July 18, 2004
By Rosie Lovejoy

My vision was filled with my wonderful LION—the Lion of Zion.  He was reposing in a lush, green meadow, with a gold, jeweled crown on His head.  The jewels were multi-colored and varied.  They were dazzling in the sunlight, and rainbows of light were bouncing off of them.

Kneeling before the LION, I was surrounded in absolute love.  The meadow vibrated and pulsed with HIS love.  It was sweet and silky in the air, with a soft perfume of mountain flowers in bloom.  About me small birds were chirping in adoration.

I knew there were others behind me, but I could not see them.

Then I saw a long stemmed ruby red rose dancing in the air, twirling about towards me.  A cross arose from a rocky knoll at the edge of the meadow, and the rose danced towards it.  Soon the rose began to circle the cross and more and more blooms began to appear.  It began to cover the cross with profuse, fragrant blooms, like a climbing rose covers a trellis.   The air was perfumed and lovely.

There was so much love…..Kneeling before HIM was bliss…

Then I saw a trickle of water begin to flow from the base of the rose covered cross.  It became stronger until it was a clear, deep, gently flowing river.  I left my kneeling position before the LION and belly flopped into the river.  I went down deeply into the water, and swam and frolicked, like a dolphin who is happy and playful.

As I tread water, I saw a huge Class F IV or V tornado approaching. 

Then I heard the words: “This is from me to awaken my children.  It is not from Satan, as many will claim.”  (I do not know if this is a real tornado, or a symbolic tornado that will travel through HIS church.  I do know it was huge and left destruction and debris in its wake.)
Then I saw an American flag.  It was torn and tattered, still on the pole, fluttering in the breeze.  And I heard the word: “
Through it all, the LOVE of the LORD was sweeter than anything I have ever experienced.


August 1, 2004
By Rosie Lovejoy

All the Lion of Zion visions have occurred during prolonged times of corporate worship.  This one is no different. 

I saw a lovely pink rose bud that slowly and gently opened.  Perfume from its center began to fill the air.  It began to turn and spin and became the twirling pink skirt of a lovely ballerina.  She was dancing before the Heavenly Throne, and her dancing was fluid and exquisite.  Her movements were choreographed to the worship music that was rising about me.

Then I saw a very odd object, unlike anything I have seen before.  It was metal and silver in color.  It looked like the planet Saturn, with a ball of silver at its center, surrounded by a flat ring of silver metal, with a razor sharp edge.  The ring was stationary.  The ring did not appear to be attached to the metal ball by any kind of physical mechanism that I could see.  Yet, it was perfectly centered and equally spaced around the circumference of the orb. (I felt a primordial terror when I saw this object in my inner vision.  Somehow I knew it was evil.)

The ballerina approached this orb and continued to dance her dance of worship on the top of blade of the orb.  (At no time was there any sign of fear from her, it was simply another surface on which she could dance before her King.)  Her dance continued, and she stepped onto the edge of the blade and continued to dance, unaffected by its razor sharp edge.  She worshiped through her dance, and completely twirled over the orb, the blade, the edge, and the underside of the blade.  (My heart was racing as I watched her fluid, joyous movements. I was frightened for her.)  Whatever this object was, she was fearless and unafraid.

Then I saw two large flags.  One was a deep, royal purple, and the other a very bright white.  The flags were whipping in the breeze and were attached to long poles that were held upright by angelic beings.  I could only see their back sides, but the beings were masculine and strong. 
Soon children dressed in their prettiest, most colorful clothing and adults festively dressed began to gather and line up behind the flag bearers.  There was a feeling of celebration and joy! The flag bearers began to walk away from me, followed by jumping, dancing children, and the very happy adults with them.  The procession became a large line of folks as they followed the flags. 

The silver, Saturn shaped orb reappeared, and this time the ring began to turn, faster and faster until the blade was a blur or rotating metal.  It was suspended in the air.

The dancer leapt from the object and joined the procession.  The flag bearers led the procession away from this deadly object, and appeared to be climbing to some unseen destination.  As the backs of the people began to fade into the distance, a large cross floated down and joined the procession at the very rear, like a rear guard, blocking any kind of attack from the rear. 

Then the Lion of Zion appeared behind the cross, following the procession as it made its way up the mountain.  He turned towards me, and then let out His mighty roar.

At once the metal orb began to shoot through the air.  I saw people fleeing in terror before it.  It smashed into a building and continued out the other side, unharmed.  The building collapsed about it. It was not affected by any surface it came into contact with.  I felt that it was being controlled remotely, and had been programmed for this destructive assault.  I sensed that there were other death orbs at work throughout the land.

The vision ended with the scene of terror and slaughter before me.  The scene appeared to be an American city, as the buildings looked familiar, and the people were dressed in our present day clothing.

I have resisted writing this vision down, as it was so terrifying.  It seemed that I had been given a glimpse of a new type of weapon made with space age materials.
Its mission was to create terror, and it certainly did! 
Like the parables of old, this one needs to be taken to our LORD in prayer.