Oh Israel

"How I have longed for you to come into My arms of love and receive of My glory. But you would not, so I kept My distance & in this hour I have orchestrated revealing proofs of what I've done for you, that you might turn & follow My Son Who died for you.

Newer discoveries will bring solid proof. What then will you do My daughters and My sons? Will you bend then? Will you repent for your willful disbelief & that of your forefathers?  I tell you now you will, because I will release you from the veil of the curse & your eyes will be opened & they will behold the Truth.  And the glory of the latter house will be greater than you can imagine.

Sing and dance children of the Most High, for glory will be revealed & you will REJOICE for the sea of peoples will be given to you & you will instruct them in My ways."

(Then I heard an old song Dancing in the Streets by the Mamas & Papas!)

"Yes you will be dancing in the streets as days of prophetic fulfillment have arrived and you will see all I've promised come to pass. Do not waver as you see the anger of the antichrist spirit arise to snuff out your joy.  Know that I've already anticipated his responses & I also have some surprises!  Remember you are NEVER ALONE!
I AM with you till the end!