“Forces of liberty have been loosed to 
bring freedom to the captives. I AM 
loosening the bonds & straps of bondage 
that have kept back my healers & 

Warnings have been sounding in the darkness because the enemy is seeking whom he may devour in this hour. But MY KINGDOM ARISES in My deliverers to bring down the strategic strongholds that will loose the fires of AWAKENING!

Tourniquets, which have tied up profits, intercessors, evangelist, teachers, & apostles, will be cut by my angelic army & enemies will be routed over various areas, all over the world.

Strings, holding back support will be loosened & cut to bring forth all that is needed for the awakenings at hand! Corrupt systems that have stolen, & trapped, & robbed from my people will be destroyed!

Those blinded & deafened by nefarious, mind, control, & orchestrations of lies & misinformation, will be freed to think & understand again. Death & dumb spirits that have been part of the schemes of Satan to keep people bound in unbelief will be destroyed as MY ARMY is loosed to speak TRUTH & TRUTH is ushered in through media changes & arrests of culpable parties.

Do not think that I have forgotten you or abandoned you. There are many corrupt systems , that will be exposed & indicted & taken down by coming justice, just when all seems forsaken.

Do not be paralyzed by fear & doubt. Speak out my word as I call you too! Angelic hosts will carry out orders as you are led to speak out my plans. 

Dark forebodings & threatening clouds will not extinguish my plans for restoration! Glory is increasing exponentially as the darkness tries to interfere & stop my plan for freedom & restoration. Be confident in whose you are. 

I will annihilate all darkness as it comes to envelope you thinking to stop my plans. SHOCK & AWE is in my plan! 

I will tell you/lead you to go somewhere and there will be divine appointments with someone needing healing, and or deliverance. It will be a set up for shocking! Do not hesitate when you hear my voice/leading. It may be at work, the grocery store, the Post Office, the coffee shop or restaurant. 

You may be in your car & I tell you to turn the corner where you didn’t plan to go just because I want to do something for someone else.

Just obey and ask my instructions as you go. Holy Spirit is in you and angels are surrounding you as you obey me.

Awakening. I’ve said will be in the one-anothers, like in Wesley‘s time. The world has grown selfish & people more cautious, & untrusting, so reach out with your arms, & I’ll reach out through them to the lost & hurting, to fellow wounded warriors as well.

There is an eclipse coming to the church that is not even caring for those in their own body. Candles will be removed from those unwilling to carry out Isaiah 58:5-14, or James 1:27-2:1-20.

This is part of the plan I gave you for loving one another as I have loved you. Many have still done this & will receive great rewards,
But there are also many still stuck in muddy puddles & who need to repent.

Confrontation will come from prophets & those I have appointed to tell the truth, & if not listened to, there will be judgments made.

Thru Priscilla Van Sutphin