“Cry out to ME, in your pain, in your sorrow over your land Japan! Cry out to the ONE Who loves you more than anyone else could. For am I not YOUR LORD and Savior. The One Who you once worshipped? You were led into deception and wars, and tribal rivalries, but I have kept my eye on all that has been going on. You wanted idolatry, so I left you alone in your mire for ages, but I WILL have mercy I said in My word on whom I'll have mercy. Though you betrayed Me, and though you have come against My land. Yet will I save you. 

Many of you will succomb to what you have given in to, but I promised awakening and harvest for the nations in this hour, and I mean to have MY WAY in all the nations of the earth. Will you still stand on the bones of a dead man, and bow? Will you offer incense to idols still, when your sons and daughters are wasting from radiation sickness? You bow to science, yet science cannot save you from your own ways. You bow to idols, but have they heard you? Have they given you the answers that you need? Have you heard their tears for you? No, they cannot speak, nor hear, nor do anything!

I have many surprises for My Asian Bride, so as you bow before your ancestors, now, BOW BEFORE THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, AND BOW TO HIS SON WHO DIED FOR YOU, and I will do MIGHTY MIRACLES for which you have not even prayed to Me!

Acknowledge MY MIGHT, and you will see changes that will catapult you into heavenly realms of glory. For I have saved the best wine for last. I will yet have compassion on the unfaithful of the earth, if they will bow to Me, as I demonstrate My superior love and wisdom! Be not anxious, only PRAY AND SEE. ONE CAN SET 1000 TO FLIGHT, 2 CAN SET 10,O00 TO FLIGHT. SO WHAT CAN 5 OR 10, OR 100 DO?

PRAY My believing sons and daughters, and pray for your brothers and sisters who are lost in the mire of the world. LIFT THEM UP. THIS IS THE CROSS! THIS IS THE CROSS I MEANT YOU TO BEAR. THIS IS HOW YOU LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Lift up one another, weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice. Worship ME and and I will free your nation from what it is deserving and grant a writ of dismissal on judgments intended. For I AM the God of MERCY and JUSTICE for all mankind. I know what you have suffered and I know the pain you have endured over centuries. There is NOTHING that I cannot do!

The blood of My Son has covered the blood of your sons and daughters! The blood of My Son, Jesus has covered the SHAME you worry about. You don’t want to make any mistakes, but mistakes are inevitable in a fallen world. I died to take away any shame, of any human being on the earth, if they will but come to ME, and lay all of it at the foot of The Cross. Nothing is unforgiveable in My Kingdom SAVE BLASPHEMY OF MY HOLY SPIRIT. 

My blood is POWERFUL. My BLOOD regenerates and renews, revitalizes and removes all toxic substances. My BLOOD even renews DNA and RNA, and can reconstruct ANYTHING! My BLOOD can protect you from ANYTHING. My BLOOD can HEAL ANYTHING and ANYONE! MY BLOOD CAN DELIVER FROM ANY EVIL SPIRITS. COME TO ME AND BE SAVED! COME, FOR I WILL NOT REJECT ANY FAILURES. I DO NOT THROW OUT THE ONE WHO IS HUMBLE AND CONTRITE.”

Holy Spirit through Priscilla Van Sutphin