Are You Genuine?
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin
February 24, 2015

Genuineness of heart is hard to come 
by in this hour. How many will turn their 
eyes from Me in this hour, and go the 
way of the world ? Hold on, because I 
I've promised, and I will do it. When 
you get tired, think of Moses in the 
wilderness, waiting 40 years before he even heard from ME ! He then had to return to the people who hated him, and demand his people to be let free. When you reread this, think on that in terms of your own lives. Restoration comes in some things, but not all things. Some of you will be sent back to correct the problem, and you will be greatly unloved.

There is no room for rejection, and rejection is your greatest enemy when being a prophet of God, because it gets you to distrust yourself and me. Remember what Satan said in the garden, " DID GOD SAY?"

Not all is as some think it is. That's an understatement on purpose. Patience demands that there be shalom in all the areas of your heart, so that you do NOT feel rejected.

Jesus IS Patience ! Let HIM direct your heart into the patience He has, and let His PEACE, as PRINCE OF PEACE consume all the anxiety within you! Worship at His feet, and He will direct you. Worship and know that you are not alone EVER. HE is also LOVE, and that love is unconditional. It does NOT depend on you keeping every jot and tittle. It is there, no matter what. He loves you with an everlasting love, and nothing in the world, or out of this world or under the earth, can take it away from you.

2 Thess 3:5 Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ. NKJV

He is not a bad husbandman. He did not have you go through such long desert times, and many of you are still going through them, without providing the way out, like He has done for many before you. Remember those of old who endured much on His behalf, for when He was here on earth, He charged Jerusalem as those who slew the prophets! Zechariah died on the steps between the porch and the altar. Never think you are alone, for even in the darkness, I am with you. Even when I am silent, I AM WITH YOU. That's why I died for you, so that we could be together forever !

Lean on ME, with all of your heart, with all of your understanding, with all of your inadequacies, for I am merciful to all who love me and who have suffered for Me. The harvest is GREAT, and the workers are few who really will stand. Do not think l only will bring you wealth and good things, which is the gospel of prosperity without testing your ability to handle those graces. Those who suffer with Me, SHARE IN MY GLORY. Do not embrace a false gospel that says that you don't have to go through anything to get to receive the promises. How fair do you think that is ? For it rains on the good and the bad it says in Proverbs, so why would only the wealthy be the loved of God?

I WILL be bringing many surprises to those who are willing to do My will over their own in the days ahead, and I will have great MERCY on anyone who will turn to Me from a life of selfishness and pride. So don't be surprised, when you see in the news, heads of state, and heads of businesses, heads of news companies warlocks and witches who will turn to ME. Pray that your own hearts and those you know will not be deceived, or will come out of deception. For you MUST be lovers of the Truth. For JESUS is the TRUTH."