{. This morning God wanted to share a few things to encourage us}
He said...
"100’s & thousands will be effected by the chemical toxic explosion. Not just 5 miles but hundreds of miles around it due to winds carrying the toxins. Those who understand to take measures into their hands to detoxify will be kept from the worst of it. But those ignorant of these things will only be freed by My people reaching out to touch them with My healing grace.

Those who perpetrated this atrocity will be held accountable. For some things are changing/will be changed.
Watch as certain organizations that have been gobbling up companies, & trying to skim on keeping up the facilities used will be exposed & lose their positions & revenue, & it will be turned over to people who will be more responsible.

Fissures in the ground throughout DC will be detrimental to the continuance of present government. Buildings will collapse. And the river will overflow as winds change, & storms surge through from the seaboard. Then the Lord reminded me of an old movie with Clint Eastwood where he sang in it, about miners going west for gold, & how the town sank & was destroyed because of the greedy building tunnels underneath it, trying to collect the gold dust. (It was called Paint Your Wagon.)

The oil will flow again from Alaska, & other sources which have been bottled up or sold elsewhere to deprive My people of resources, despite the wickedness of those greedy to be oligarchs over them. In fact MANY RESOURCES will be established that have not YET been discovered. But they will not be allowed in the hands of the haters of God. Gold & silver will be found. Precious stones will be found.

New industries that produce better quality steel will be established for companies to once again produce American made products that last as they once did. But this will no longer be so expensive that only the rich can afford them, due to changes in economy & it’s distribution.

There will be titans of business who lose much because of their misdealing & usury. But there will be those who are blessed because they chose to bless others besides themselves. Many will be saved in the ensuing awakening who will help re-establish businesses on firm ground & methods.

Big pharma will no longer be the controlling pin for media & news that it has been as all is being uncovered, & many companies will be taken over by integritous leaders who will see the right road ahead, & walk in righteousness.
There has been so much evil science behind the new technologies & pharma, that will be destroyed due to all the evil they have perpetrated, including their venom studies, melding sorcery with medical science. Naturopaths & homeopathic meds will be removed by some nations adhering to WHO rules etc. But I will bless My people with such power to heal, that they will not need all this intervention. The people will only need ME.

Present methods of farming with dangerous chemicals will no longer be allowed in the future, as their crops will fail with what is coming. Some other nations will help America & I WILL HELP America through this time supernaturally as well as naturally. The FDA as it is, will be removed for not complying with it’s original intent. Agricultural leaders who deceived, will be removed.

I WILL RESTORE Ranchers & animal farms in the long run who have been abused, & intimidated by the wicked. Until that time, there will be hardships & difficult times for a while, but Angelic hosts are ready to help with all that is needed until it is restoredSo FEAR NOT! I AM YOUR RESOURCE FOR ALL YOU NEED. SHARE WITH ONE ANOTHER IN CONFIDENCE IN MY ABILITY TO MULTIPLY WHAT YOU HAVE & TO RESTORE.
Continue beloveds in worshiping & praying for the changes as you have. I AM WITH YOU. I AM AT HAND~! Continue to dance on injustice! RESTORATION is coming! NOT ONLY FOR THIS NATION, but ALL OVER THE EARTH! The FEAR OF THE LORD is going to hit the church called by My name, & the Glory will have startling effects on some. Be NOT dismayed for what has started is only a trickle compared to what is coming.

Holy Spirit through Priscilla Van Sutphin

♥️♥️ Pris