Message to the people of North Carolina
Scribe: Priscilla Van Sutphin

Email came about 3 men showing up in churches in Kannapolis, N. Carolina
One spoke in Hebrew, said he had a message sent from God.
Pastor answered few words in Hebrew and they all knelt to the ground and left.
Contemplating why…wondering what was said, by them, and pastor.

I heard the Lord say, "do you really want to know what they would say ?"
Then I felt the Lord nudging me to listen…

“ I am the LORD WHO healeth thee !    I am the LORD Who gave you all you need to survive. I will have no other gods before ME. It is time to repent for the judgments of the Lord are AT HAND, even at the door. Yet you lie waiting, unseeking and unacknowledging of My WILL and MY POWER in this hour. I am the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I never stopped doing miracles. I never stopped. I never stopped. I am still the GOD OF MIRACLES. I WILL BREAK FORTH IN YOUR MIDST, for this is the day of visitation, yet you do not understand nor do you believe. You treat my messengers as if they are your inferior. Your unbelief has kept you from the best you can be. I am meaning to bring My love and tenderness which brings the fullness of ME. But you teach limitation, and you know not that you are wanton of the fullness of the truth.

You accept the teachings of man, yet do not look to ME, your AUTHOR and Finisher of your faith for the answers. You just accept what is in the books of man without reliance on My Holy Spirit to direct and guide you. You busy yourself in seeking the ways of man. I send My messengers before ME, to announce My intent, but you are waning in belief. REPENT of your unbelief oh CHURCH that is called by My name ! For the time is short and you have need of MORE of ME, more of MY WISDOM which is far from man’s wisdom.

Open your hearts and seek Your KING. Lay aside the busyness and be about MY BUSINESS. For I have need of every believer. I have called you to be LIGHT in the darkness, not to compromise with organizations built by men. I will bring every secret thing into the LIGHT, and I WILL LIGHT UP YOUR DARKNESS. Be assured of this. Seek My heart, and seek MY face and you will understand more and believe more as you enter in, to communion with ME.

I long for the one who listens for MY VOICE, not just man’s. Will you hearken to the voice of My messengers ? Will you turn and realize that heaven is invading earth in this hour ? The time is SHORT I’VE SAID. IT IS SHORT. Examine your hearts and return to your Source of Hope. For I am coming SOON, and all eyes will behold ME. I will not be found in the pages of your secular books and research materials. I will be found when you search for me with all of your heart and soul, in quietness and in rest.”

Info found on Kannapolis
Early meaning and usage of the name was a direct reference to Cannon Mills Corporation, or James William Cannon himself. Early published name variations include Cannon-opolis and Cannapolis. A widely accepted, but erroneous origin of the word Kannapolis comes from the combination of the Greek words "kanna" (reeds or looms) and "polis" (city), which means "City of Looms".

David Murdock, CEO of Dole Foods, Castle & Cooke, and former owner of Cannon Mills, is the visionary catalyst for the North Carolina Research Campus and will build the complex. His total investment is projected at $1 billion for research facilities, office space, town homes and retail. The UNC institutions will then fund and operate their individual programs.

Mr. Murdock envisions a campus where researchers walk to work, talented high school students mingle with internationally renowned scientists, and citizens of Kannapolis find opportunity for solid employment and growth.
Through this development in downtown, Kannapolis will truly become a new city for a new century.
The region surrounding Kannapolis is home to four universities, 11 liberal arts colleges and ten community colleges. The Blue Ridge Mountains are two hours away and the Carolina beaches less than a four-hour drive. Other outdoor activities include boating, hiking and golf are less than an hour away.

From Wikipedia:
North Carolina Research Campus   David H. Murdock, owner of Castle & Cooke, Inc. and Dole Food Company, Inc., and Molly Corbett Broad, President of the 16-campus University of North Carolina system, unveiled plans on September 12, 2005 for the North Carolina Research Campus, a massive scientific and economic revitalization project that encompasses the former Cannon Mills plant and entire downtown area of Kannapolis, North Carolina.