JUNE 26, 2004
By Rosie Lovejoy

(Every one of the Lion of Zion visions has occurred during prolonged, passionate corporate worship and dance before the LORD.  This was no exception. We were dancing with various colored flags, tambourines, and worship hoops.  I felt that I may have been given a small glimpse of what occurs in the Heavenlies when we worship and dance before the LORD with all our might.  I also was shown some of our farm animals as a teaching tool to me about (my) rebelliousness and disobedience to the King of Kings.)

The Cast of Characters

Miss Beauty—a full blood Arauchna chicken with beautiful black, brown, orange, and white markings who lays pale blue eggs.  She is very wild and totally rebellious-- also very stupid.  Her wings have been severely clipped because she is always jumping the fence and digging up our flowers and vegetables.  She is always looking for a means to escape the orchard where she is safe and has plenty of room to roam.

Miss Green—was our very favorite chicken and former Queen of the Coupe.  She was a Buff Rock, golden colored and gentle.  She loved to follow us around and clucked to be picked up and petted.  We loved Miss Green! When she was in charge of the chicken coupe, all was well and friendly.  She died recently early one morning.  She hadn’t come when called the evening before, and we overlooked the fact that she was not safely in the coupe.  A raccoon trapped her and ripped her apart.  She was desperately trying to get into the coupe.  I heard her screams in the pre-dawn and raced outside to see what had occurred.  The raccoon fled the carcass of my favorite chicken as I raced to her rescue. It was very sad…

Miss Muffett—a half Arauchna and half Golden Comet chicken, she always tries to jump the fence, doesn’t come when called, is stubborn and stupid and willful.  She is mentally challenged.  She is also very destructive and is always trying to get out of the orchard and dig up our gardens.  Her wings have been severely clipped, as she is so destructive.  She lays pretty green eggs.
I saw an Israeli flag fluttering in the breeze.  The Star of David was large and beautiful, crisp and blue.  As the flag fluttered, the Star of David faded and a blue pentagram superimposed itself in the place where the Star of David had been. (I was shocked and very disturbed by this.)  Then the Satanic elongated head of a goat with curly horns superimposed itself over the pentagram.  Instead of the Israeli flag, there was a white flag with blue stripes, and the satanic head of a goat.

(As I stood dumbfounded watching the flag changing, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that there was much witchcraft against Israel from all parts of the world.  Israel was severely under attack by demonic forces.  Many spells were being said against her.  I was also told that there were times when secular Israeli leadership is unknowingly carrying the banner of Satan as they go about their attempt to secure the peace.  Their actions are not inspired by the Holy Spirit, but by another spirit altogether.)

Then a lovely red dancing hoop covered the flag and the scene dissolved.

I saw Miss Beauty.  She had flown out of the orchard and was digging in the flowerbed.  She was ripping up the flowers by their roots and causing much destruction.  She was oblivious to the bigger picture of our farm.  She was not where she was supposed to be.

Then I was impressed with the following.  “Many in My church are pretty to look at by the world’s standards.  But inside they are rebellious and wild.  They will not come when I call them.”  (I clearly got the sense that HE was referring to HIS direction and HIS call, not the direction of a church official.  The rebelliousness was against HIS HOLY SPIRIT, not church leadership.)

I then saw my beloved Miss Green.  I was reminded that Miss Green’s rebellion caused her death.  Although she was loving and kind and generally very obedient, her one act of disobedience caused her literal death.  I was shown that today many in the church are like Miss Green.  They are loving and kind, obedient to the Pastor, and follow their church’s doctrine.  But when tested, their allegiance is not to the Holy Spirit and HIS voice.  They will be outside the camp.  Like Miss Green they will be outside YAH’S wings of protection when it matters most.

Then I was shown Miss Muffett.  I was told that no matter how much Miss Muffett’s wings are clipped, she still gets into trouble because of her stubbornness and refusal to follow direction.  She thinks with her very limited chicken brain that she knows what is best.  I was reminded that most of us are like that, too.  We have no notion of the complexity of YAHWEH’S plan.  Yet we insist on making our own plans, and rebel against the direction of the Most Holy Spirit when HIS plans vary with our own.

I was then shown the back of a shepherd.  He whistled and all the little chickens and sheep and ducks came running and were leaping and dancing with joy as HE led them away.
I was told that that is how we are supposed to be—like the little animals that come running at HIS whistle, and follow HIM wherever HE leads.  We are not to be like Miss Beauty, Miss Green, and Miss Muffett.

It was clearly impressed on me that there is a time coming soon when YESHUA will whistle, and we will need to follow like the little animals--follow instantly, joyously, and obediently.  Our lives will depend on our obedience.
Then I saw a mushroom cloud, and was told that much destruction was coming to the US, but in the midst of it YAHWEH was going to explode a golden bomb of HIS GLORY.  No one would be able to deny the GLORY that was being shown in the midst of tragedy and terror.

Then I saw the Israeli pentagram flag again, and it was covered and dissolved by a golden kaleidoscope of various hues.  I knew we are being called to Davidic worship and intercession for Israel.  We are to pray that YAHWEH’S will be done, and that Israeli leadership seek after HIS WILL alone.

Then I saw my favorite LION roaring.  Dancing before HIM were dancers in colorful dress, waving beautiful hoops and flags, playing tambourines.  They were dancing in procession.  Following the dancers were angels in white, carrying the Ark of the Covenant.  (They were tall, handsome, luminous men without wings.)  Following the angels were more colorful dancers with banners and hoops.
The sight took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes.
The vision ended with the sight of the procession of dancers, angels and the ARK as they went forth into battle.


There are two scriptures where the LORD whistles.  They are: Isa. 5:26, and Zech. 10:8
Zechariah 10:8 reads:
I will whistle for them and gather them,For I will redeem them;
And they shall increase as they once increased.

Isaiah 5:26 reads:
He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar, And whistle to them from the end of the earth; Surely they will come with speed, swiftly.

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July 4, 2004
By Rosie Lovejoy

This word came to me during praise and worship on July 4th.  As we sang “God Bless America” I saw my favorite LION, the Lion of Zion.  Large plump tears were falling from HIS eyes as we petitioned our Creator to bless our nation.  This word came over a period of 40 minutes or so, as I worshiped the LORD.

I will have a remnant who will shine with MY glory-who will love what I love, and despise what I despise.  They will do great exploits.  They will love the poor, the sick, the homeless, and the hopeless.  They will do what I love.

You sing “God Bless America”…I have blessed and blessed and blessed and blessed your nation.  I have been merciful and kind.  But just as a Father disciplines His wayward son, so shall I discipline your nation and MY Church.
I WILL HAVE A PEOPLE WHO WILL BOW THEIR KNEE TO ME AND ME ALONE.  They shall carry MY banner into battle.  They shall sing songs of praise to ME.
Your flag has become a despised thing to me—for it no longer advances MY Kingdom and MY Will.  I love MY children.  Just as a Father confiscates matches from His children who are playing with them, so, too, will I move to take away the things that harm you.
I AM coming soon, and I am dividing the sheep from the goats—for I WILL HAVE A REMNANT THAT DOES GREAT EXPLOITS IN MY NAME AND MY NAME ALONE. 
Have no fear MY child, for I will have a remnant that shines with the brightness of MY glory, and who will bow the knee to ME and ME alone.
For I AM HOLY—High and Set Apart.  MY ways are not your ways, and I love with an everlasting love.