Feb 14th, 2008  1:35 am
Via Priscilla Van Sutphin

“Truth and justice are the pledge of the day.  I am bringing truth, and Justice will prevail though judgment falls.  There will be a turning of heart for this nation. Turn, Turn, Turn.  Those who came thinking this was their hope instead of Me, will go back and return to their nations or other nations as vigilante justice ensues after disasters.  There is only so much I will turn around. The land is filled with violence.  Yet I WILL have mercy on this nation and they will know that I ALONE AM GOD.  ERUPTIONS of love and mercy will spark fires all across this land. Yes there is severe judgment coming, but I AM YOUR PROTECTION. I AM YOUR BANNER, and Your High TOWER.  I will surround you with songs of deliverance.

I will be your SHIELD !  I AM Jehovah Raah, your Good Shepherd, and I guard MY SHEEP. The goats I will turn over to judgment and many will lose their horns.  Many will repent and understanding will come.  But many will also betray the Son of Man, like Esau, they will sell their inheritance for money, & like Judas, they will also sell all of you down the river, reporting you to authorities in exchange for money, in exchange for favor.  So I am tearing you away from those who would betray you in the end.    I will separate the sheep from the goats.  My angelic hosts stand ready for the consummation of the ages.  There is an increase in warfare as the darkness gets darker. And there is an increase of MY LIGHT and GLORY that will make you shine like the stars in the heavens.  For I WILL ARISE UPON YOU.  And MY GLORY will be SEEN upon you.

Do not grow weary My beloveds, for I AM at HAND.  I am with you.  Arise and shine and let the glory fall AS YOU PROCLAIM MY TRUTH TO THE NATIONS.  Signs and wonders automatically follow the preaching of the gospel.  So if you want them REACH OUT TO OTHERS.   It will not come from you being exclusive and ungiving.  It will only COME  AS YOU REACH OUT IN FAITH.  You reach out to others, and I will reach out to you. That is how it works.  Right now you are in the upper room time.  But many of you have already received what is necessary to reach out.  You’ve received power.  But you don’t reach out with it to others.  There is a flow that comes with reaching out, for as you reach out, then I give out through you, and then you come back to ME, and receive MORE, then you reach out again and again over and over it repeats itself.  But if you are so SELF-CENTERED that you only care about yourself alone, then even that you have received will be taken from you.

I give for a purpose.  I give that you can be a conduit of My grace and love to others.  So reach out, stretch your arms in love and kindnesses.  DEMONSTRATE faith by praying for the sick and forlorn, for the broken and hurting.  Preaching doesn’t always require verbal skills.  It requires love.  I will fill your mouth if you will stretch out your hands and tell them I love them, that all they have to do is TURN and REPENT of all the sin.  Disdain is not a fruit of My kingdom. FEAR is not of Me.  PERFECT LOVE casts down all fear.   Self protection is not needed in the KINGDOM of God, because I AM YOUR PROTECTOR. And if necessary, I give you the strength to do whatever I want, or I provide defenders /messengers to assist you.  So depend on ME for all you need.

I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU MY BRIDE !  There is nothing I won’t do for you.  Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened.  Have faith and watch what I will do !  Sons and daughters will come from afar.  Kings will come to the brightness of your rising.  So open your heart and let the KING OF GLORY COME IN.   And as I tell you to, reach out and touch whom I show you to touch.  Do not be like the publican and priest in the story of the Good Samaritan.  Apathy will only bring you apathy from me.  You sow in apathy, you reap in apathy.  You sow in compassion and mercy, you will reap a harvest of compassion and mercy.

The tsunami of My love is at hand.  REST IN ME, and the knowledge that all I do , I do for love.  ALL I DO, I DO FOR LOVE.  If judgment comes, it is to break apathy and complacency.  It is to draw man back to what is truly important.  It is not to destroy anything but the wicked.  It is not to destroy the just.  Those who fall on the rock will be saved, but those who refuse will be broken in pieces.   Tell them of My love and mercy before it is too late beloveds.  PRAY, PRAY, PRAY.  For the one who trusts in ME, will be saved in times of famine and death. The one who trusts in ME, will be safe from all harm.   RESTORE the ancient paths. RESTORE the ancient foundation.  I am making you into a RESTORER of the streets to dwell in, REPAIRERS of the ruined cities.”

Isa 61:2 NKJV   A little one shall become a thousand, And a small one a strong nation. I, the Lord, will hasten it in its time."