India Oh India
May 24th, 2008
Priscilla Van Sutphin

To the Christian Church in India:
The Lord says,
India beloved, My neglected, My abused daughter, how I love you and adore you !
The day of your deliverance is at hand !  I know the pain and suffering you have greatly endured. I know the condition of the body of Christ which has been so divided and competitive.  But I am bringing changes to you that will compel you to support one another, for there will be no solace from your enemies within.  There will be only a need to CLING TO ME in the midst of the darkness.

You have much history of clinging, yet so much fear has filled the heart of My Indian church, and too many western ways.  I have called you out of darkness, into My glorious, glorious LIGHT.  I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH,  and the LIFE ! I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  Your guru’s have penetrated other nations with their abominable lies and destruction. Thus I will send some of you to heal up the wounds incurred by My western bride, to bring them GOOD FOOD that they will know that they must suffer with ME to share in My glory !

Your managers and handlers are not happy, nor are they mindful of the things of God. Yet I will have MY WAY in your nation !  There is nothing that is impossible for ME.  Hyderabad, know that I have watched and weighed you in the balances, and strange worship is lifted up within your gates, but I will heal your wounds of the past and bring you deliverers who will also teach you TRUTH.
Bangalore, friend with the west, I will also bring down the  vain philosophies of men and show you that you are NOTHING before MY POWER AND GLORY !  You are walking in western ways, but this does not please me.  Your business men, and your pride is lifted up, and I will SHAKE your foundations.  Those who are faithful to ME there will STAND in the midst of shakings and I will pour out great POWER & GLORY upon your people that they may heal the wounds of your people.

Delhi, you have stood as a beacon of paganism and profit, and though you have advanced in some western ways, I will allow changes that will benefit MY KINGDOM above YOURS.  Watch from the NORTH, for you will not find friendship with kings of the desert nations.  They have another motive to help you. For they seek to expand THEIR kingdom, and that of their pagan god.  Those who stand within you, who are MINE will be safe in My arms.  But the violence of the past and of the political parties who oppose ME, will be destroyed. They will WANT to know the TRUTH, Who is MY SON, when I get through with them. I will shake your foundations !  I will startle you with what I do !  I will shake you loose from the ancient paths you’ve taken and those who have come to ME will heal your wounds and
Show you the TRUTH of My existence with their LOVE with which I am anointing them.

Chennai, city of chambers, I will pour out My glory upon believers there, to such a degree, that every knee will bow. Startling miracles are coming to you, but not just in bodies that are broken, but in SIGNS and WONDERS that will shame all the false gods they worship.  Guru’s cannot do what I can do !  THINK BIG for heaven is My throne and earth is My footstool !  The house I wish to dwell in is the HEARTS OF MEN, WOMEN, boys and girls !  Tsunami’s have come, and more judgment will ensue, and people will be in grief over all I do to chastise the lost, but they will understand by YOUR LOVE for them, the truth of MY WORD.

Goa, by the sea, I will bring great tumult to thee !  One if by land, two if by sea,
Tremendous change will cause you to tremble before ME, and I will shake you loose of all ancient warring and slaveries. I will WASH away the sins of generations, and I will crush worldliness and establish godliness instead of wantonness.

BOMBAY, another city by the sea, in whose hand is great poverty and great wealth.  I will WASH away your abominations. I will destroy the ancient foundations of paganism, and theft, murder and idolatry, and I will bring NEW freedom as MY people have sown and sown, and sown into righteousness and healing there, thus I will bring a powerful wave of HEALING GRACE and wash away all your wounds, and exorcise all the greed and avarice.

Mountain cities of the north, I will usher a wave of shakings that will loosen all the unbelief and I will use My people there to break the power of BITTERNESS and hatred from centuries of enslavement.  I will heal the generational wounds, and you will receive and outpouring of GLORY that will RESTORE MY KINGDOM within your midst.  Miracles and more miracles, signs and wonders will explode upon the scene, and those who have mocked you will be humbled and abased before your eyes.

Visak by the sea, I have great intentions and expectations for you beloveds. You have sown in worship and now I will sow to you in BLESSINGS & GLORY that you may establish MY KINGDOM among the heathen.  I have not forgotten you.  I have seen your longing for MORE, and it is AT HAND.  LIFT UP YOUR EYES and see, the KING OF GLORY IS COMING IN.  WHO IS THE KING OF GLORY ? THE LORD MIGHTY IN BATTLE. I will establish MY OWN CHILDREN, and I will take the wealth of the wicked and give it to the righteous, for millions will bow to ME as I pour out MY GLORY and you will see the longing of your hearts.

I warn you all that brother must not take up sword against brother. Though they imprison you and report lies against you.  Yet I WILL BRING YOU OUT. I AM YOUR SALVATION and the LIFTER OF YOUR HEAD.  Do NOT fight except against the ENEMY of your soul.  Remember who your real enemy is.  And it is not flesh and blood, but powers and principalities, and spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.  WORSHIP ME with abandonment.  IN HEAVEN EVERYTHING WORSHIPS ME.  Do not be too busy to spend time with the LOVER OF YOUR SOUL !  I AM the LOVER of your soul.  I want communion with My BRIDE.  Come to ME. Spend time with ME, and I will show you great and marvelous things you do not know. [Jer 33:3]