thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Understand my beloveds that the times I have told you about are here.
I am knocking at the door of many hearts in this hour.  I am shaking and
Shaking and shaking till all the idols fall and crumble.  I am removing the
Pride of man as I promised.  Not one stone will be unturned. 
I have undertaken a great release of supernatural help in this endeavor.

I am releasing MY PLAN for the hour, and the enemy releases His, so be
On alert to listen and pray.  I will use you to bring down kingdoms and to
Lift up kingdoms, if you will listen to the sound of My heart.

Don't let anything of this earth have a hold on you. Renounce the clinging to
Creature comforts of this world.  Realize the season has changed !  LISTEN
Closely to the still small voice.  Seek me and I will be found by you.  Cry out
For the lost around you beloveds, for the HARVEST is ripe, but the workers
Are few.  Are you willing to put aside your agenda for Mine when I ask you ?
Listen.  Be still and listen for My voice. I've not gone anywhere.