"The GLORY OF THE LORD WILL COVER THE EARTH! IN THE MIDST OF DARKNESS I AM IS ARISING IN YOU! Know you not the book of Daniel says the Lord? I've given you keys to truth and keys to bring down rulers of darkness!!! Arise and shine! Do not listen to all the voices of gloom. THOUGH THERE IS DARKNESS, MY LIGHT IS GREATER! Can I not change a life in a moment? Did I not draw most YOU out of darkness & idolatry? So why do you think I'm so weak & impotent? Yes the darkness is growing but SO IS MY LIGHT IN YOU!!! ARISE AND SHINE I SAY AGAIN!! SPEAK MY WORD! TESTIFY OF MY GOODNESS AND KINDNESS TO YOU! Pray and cast all your cares on Me. Throw your burdens on Me! BELIEVE TO RECEIVE!!!!"

Holy Spirit thru Pris