by Rosie Lovejoy
DECEMBER 13, 2003

The LORD seems to speak to me the clearest during a time of anointed, abandoned worship.  Tonight I attended a Regeneration Service, and as we sang and the anointing fell, this vision wove in and out of the music.  I offer no explanation of what it means.  To the best of my ability, this is what I saw….

I saw a golden menorah rise from below my feet (I did not see a floor) and suspend in the air at eye level.   One by one lighted candles appeared in the menorah, until it was blazing and full.  “Hanukkah!” I thought.  This is about Hanukkah!”   A blue Star of David rose from behind the menorah and was suspended in the air above the menorah of lighted candles.  Both floated in the air, directly in front of me.

Then they disappeared and a lion appeared.  I knew this lion!  I was so happy to see him!  He sat looking straight ahead, on his haunches.  His eyes were piercing, but I felt only joy at seeing Him again.  Soon a young sheep, not fully grown walked towards Him and nuzzled him, like it would its mother.  The lion and the juvenile sheep nuzzled their heads together.  It was such a touching sight, as the sheep was so small compared to the Lion.  Soon the young sheep lay down beside the Lion and continued nuzzling his /her friend.  Then the little sheep (it was older than a lamb, but still too young to be called a mature sheep) rolled over and began to frolic.  The Lion rose and began to lick and clean the sheep just as a mama cat cleans her kitten.  The little sheep was in ecstasy!  The lion very thoroughly and lovingly licked and cleaned the entire sheep.  Then they lay down together, in quiet repose.  It was a very touching sight!

Next an image appeared that replaced the peaceful scene.  The face of someone evil appeared covered in a gas mask with a tube attached  .  The color of the gear was a steely gray.  Hatred emanated from behind the dark glass eyes of the mask.  The feeling of evil was so great I nearly sunk to the floor in horror and my stomach became nauseous.  There was a stench of vileness about the person within the protective gear.

Next I saw a hypodermic needle filled with some sort of vaccine.  I saw a hand squirt a drop or two of the vaccine into the air and then the needle was turned and inserted into a waiting shoulder.  

Then the Lion appeared again, in an upright sitting position.  Beside Him a gorgeous Red flag appeared.  It was large with gold letters on it-Yod He Vod Hey – the Hebrew name for GOD (YAHWEH).  The flag was fringed with gold, and gold tassels fluttered in the breeze.  It was a very regal, very exquisite, very expensive looking flag.

Soon I saw a number of sheep appear behind the Lion, and He rose to His feet.  The sheep came and began to make row after row of lines behind the Lion, each line being a bit longer than the one before it.  Soon it stretched out and from the front looked like a solid V, with the Lion standing at the point of the V.  The sheep looked quite dumb, and very content.

The Lion spoke to me:

”Did you think I would leave my humble ones unprotected during the times to come?”

Then I saw lava; hot, smoldering moving lava begin to cover the ground and slowly seep foreword.  Ghastly demonic creatures rose from the lava, and were suspended above the lava.  They were black and gruesome, with wings like bats.  Some had long tails that they were whipping about.  Some appeared to have horns.  I was standing behind them so I was unable to see their faces.  In front of them was the Lion and the sheep lined up behind the Lion.  I knew that there was a stench about these creatures.

The contrast was startling.  The lion and sheep were standing on emerald green grass with blue, blue cloudless skies above them.  Putrid smells, and hot gases that rose from the lava surrounded the demons.  The sheep were peaceful and serene; some were quietly chewing on grass.  The demons were frenzied.

Then a huge, shinning sword appeared out of the sky, suspended between the two groups.  The sword was the size of the Lion, and was doing movements in the air.  It was razor sharp.  Light bounced off of it.

From the group of demons a 5-pointed blue star appeared and rose over the demons.  It began to spin clockwise very slowly, making the sign of a pentagram over and over again.  As it spun, the demons became more and more frenzied.  (I knew that the spinning pentagram represented all the witchcraft that is now so much in vogue, and has become so popular through the New Age Movement (White Witchcraft), the Harry Potter books, and others.  I knew that although people thought that what they were doing was good, it was in fact calling forth demons from the pit.)

Then the sword swung and slashed the pentagram in half and it went spinning into the demonic hordes.

Then I saw a number of people in the same protective steel gray gear, covered head to foot with their own breathing apparatus, spraying something into the air and on the ground.  It was at night and the scene was too dark for me to see where the spraying was taking place.  It could have been anywhere.

Then I saw the demonic army again facing the Lion, the sheep, and this time two flags on either side of the Lion.  One was the same red and gold flag with YAHWEH (God’s Hebrew name) on it.  The other was a deep royal blue with gold Hebrew letters on it.  It, too, was fringed in gold.  Both were fluttering in the breeze.

Then the sword started slashing away at the demonic army.

I heard the words,“IT HAS BEGUN…”
Then I saw another hazy blue Star of David rise from below my line of vision and lift upwards.