGHT TO SHINE IN THE DARKNESS MORE THAN ANY HAVE SEEN IN PAST GENERATIONS, FOR I WILL STUN THE DARKNESS AROUND YOU!! I WILL DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE ANTICHRIST IN THE HEARTS OF SO MANY. THEY WILL NEED TEACHERS, MOTHERS & FATHERS IN THE SPIRIT TO HELP THEM GROW, BUT RUACH ELOHIM WILL BE THEIR TEACHER AS YOU PLANT THEM ON SOLID GROUND. They will hear for themselves, & see as you impart to them.

Guard your hearts against all the painful things that will come. Keep your eyes from all the evil amap as the darkness grows. Know that I AM inside you and around you, & will never leave you. Pray for the weak & infirm, the homeless & vulnerable ones. Some of you will help build communities to help them. I will provide what you need in doing this, sometimes naturally & sometimes supernaturally.

Don’t think I will not bless those who bless My servants. Those who have helped My true servants will be blessed beyond measure in spiritual things as well as all they need to carry out My plans for them. Did I not say I will pour into your bosom...
Luke 6:38 NKJV Give, & it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, & running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

Holy Spirit via Priscilla Van Sutphin