May 26th, 2011 4:00 am
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Was lying in bed thinking about so many things and felt the Lord say...

"Just as you shake a tree to loose the fruit, so I am shaking the earth to loose the fruit in My Kingdom. I am not a God of wrath, but wrath is stirred when I see all the horrible things people are doing to one another, and the violence that has filled the earth. Have you not seen ? Have you not heard the cries of the people raging against the wickedness?  One thing I am not is deaf. I hear the cries of all mankind. I know every hair on your head. I know the thoughts of the wicked and the righteous.

But know that though it is painful to see, this earth must be shaken loose of the hold of all the strongholds of the enemy, who has devasted My people. I am jealous over you My beloveds, and time is hastening. Get your houses in order. Sweep the floors, and clean out the corners. For the Mighty Winds are blowing, and you will see what people are made of . Can you see the fruit? Can you see the gratefulness of those that testify on your news stations that "God protected us!" See the glory given to me ? It is showing many that MY people have something they don't have. They may be broken, but out of their mouths there is testimony ! THAT has powerful impact on a world who know no peace. Pray that when it's your turn, that you may have the same grace.

Pray you will be hidden from My wrath. For I will not allow the violence towards children and other human beings to go without consequences. It seems I am doing nothing to some. But look and watch how I will shake and break the plans of the wicked ! They will go on in their madness, but they will be sorely grieved and smitten. Do not laugh or be smug about those who have not known me, suddenly being shaken and judged. Be glad your names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life! Be grateful for the days of security and peace that you experience, for much TURMOIL lies ahead. Shifting and changing all over the world is happening. BE NOT AFRAID, for I warned you and told you these things. You have no idea how bad it will get. KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME.

Listen and wait on ME. I want communion with you. I want you to come aside and talk to me about all your concerns and emotions at seeing it all unfold. For I WILL ENCOURAGE your heart and give you direction AS YOU LAY DOWN YOUR AGENDA! Will you wait and be still and allow ME to impart to you all you need ? Will you continue to run away, and be distracted? ASK and you shall receive, remember? ASK and it will be given you, all you need. Set aside time for ME beloveds.

Calculated planning has gone into every step of the opposition. Consider your steps that you would not walk in presumption. Quiet yourself the moment there is opposition and seek My face. Come, for I am WANTING to sit with you, to lie in rest with you and to speak to you! I am your Beloved, and you are Mine. Ask Me to calm all anxieties within you. For I am longing for that time with you and to give you all you need, as you ask.

Sing on your beds at night ! Worship Me in the beauty of holiness, and DECLARE My promises ! I am not a man that I should lie, nor a son of man that I should change My mind. I have spoken to you and though it has tarried, I will not disappoint. Come aside for a time and sit with Me.