June 12th, 2011
via Priscilla

I was at the coffee shop listening to Ezekiel when the Lord said...

" Woe to the mountains that surround Jerusalem! Because you have lifted up your voices against My people in hatred and murderous intent will I now show you who is her GOD !

You will die in desolation while she will prosper at My hand.

You do not worship ME, the true Father from Whom comes all light, but you bow to the weaker Light who is Satan in whom is no true light or love.

Thus I will manifest My power that you will know and learn of Me! I AM GOD and there is no other. There is no one like Me. There are many counterfeits but only One God of all. You will bow down before Me or you will lie in desolation and barreness!

Do you want life or death? The choice is clear but will you choose faith or violence? For I will fulfill My wrath on all the sons of witchcraft and violence. Now the Burning comes. Who can stand in the midst of fire?