"Purple Tapestry”
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

“I have a royal robe I am weaving together 
and it is a bright royal purple in color. Between
the strands of purple are dark blue strands,and 
scarlet will also soon be woven in. I am the King 
of Kings and the Lord of Lords, so the purple 
represents Christ Your King.

The scarlet I’m going to weave in is the color 
of the price I paid to guarantee your freedom 
from the enemy. I SO LOVE the church I birthed 
through much pain &suffering. And the time is coming, & now is where many have been also suffering with ME for the sake of what is to come. Some of you have suffered greatly for your children. Many have children that have suffered & paid a great price for the ministry I will cloak them

They will receive glorious mantles in the days ahead. HUMILITY will be their greatest weapon, but don’t confuse humility with meekness. Humility is knowing Who I AM in comparison to you, and having the right perspective is important, so that you don’t diminish your own worth or Mine. But it is also casting all your cares upon ME, knowing that I care FOR you. It is by being DEPENDENT on ME that you demonstrate your humility instead of thinking you can handle everything yourself.

I am weaving together the generations of adults & youth & children, that you will no longer belittle each other, but work TOGETHER to advance MY agenda, & MY Kingdom. I also have many “coats of many colors” to give to those who are willing to GO for Us. I have mantles for those who are willing to lay down their lives & pick up Mine. I am going to use EVERYONE who is willing to pay the price.

For there is a great & awesome HARVEST coming & My church will need every part. No one need feel left out. I am also capable of changing even the hardest of hearts. So don’t get your eyes on what another is wearing. (What their giftings are) Just look to ME for what YOUR role is & obey Me when I tell you what to do. Each part is
necessary – even the weaker ones.

So do not dismiss the value of another. Do not be haughty & think that those who come in will take years to mature. I am doing a NEW THING. And I will use whomever I wish to bring MY KINGDOM to fruition in this hour. I WILL BE THEIR TEACHER if you will lead them to ME and to My Word. I will have a prophetic company of men, women,boys and girls who will ravage the camp of the enemy. I will turn witches and warlocks into prophets & evangelists, and I will take the mentally ill and reverse their captivity and use them to set others free. DO NOT LIMIT ME. I will do a MIGHTY WORK in this hour if you will only BELIEVE !

I am so eager to do this, but there has been a timing that is necessary, for I’ve been purifying My BRIDE, and testing and trials, rejection and suffering have been the means to more fruit in your lives, and for you to learn the lessons, you have needed to learn. FAITH is growingin those who are faithful. And it will take a HUGE LEAP when I do My awesome work ! Come and seek My face and listen for My still small voice. I am healing you, and giving you directions if you will but come to ME. I am eager for union with you My beloveds. We are going to have an awesome time.

You will have all you need to do the work. But do NOT focus alone on finances, for I am the LORD of the HARVEST, and I know all you need
beforehand. I will do great and amazing wonders and you need not limit Your GOD for how and what I can do. ASK and you shall receive, Knock and the door will be opened!
I am coming like a mighty rushing WIND !

Given to me Dec. 2004