An Object Lesson on Religious 

I was in my quiet place near my apt. patio 
while worshiping, & I had this impression 
to re-trim some of the branches from the 
bougainvillea bush.

The apartment got the guys from the lawn company to come & do it for me at no charge to me, but when they did it, they did it with a buzz saw & they really hacked it up. Some of the branches looked exploded on the end.
Branches were not clean cut, & after they did it, there was also a pestilence that came. There were bugs all over it, & normally it grows back very fast & beautifully within a really short time & within a month you’ve got beautiful pink flowers again. This time what I saw was bugs eating the new growth, sort of like what happens with leaf miners on a lemon tree. At least leaf-miners do the same thing to the new, growing branches of the lemon tree that has been trimmed.

So I went ahead & began to re-trim some of the Bougainvillea that I could reach slowly & carefully at an angle as it has big thorns & then pulled weeds under it & along patio & swept it into a pile so I could later try to Bag it & get somebody to help me even & carry it out as this kind of work for me has been challenging due to exhaustion from the bioweapon. I’m always glad when I rested enough that I can have some energy to do something more to get something accomplished.

While cutting it, I felt it was an object lesson being shown me by the Lord. Trees are often symbols of men or women in the Bible. And the Lord was saying to me how when people have sat under false teaching & authority, there are curses & transference of spirits.

There are those who can attain higher levels (taller in the kingdom). Having been assaulted by religion, some believers have such baggage that it takes gentleness to eradicate that baggage. It takes a lot of patience, repetition, & love manifested to help them overcome.

They need a new real family, not a dysfunctional one where the bugs (demons) cannot eat up all the new growth. rejection & depression can overcome them easily when undelivered & religious spirits always are accompanied by deaf & dumb spirits because religious attitudes are like idolatry to selfish opinions. People who are religious, have grace for themselves, but not for you, & they often demand perfect obedience, but yet don’t help you achieve it through prayer, deliverance & healing.

“It takes a lot of re-enforcement to overcome the programming.”

This reminded me of all the stories besides my own of victims of sexual assault & trafficking.

♥️♥️ Pris