“Notable Times”

“There is SO much activity now in the heavens & 
on earth that will be accelerating, that it is 
impossible to keep up with it all you might feel. 
But KNOW that I AM working My will in the lives 
of all around you. I AM a good Father Who knows 
what’s best for My children. I guard & treasure 
every child of God.

I AM a Merciful God & Father. I AM NOT a harsh, punishing taskmaster. I can be for those who defy Me, but I AM the FOREBEARING ONE compared to man’s nature & disposition. So don’t think that I am going to hammer you every time you make a mistake or are still being worked on for your sanctification & deliverance. GIVE GRACE to one another to grow in love & TRUST. Trust is the main issue for so many who have been rejected, violated & negated. It takes time to build trust between two people. Think of your own children, your own marriages, your job, & fellow employees, or boss & you.

TRUST is NOT automatic. It builds up over time in little babies & children. It is the same with Me & my children. Those in pain, hurt & defiled will need time to build that trust. The homeless who have been negated all their lives, abused & rejected, cannot attain automatic trust. They are much like an abused dog, who whines if anyone touches them or gets near them out of fear.

You cannot heal people with a mind & heart that works in perfectionism, expecting instant trust & walking in truth, when someone has not grown in truth that they know. It is only the truth that you KNOW & Understand that sets you free. And even then, it’s application may be misunder-stood, or mis-taught, or just not comprehended fully yet. Do you not learn something new every time you read My word from year to year? So you MUST be Forebearing with one another, & not expect someone to strive to “clean up their act” overnight or in short amount of time. I ONLY KNOW WHAT IS IN THE HEART OF A MAN or WOMAN! Surely you need to understand this, that you do not make hasty decisions about someone else.

Do you know the abuse that that person went through as a child? What about the sexually broken one who is walking in homosexual lifestyle? Do you know what it feels like to be violated as a toddler, or school age child? Or even a teenager? Do you know the scattering of a soul that happens when one is raped? Do you know the heart of a rapist, who was violated themselves as a child? Do you know the PAIN of disdain shown to a child who grew up with perfectionistic or alcoholic parents, expecting them to always do everything perfect, or the one sent to bed hungry as punishment for not scrubbing the floor perfectly or for crying? Do you know the pain of never being encouraged or acknowledged for the good in you?

Those who have gone through this don’t need your militaristic control or expectations. They need MY COMPASSION. SO, YOU MUST ASK FOR MY COMPASSION WHEN NEEDING TO MINISTER MY LIFE TO THEM. I WILL HELP YOU IF YOU ASK!!

So do NOT presume to be the “fixer”. I AM the Fixer, not you! Their healing doesn’t come through trying hard. It comes through worship & resting in My arms of love. It comes through Holy Spirit soul healing & deliverance but at MY PACE for them, NOT yours. For it is man’s nature to be impatient. Ask for MY patience when you need it, & I’ll give it to you.

There is a FLOOD coming, not just of rainwater, but of Holy Spirit outpouring that will bring the lost to you for help in getting free. So I caution you now that you would think on this before the deluge comes.
Think about how you will witness for Me, what I’ve done for you. For great & mighty things lie ahead for My people. Awesome wonders & signs, healings & miracles & deliverances.

But I need you to know, that You must walk in FAITH because you WILL be challenged in many ways. The enemy will send those pretending to be wanting deliverance, just to frustrate you, because they don’t really want it, they want stronger demons. So your dependency on ME is VITAL in every day life. ASK & you will receive the discernment you need for who to minister to , & who is just there to defy Me. In some it will be short lived, because I will change their alliance & deliver them. For others they will be judged for lying & deception.

I am giving many of you laser swords of righteousness to cut through all the garbage in people’s lives. You & they will see visions & receive words so much easier than it has been. You will be endowed with heavenly wisdom quickly as you ask. This will be greatly celebrated because of the times in the past when it took so much more effort.
I AM WISDOM, so lean on Me, for all you need.

There will be children that need deliverance, & there will be children who deliver them sometimes, because I will give them words of knowledge & wisdom for what to say & do. Work TOGETHER in this great awakening, so that My will, will be accomplished. Stay very DEPENDENT on Me. I will fill many of you with My great compassion for those needing it. So when you don’t feel it, ask for it!! Anything you need, I am in you & will provide all that you need! I AM FAITHFUL! Put all of YOUR trust in Me!”

“Hedge funds will fail, corporations will fail & have to lay off people. Those that have been going along with the plans of the wicked will fail. They are being judged for their wickedness. But fear not, there are plenty who will take their place & do things MY WAY.

Much of the water you drink has been seeded with harmful substances due to the corporations going along adulterated science & with the wicked, & part of the web of secret societies. Check labels on foods. Be cautious by asking ME, is it something you should get. It will only be necessary for a while, until I change the governing bodies. For there will be ushered in a time of changing of the guard, & new policies, & new laws will be implemented to protect the people more from poisonous chemicals in food & water, or contaminated meats from abroad.

Crick et protein that is mRNA designed will go the way of garbage disposal, & will fail. Contracts with universities & scientists to develop mRNA spinach, lettuce, etc. will be broken as I expose their wicked plots to destroy you. With awakening, more people will suddenly develop consciences that convict them for participating in such wicked deceptions.
I will annihilate the wicked plans of demon controlled people. I am coming back to destroy the ones who are destroying the earth & My people. (Rev 11:18)

Suitable food will be organic & non-gmo in days ahead. Those who have done things the right way with your health in mind, I WILL BLESS! Those who have compromised will be forgiven if they repent. But all this pseudo-science will be destroyed, gradually, as lies are exposed on a grand scale.
Clemency will be granted to those willing to change. But if not, they will be held accountable for any destructive ways. Nuremberg like trials have begun already in some places across the earth for the destruction done during the “plague”. “

I then had an impression of something God had told me about bringing people to the church that could help people learn skills in growing their own food, for training the younger, or others who had lost jobs to do skilled labor, like plumbing, carpentry, etc. Also sewing, crocheting, things that would be practical helps of all kinds.

Then again the Lord spoke again:
“Non profits like Habitat for Humanity will get a surge in people volunteering to help. Homeless shelters & communities will be built that maintain the dignity of mankind will be established. Those believers with skills to help counsel, heal, train & teach those coming into the church needing help will have plenty to do!

Consequential evidence of churches participating in the plans of the wicked will be also exposed. Those who pushed the inject ions will be held accountable to Me. Many will be so angry at what was done to them, & wrong advice within the church that some will fall away for a time till their trust is healed. Pastors will be confronted as never before. For a long time the church has needed to confront but didn’t out of fear. But fear will be beaten down by the sorrow over lost loved ones. This has been going on already but it will be accelerated.

Hold on to ME in the midst of all the turmoil & shakings for I AM with you & will explode on the scene shortly, that you will be revived & empowered to finish what I’ve told you. So much stress has been on the world from all the control & devastations. But all that will be pushed out with the descending of My glory. Take communion often, & love on one another that your souls would be revived even in the midst of the darkness that has arisen. It will soon pass away, but MY KINGDOM will never pass away. You will live forever with Me so don’t give in to fear & grief. I’m not telling you to not grieve over lost loved ones. But to not STAY in depressive sorrow.”

[ plural of devastation [as in destructions ] - the state or fact of being rendered nonexistent, physically unsound, or useless!!! ]

“I AM going to pour out more grace for discernment & vision, & all the gifts of the Holy Spirit on My beloveds so that they are saturated with Me, & equipped for the work ahead. Soak in My Word, & in My presence in Worship….Soon beloveds, Soon! It will SUDDENLY BREAK FORTH!!!”

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin