India - Russia Report  2002

September 11, 2002
Most beloved Akka Rev. Priscilla

Warmest greetings in Jesus Holy and matchless name.  We hope that you are back to home by this time.  Due to lack of communication facilities like email at home, we could not communicate with you properly, for which we are so sorry and asking your pardon.  We have been blessed abundantly because of your coming into our midst during this year. We are cherishing those wonderful and compassionate days we spent with you in our home.  Really we have been blessed by your advent.  We are praying for you and for

Your ministry and Dave and Amy.  We hope both are doing fine during your missionary trip to various countries.  Hope the trip to Russia is fruitful and your heart has been satisfied about the ministry you hold at Russia.  We are continually praying and asking the Lord to bless with good health and longevity of life to carry this mission to many more nations who need to know the love and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ in these last days.

Thank you for taking part in various crusades and church meetings while you were here with us in Vizianagaram.  We have received some reports from pastors, believers and other church members who attended your meetings and had your healing prayers.  We praise the Lord since the prayers have come to pass with good results.  Many have been blessed physically, spiritually and materially when you touched them in prayers for their healing, prosperity and debt cancellation.  Few people came forward to have prayers for their debts to clear soon.  Some people have come to have prayers for the fibroids to melt, some people have come forward for the abdomen pains to heal.  Every one you touch and prayed for were healed in the course of time.  Praise the Lord !

Here are some of the testimonies we collected from church pastors and individuals who received their healing from the Lord when you touched them through prayer.

Ramulamma:   A woman came forward to have your prayers for her abdominal pain.  She suffered several years with this pain during her monthly period.  When you prayed for her by touching her on the stomach, she healed instantly, praise the Lord !  She asked me to inform the same to you.

Rebecca:  One pastor’s wife came forward to have your prayers for her severe headache. The Lord touched her and she now is alright without having any pain.

Krupa:  Krupa was suffering from fibroids since several years.  After she had prayers from you, the fibroids melted. Praise the Lord.

Benjibab:  I was suffering from a small lump in my back portion.  When you touched and prayed, the lump reduced untraceably.  Praise the Lord !

A Well:  One pastor came forward to have prayers for a well due to acute drought in the region. Many people are forced to drink the stream water drawn from the dried rivers.  When you prayed for him, the Lord enabled him to have a well separately for his family and church.  Praise the Lord !

Debt Cancellation:  A pastor with several debts came forward to have your prayers.  Soon after the prayers, he went home.  One of his uncles came forward to clear his debts after a month long time.  Praise the Lord.    Now he is free from all debts.

Prakasha Rao: Pastor Prakasha Rao and his wife came forward to have prayers for their family needs and financial problems.  His wife was suffering from back ache for which she had got prayers from you.  The lady is instantly healed.  Now pastor Prakasha Rao is able to pay the fee for his son and daughter without having any problem.  His financial condition is improved since you prayed.

Westerly Home:  We were praying for utensils for several days.  Lord heard our prayers and opened your very kind heart and you bought several utensils to fill the kitchen. Praise the Lord .

TV-VCR-VCD player:  We were in need of these equipments for the children and us for several years .  God miraculously helped us with these equipments by putting on your heart to purchase them for the children’s use.  We also thank you for the many Christian videos and books you sent.

Healed from Cancer:  A pastor from Rajam attended our crusades.  When you prayed for him, the cancer cells burnt out and he testified that there is no more cancer.  Praise the Lord.

Sarika Village Night Outreach:  We had a wonderful time with you in the village of Sarika where Pastor Prakasaha Rao is working for the Lord.  Many hindus and illiterates attended the meeting that night.  Lord’s word was shared by Sister Priscilla and many people accepted the Lord and  all of them came forward for the altar call and healing prayers.  Few ladies suffering from abdominal pains were healed.  One man’s leg was affected by cancer. Now he is recovering and the blackness from his leg is vanished and now new hairs and new skin is erupting.  Praise the Lord for His healing touch when you prayed for that young man…His name is Appalanaidu.  {One young boy with cataracts that had regrown after surgery is also now able to see once again.} This also is village where young man who was deaf and dumb immediately spoke after you prayed.

Appayyamma: She was suffering from chronic back ache.  When she attended your prayer meetings and came forward for the prayers, you touched her back and prayed for healing.  Now she is completely recovered and attending the church meetings.  Praise the Lord.  This lady surrendered her life to Christ.

Venkatarao:  A young man came forward to have healing prayers for his stomach problem.  When Priscilla prayed for him, the LORD touched and healed him.  He is becoming the child of God.
Head of Village:    Village head came to the Lord after he heard the message on crucifixion on that night.  Now the Lord has started working in the villager’s lives.
We are expecting great harvest of souls in the days to come.

Pastor’s wife:  She was suffering from chronic and severe back ache and abdominal pains. Most of the women of this region was suffering from abdominal pains.  When you prayed for her, she was healed instantly.  Now she is ok and praising the LORD for the healing she received from the LORD through your prayers.

Youth:  Many youth of this village were reluctant to see the pastor and the church.  Many were not happy over the church built at the start of the village.  After you entered and gave the word in two occasions, the Lord is now stirring the people and many are being influenced by the Word of God.

Kenguva:  We had a wonderful meeting with the church members at Kenguva Village.
Satan wanted to disturb the meeting because of your stomach upsets on the way to Kenguva that day.  But it was a successful day meeting and many children of God were being blessed by the wonderful new message you gave to the church.  Few ladies who were suffering from Asthmatic problems were healed and they are now able to breathe very freely without having any problem.  Few old ladies were healed from arthritis, joint pains, kidney problems and headaches and fevers.  The Word of God was glorified in that village.

Witness from Pastor and His Wife:  When we had the retreat at  our campus, the Lord gave a word to that young pastor D James Raju and his wife.  When you touched them and gave the word of prophecy, the lady fell down with a crying voice.  You told that they are going to face a trial, and temptation.  Accordingly on 31st of August , 2002, his mother who had accepted the Lord died without having any problem. Later on she was said to have had appendicitis.  As they could not take her to the hospital for timely treatment…she died on the way to hospital.  Please pray for the comfort of the family.  On 9-9-02, all of them came to campus and shared this news and remembered the word you gave to them.  Please pray for the healing of their hearts.

GUDEM village outreach:  Pastor Viziakumar and his wife are reaching their own village.  Many were opposing their work for the Lord.  After you entered and encouraged them in their work for the Lord and the vision about the building of a campus and church building over there, their hearts were revived and now they are working enthusiastically for the Lord.  Many number of women and men were healed from the village. One lady who was suffering from cancer ( young girl ) came forward to have prayer. The Lord touched her when you prayed and now she is faring well in her health.  Praise the LORD !  Many Hindus are now attending church ministry.  People are cooperating and attending church.  Now the CHURCH is not sufficient to hold all the people who come to attend the worship meetings.  Please pray that the Lord may grant a church building and a few houses around the church building like the Lord showed you in a vision while you were there preaching.  Most of the cases, your going to the church blessed the people and the pastors. People are now able to see them with new look. These are the blessings you left with them when you visited the villages.

Village head Ramulu:  The village head of Ramulu received the Lord as his personal Savior. Now he is cooperating with the pastor and encouraging others to help the pastor and support him in the ministry.  Please pray for this man that he may witness the Lord in water baptism.

Moida Junction Church:  Pastor Pilla Vijayakumar, an unmarried youth is working for the Lord in this junction. His church is now FULL with several new souls.  He told me that his church is now full because of your visit and message shared on that wonderful day.  Few young ladies who study their Master’s degree surrendered their lives to the Lord.  One sister, Manga, who was not willing to accept the Lord, though her mother is a Christian, now she is very interestingly attending the church meetings and getting ready to witness the Lord in water baptism.  She needs to be married.  Please pray for a good match.  She wants to become a lecturer for which she needs much money to completer her course in the university.

URGENT need:  Pastor informed me about the need of a church building in this village.  As most of the people are coming and attending this church, the thatched shed is not sufficient to accommodate al these children.  Please pray for the wider space to build a church building.  We believe the Lord would grant in His right time for His glory.

JONNADA Village: Pastor Moses and his wife are working in this village.  When you delivered the message from John’s gospel on that night, many Hindus and youth came forward to accept the Lord and to get the healing prayers.  Many were healed from cancer, tuberculosis, asthmatic problems.  One lady by then name of Mariamma was sick and suffering from asthma.  She used to be exhausted while taking breath in.  After you prayed for her, her problem vanished.  Praise the Lord.

Pastor’s wife:  Pastor’s wife was suffering from abdominal problem which was diagnosed as fibroids in her uterus.  Doctor advised her to go for surgery to remove the
Uterus.  She came forward for prayer and soon after your prayers, the pain and blood and oozing stopped. Praise the LORD !  Recently she visited us to testify the same for your kind information.

Campus here:  We held Pastor’s and Women’s seminar in our campus.  About 200 people participated in the seminars.  It was so nice and many were blessed abundantly spiritually and physically.  Many healings took place and many were revived in their spirits and in their ministry.  The messages delivered were so strong and with full assurance and hope.  Many discouraged pastors and their families were reconsecrated their lives for the service of God.

GOD’s Visitation:  After the crusades and your departure to Indore, many children were revived and they could able to see the Lord’s hand rested on the campus.  One boy named

Viziakumar, a pastor’s son who was under our care got a dream.  In that dream  he came out from his bed to answer his natural call (toilet).  At that time he could see a host of white dressed people were encamped around the campus.  When he came inside his bedrooms, he found some more white robed people watching around the beds of the children.  Praise the LORD !  We had a great assurance from this that the angels of God are surrounding us, and taking safety measures for our protection.

REVIVED in our spirits:  While you were here we felt as if a great man is with us to protect and provide us daily.  We had great courage and strength during your stay with us In fact, we were bit nervous to stay in this big campus during the nights.  Even we did not occupy the Westerly home thinking that we may not be able to stay there alone.  In those circumstances, the Lord sent you into our midst to give strength and courage.  We felt that you are so nearer to our hearts and our hearts are mingled with each other.  We have been so blessed tremendously because of your soothing spirit and caring heart.  We never met like your hearted people in the past.  You are really a woman of God with full of Holy Spirit and compassion.

Home blessed:  The campus orphanage inmates were blessed abundantly .  The long pending prayers of the children have come to pass after they got TV, Toys, books, uniforms, VCR and speakers.  You have spent  a lot of money on the needs of the home.  Certainly the Lord will bless you and multiply you in the days ahead to come to stretch forth your loving hands.

Till this time the Lord is gracious and has provided till October 2002 for our needs.  After October, we do not see any helping hand who have committed to help the children’s maintenance…which requires about $20.00 per child per month.  We have 90 children.  But we have great courage and challenging life in Christ.  He will certainly provide. He will never fail us at any time.  This is God given ministry for which He will provide in a miraculous manner.

After much calculations, we come to a decision that an amount of $2415 per month is needed every month to meet all the needs of the children and school maintenance…with salaries for teachers and maintenance staff to help.  We are praying for donors to meet the monthly needs.  Please pray and ask the Lord to raise up the donors needed.  This cannot be born by any single individual.  Please do not send any money.  We want to see the hand of the Lord in this project in a miraculous way.  Please just intercede on our behalf.

Andrew and Evangeline are keeping well and now they have been encouraged very much and holding youth and children’s meetings now and then as and when money is available.  The instruments you gave him are being used in worship services, etc.

We once again are thanking you for all your love and concern.  Please greet Dave and Amy on our behalf.

With fondest regards and prayers,
Your brother and sister in Christ
Ben and Krupa

Email:  9/9/02   From INDORE, Madhya Pradesh

Dear Mom,
Greetings to you in the most wonderful name of Jesus!
It is our joy to share what God has done in our midst during your stay in our place. We believe that your coming to Indore was ordained by the Lord and you came on the right time. It was awesome to have you in our Church. We felt the Lord Himself visited us with you.

Our Church was very much blessed by your ministry. First of all we would like to share that your prayers, your anointed teaching and your personal ministry and counseling has helped us personally as a family a lot. A new refreshing and strength has been imparted to us. The comfort that we received in our hearts was really amazing! The prophecies that were given by you brought great assurance in our lives.

Let us tell you, dear Mom, that one of the prophecies that you gave to us (sunrise above the sea and Ashish jumping on the spring) were concerned about the world missions. Now it is coming to pass. Ashish got an invitation to preach in Philippines, South Africa, Congo and one of the amazing invitations is from Gambia , the poorest nation of  Africa where 97 % of population is Muslim . Wow that is amazing it all took place in such a small period of time …God is really good and Almighty.

Our church has started dancing and rejoicing after experiencing the ministry of yours. Many people were saved from their sins. Now the church is growing very fast. Many were healed of their infirmities and sickness and Hallelujah many were delivered from the clutches of the enemies.  Sis Sunita was suffering terribly from blood pressure, even she could not do general activities of her life , but after you prayed over her the Lord touched her that very moment and healed her completely, now she dances non stop during the time of praise and worship. Sis . Kiren Elzabeth was also healed instantly from fever and weakness.

I hope you remember Chanchel (the girl who was half insane) how she came first day in your meetings . My goodness we were all shocked to see this girl and her condition. She could not speak , she could not walk properly , lift her neck , she was cross- eyed and saliva was constantly was dropping from her mouth.

But the most touching thing that we saw was how in love you took that girl and placed in your lap and started weeping. God has touched that girl and she is getting better day by day, there is very noticeable change in her now. She looks so different than before and so normal. Wow that was very great.  This girl even started singing in the meetings now.

Soni the guy who  was bewitched by the famous witch doctor in India also got delivered. Before he could not even sit in the meetings but used to sleep all the time and  also all the time he was dirty and his cloths were shabby. He used to continually shake in his body. Now he looks very happy and talks very well both in Hindi and English. Now he comes clean and well dressed. Thanks a lot for the delivering power of the Lord!

There was a lady who was suffering from terrible heart disease and had a hole in her heart , the Lord showed you in the vision  that HE is stitching her heart. Now she is healed from her problem.  The Lord also healed a cancer of rectum of one lady whom we visited. Now she is traveling to different cities for the work of the Lord and also she got back to her job. This healing has touched many families and individual lives!!!!!  

There were demon-possessed people in the meetings who were manifested through dancing, crawling and shouting. It was really great to see how they got delivered in your meetings. Many were having sicknesses because of those devils in their body and when the devils were cast out they got healed.

The LORD JESUS attended the meetings in a very wonderful way. Many people saw visions of heaven , Angels and even saw the Wonderful Lord by their own eyes. That was really incredible!!!!!!! One of the ladies saw the Lord dancing with the church and while we were dancing the Lord was so happy to see that. Yes that is true that the Lord was also smiling at you , because in this time when every one is busy  making money and in their  own affairs , You took time and courage to come to the Land of idol worship and bring the good tidings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One more person saw the Lord in the vision coming and touching certain people while we were worshiping and at that very moment these people were slain in the Spirit. Many saw the Holy Spirit as fire and cloud coming upon the church. Olya my wife saw the vision of our kid who is not born yet and she heard his laughter. During this time you were praying for Olya to see the baby. That was really great!!!!!!!! 

One Sunday one of the Church members was having vision of a door that was open in heaven and she started asking the Lord about it and crying for the answer. At this very moment you said through prophecy: “ Behold I have set an open door for you which no one can shut” and you explained it. Wow that divine connection was awesome!!!!!

One more person saw the Lord as a shepherded asking every one to follow HIM. This person was a Hindu when she came but now she has become a believer. Many many people saw visions but we cannot describe all of them.

After your visit our church is going through tremendous revival, we have started a Bible School. Many people want to join the school from another cites also. Up till now we have 200 requests. But unfortunately we can not accommodate and take care of them all now because of the lack of funds. We believe God will open doors shortly.

We are also working now for the opening of the orphanage. We have started a slums ministry. 20 people have already received the Lord and we will be going there shortly to distribute medicine.
Your visit has brought a great change!!!!!!!!!!!!!   God is good.

We thank the Lord for you, for your kind heart, for Brother Richard and his support to you. May the Lord bless you. You both are continually in our prayers.

We Love you and Miss you a lot.  Our Church is missing you too. Many of the people are praying for you. Thanks a lot for your TV , washing machine , CD system and Laptop. We needed it and now we are blessed and enjoying it.

Blessings to you.
Ashish , Olya , Mom , Dad and all of us at Amazing Love Church.


From: "betty daniel"
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2002 2:30 AM
Subject: Goodafternoon

Dear Sister,
I am here with giving you a  detailed account of your ministry when you were with us in Bangalore. This is to praise God for using you here.

BANGALORE MINISTRY REPORT  -  We would like to first THANK YOU for buying us the beautiful MUSIC SYSTEM and the YAMAHA for church. We are really enjoying the system, Daniel is listening to the messages and songs frequently. It is a  great  BLESSING in the house because always we play beautiful songs in this system. We PRAISE GOD for fulfilling our desire in listening to HIM.

First you delivered a very NICE message in the church and then you individually prayed for our believers.

Murugesh---He was suffering from severe DEPRESSION, after you prayed for him, he didnt get the attack at all. He is coming very regularly to church.He is working in a private firm and he has 5 children, he asked me to specifically pray for his son SOLOMON, who is drinking a  lot.

Sumithra--She is a  mother of 2 children, the youngest child Pradeep is not speaking properly. This deaf  and dumb child opened his month and said AMMA when you prayed.  She said she is so confident the Lord would bless her children.

Dhinakaran--he is a  youth for whom you prayed, he says has received anointing when you prayed for him.

Gayathri--She is a  young girl and she was praying for her 1st  B.Sc result, she got first class in that.

Diana--She too is a   young girl, she understood the LORD more closely after listening to your message, she is a  catholic and waiting to be baptized. She wants your prayers for her parents and a   brother who is in 10th standard. She wants to win their souls for the Lord.

Basker--He is a  hindu man, he wants to take baptism , he accepted the Lord when you prayed for him.

Alice--She was suffering from diabetic, she says she feels much better now.

Shanthi--She is a  young woman, her husband left her. She says she got new lease of life and hope in the Lord after you prayed for her. She is waiting for a job.

Belinda--She is shanthis sister, her husband is from a  hindu background, she went and shared the message with her husband. Together they came and met pastor

Daniel. He has promised to come to church.

Kuppamma--She is vegetable vendor, after she came that day she brought 3 people to church, one is a  muslim woman--PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!.

Vimala--She was suffering from TB, she says she is very much relieved from her severe cough from that day.

Moses--He was  a line man without job for 2 years, but now he is getting calls from people . He could maintain his family now.

Veronica-- my mother, she complained of having haziness in her eyes after cataract operation. I was really worried, but after you prayed for her, she is now saying she could see very clearly.

Reena--She was planning to continue her studies, after she left for MADRAS, she was called by CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COLLEGE, VELLORE for interview. Now she has joined the college for her Ph.D work.

Raju--He was diabetic and he says he is feeling quite alright now.

Jothi--She asked you to pray for her sisters marriage, recently the Lord enabled her to get a match for her sister.

Prema--She was praying for her son who is in a faraway places  studying. her husband is drinking and torturing  her  & her son. After prayers, he is not scolding him so much it seems.

James--He asked you to pray for him to get a  job, he got  a job and settled down in life.

Kamalamma--He asked you to pray for his sons marriage, he is married recently with out any problem, because all her relatives are hindus.

Raja-He was in debts for many lakhs, his mother was so much worried, she asked you to pray for her. She could clear half of his debts recently. She is praising God for it.

We went to a  house for praying-- A girl was suffering from polycystic ovary, she is much better now.

Balram--You prayed for this person in a house. He started coming to church regularly.

Angel Miriam--You prayed for her education--she says she understands her lessons more clearly now.

Bypanahaali--You visited this place and had a  small spontaneous open air meeting. There were few youth who wanted to make fun of JESUS. But after seeing a miracle they started believing the Lord. You prayed for a  safe delivery to a  woman. She was in the hospital, her sister asked you to pray for her.  Initially the doctor said he can’t save the child. But after prayer both the child and the mother were alive. This made the young men to understand who JESUS was. PRAISE THE LORD.

Sister we want you to come and minister to our villages. We are looking forward to your visits.

With love,betty

    From Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Sent: Monday, September 09, 2002 9:04 AM
Subject: from Vizag

Our dear mom,
How are you? How is your health? Hope by now you have settled down after
having a long and tiresome trip.  Here all the children and we both are
keeping on well.

And regarding the vehicle, as we named it as 'Breakthru', you have asked
whether we got a breakthrough in the finances. Mom, we have not yet got financial breakthrough but perhaps we got a breakthrough in our faith in God. We just went ahead and dared to purchase it as someone came forward to give loan to us, which we have to repay on monthly basis. Every month we have to pay  Rs.10, 340/-. And we have to pay for 3 years. And for initial payments our both mothers helped us. And we have got clear guidance from  the Lord and so we dared and in faith we have  taken it. God would definitely perform  miracle to meet this expenditure every month.

And mom, kindly notice some of the reports below:

When you ministered in our church's youth meeting, in fact every one of them
touched by the power of God. To mention some of them:
1.Laura, she received a wonderful touch from the Lord when you did lay your
hands on her and prayed she was touched so deeply and could not control and
she was under the power of the blessed Holy Spirit for a long time.

2. Auntie Bharathi Fernando: She also received a mighty touch by the Lord
when you prayed over her and she was slain in the spirit and she said that
it was for the first time that she received a touch like that.

3. Deva the youth pastor and his wife Surekha were greatly encouraged when
you prayed for them and the youth pastor Deva was touched by the power of
God when you did lay your hand on him and prayed over for him

4. Hemanthika: this young girl received a mighty touch from the Lord when
you prayed for her.

5. And there were two couples who were slain in the spirit and were blessed
so much when you prayed for them.

6. And there was a brother and he is a Government official working in the
roads and transport  department. And he was mightily touched under the power of God when you prayed for him.

7. And Jerry and his mom and sister: If at all there was anybody that was
blessed and encouraged more in Vizag by your ministry, it was Jerry. In fact
it looks like God brought you only for him to Vizag. In fact his life was literally hopeless and chaos before the time of your visit. But after you ministered to him and prophesied over him it boosted him like anything and you prophesied over him and already it is on its way. Last Sunday for the first time in his life he played the keyboard in the church. In fact he used to dislike coming over to the church but God is raising a worshipper in him. After you ministered to him he even wrote beautiful songs on the Lord Jesus.  ( This boy wrote and has had many experiences with the Lord since then, and the Lord told him He would give him 10 million souls ! )

8. And Jerry's mom also was greatly encouraged by the prophesy and the prayers you made for her. She was so much touched because you spent lots of time with her and she has so much appreciation for you for being so loving towards her.

9. And Jerry's sister was also blessed by your ministry

10. And there were two girls and one young boy in Jerry's house who are the
relatives of Jerry and recently they lost their mother, do you remember
them?   And the second girl Reena was so much blessed by your  ministry for
her and recently she received the Holy Spirit anointing on her. Kindly pray for her.

11. And from our home there was no one left with out being blessed and to
mention a few: all the elder girls, Manga, Mercy (handicapped girl), Rachel,
Ratna, Sama, Esther, Rani and so on they were greatly encouraged and some of
them delivered from the spiritual oppression.

12. And do you remember one ministering couple, Pastor Joseph and his wife.
They were so much encouraged and touched by the way you spent time with
them and so much encouraged by the prayers that you made for them.

13. And mom last but not the least one couple was so much blessed by your
trip it was none other than Sheela & Bobby. Thank you for your prophesies
for us thank you for the deliverance prayers for us. Thank you for praying
for the vehicle and it took place as if some one was hastening it. Thank you
very much.  We love you.

Khabarovsk,  Russia

Lena Kuznetsova:
I am thankful to the Lord for the services that He was conducting together with Priscilla. Through these services I got confirmations and expansion of the word that I already had gotten from the Lord - about worship, dancing and banners. The Lord was so close to me, He was touching my heart, He was working deep, showed me past hurts and pain - He removed all this and brought me peace and joy. 

Priscilla was praying for me in the morning and I literally saw the Cross and my hands started burning at the place of the nails. Then the word came to me - these are the wounds from the nails in Jesus' hands. The whole day till the evening service The Lord was so close to me and I was meditating on His  word.   At the evening service the Lord expanded my vision by His Word which was released by Priscilla.

Rolling on the floor under the anointing I saw the whole picture of the world and the joy came to me.  Thank You, Father, for Your minister and for your work, that you've done with me at that time.

Evgeniy (the driver):
Through Priscilla's ministry I got to know the wonderful anointing of the Holy Spirit, that breaks the yoke and brings freedom. I got it during these services. During these days I also got the confirmation of my calling though the prophecy and revelation of the Word of God.   And one more thing - it was very good to get acquainted with Priscilla and very pleasant to fellowship with her. Thank you, Priscilla, come to us more.

When Priscilla was praying over me the Lord circumcised my heart. I did not even expect it. After that very big changes happened in my life and in my character.  Before for many years I had a problem with my irritation, but recently such an incident took place:

My husband, my father- in-law and I went to my farm house and as usual the father-in-law was grumbling all the time. He was displeased with everything. If before I would have tried to stop him and had a fight with him. But this time I did not react at his words and I did not even notice his grumbling. I heard only such words from him: "Yes, truly the Lord worked over you - that you kept silent".  And at that time it got to me - no more his grumbling touches me like before.

A lot of things changed around me - because vital changes took place inside me. Even the Word is revealed to me in a different way. Before I could not understand much from the Word of God, but know It is getting clearer to me. But the main thing is that my relationship with God became very close. I am thankful to the Lord and to you - Priscilla. I am praying for your son David.

Tatiyna Andreeva (worship):
Priscilla, I would like to be like you. The Love that you impart in people raises faith, brings encouragement and strength.   Through you I got a special anointing of kindness, devotion to God and reconsidered many situations in my life.  You devoted yourself to God and people. I saw that no trials in life can stop a woman who is faithful to God. I believe that that I will have an opportunity to fellowship more with you.