Some October Words    2019
Oct 11th
“The catalysis is at hand, so REST as much as possible, & don’t give in to the drivenness or pressures. STAY in My arms as you can to receive. I am about to UNDO all the evil inheritance of the past for you. And truthfully for all who will come to ME.

Hold on for the ride of your life beloved. That time is AT HAND! FREEDOM REIGNS IN THIS PLACE! SHOWERS OF MERCY & GRACE ARE FALLING, FALLING, FALLING & there will be BREAKTHROUGH after BREAKTHROUGH for all who have 
suffered with ME. I guarantee you things will NEVER be as they have been. I AM EXPLODING ON THE SCENE, & the enemy will be routed, but also there will be bigger ones trying to crush what I am releasing, but they will not be allowed. I am sending in many angels to guide & to hide, to lead & to protect. So do not be afraid. 

Come, COME, COME so I may pour out in you all that your heart desires. TRUST ME that this is a NEW HOUR. You will see your heart’s desire, not just that which is for MY SAKE, but for yours! JOY will arise in your heart so strong & you will be led forth in PEACE. SHOWERS of blessing are on the way. You have sown in tears, & you will reap in JOY! I am your Beloved, & you are Mine. NOTHING can snatch you out of My hands. NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING!”

♥️ Love Pris

Oct 12 2019
“Monstrous things are planned for those like you who have wanted to serve Me with all their hearts. There are so many things to prepare for in your heart. Do not weigh so heavy those things that are fleeting such as the things you have....
Explosions in the natural & explosions in the spirit are coming.
Even as the enemy tries to spew out his lava & spew out his hordes of hell, Will I rain down My righteousness, & MY GLORY to combat it in the spirit. I am not far, nor am I complacent as the circumstances have been made to seem. I am working behind the scenes in everything that concerns your heart beloveds. REST without guilt because you need the rest to recover your strength & My life in you. Learn to lean more. Learn to ask more questions, moment to moment. I AM LEADING YOU!

Some things will be reversed but 
much hassle that will cause stirrings of revolt & opposition will break forth. Then the enemy will play his trump card & all things will change in the hearts of Americans. Those given to evil will grow more evil. Those given to want peace & love will bow to ME. There will be no mistaking WHO is in CHARGE of this world when I get through. Men will grow fearful & see the truth of all that is going on. But for some it will be too late.

Keep in communion with ME. Keep in HOPE. I AM YOUR HOPE. I AM COMING. More & more of My glory is coming to all who truly love Me & want to walk in TRUTH & righteousness. Hold fast to what you have & keep pressing in for more, resting in My love & pursuing revelation of My Word.”

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

Oct 13
Word of wisdom
When I walked on this earth, I had to walk as a man walked and talked as a man talked. I labored as men labored. I ate as men ate. I slept as a man slept. I was fully in the form of a man but I was also fully God in my spirit and soul. I knew my commission, because I sought to be as my father even as an earthly child seeks to be like his own father. But I was assaulted as man is assaulted in his soul by the enemy. 
Much apostasy revolves around this concept as men have made me into their own image, after their own understanding. I felt as man filled, but I was not oblivious as man is to my mission in this life here. I originated in the father. The father and I are one. The Holy Spirit and I are one in the father.

I appeared to men to do all the things they did But my thoughts are above the thoughts of man. My ways or above your ways. So men recognized the wisdom I spoke with, as wisdom from above because as the God made man, I sought my father’s wisdom above the wisdom of men. Men cannot comprehend what they are unfamiliar with unless they do the same. 

The Spirit was given to me without measure. You must look to your heavenly father for wisdom from above, but this wisdom is available from within when my Spirit dwells within you. You have but to ask and it will be given you

If you don’t look to your spirit man for wisdom from the Holy Spirit within, then you are relying on your own wisdom, which is earthly and sensual and could be demonically influenced by demons active within your soul or around you from unsurrendered areas of your will. As more areas of your will are healed & delivered, dependency on me for all you need, knowledge, wisdom & revelation of all kinds is more easily accessed without interference.

But there is coming an increase in my glory that will destroy the bondage of the enemy over your souls. I will sanctify you with my glory & you will never be the same again, & you will walk in my will as never before. I came to destroy the works of the evil one. There will be a revealing of the sons of God on earth that will astound & shock those that have chosen to go their own ways & all the unsaved. I know the hearts that seek me. I know the depths of selfishness in each heart & I am not dismayed by the enemies tactics to destroy this coming wave of my spirit. I WILL have my way on this earth!!
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin Rec’d Nov 8, 1999

Oct 14
Word of wisdom
“Arguably the best defense is an offense many say. This is also true with the Kingdom of God in many ways, but not in personal life all the time. Sometimes the best defense is humility, forgiveness & love. Not defending yourself at all cost. This is what many do not understand. They walk in the flesh in communications instead of stopping & asking ME,
“What do YOU want me to say Father ?”

Dependency on ME goes a long way to save embarrassment. When you talk without thinking, or are tired & respond with defensiveness, then You will not depend on ME as much as when you are walking according to the Spirit’s leading & depend totally on ME. The Word is usually one of the best defenses. But some people take that too far as well, bludgeoning others with the Word & lecturing, instead of responding in LOVE of the Spirit. What do I SAY? 
That is the best offense. Find out MY opinion, then you will not be caught walking in your fleshly, “old man” ways. Consider My opinion, & ask of My wisdom, & I will give you abundantly all that you could ask or think. Seek Me & you will walk in the Spirit & not in the flesh. Apart from ME, you can do nothing!”

Holy Spirit