Restructuring of the Church
thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

“I AM a reconstruction expert. When you need to restructure a building or anything, the foundation must be examined to be sure it is solid so that any changes will be able to be done without damage to the building. The foundation has to hold up the whole building so it is imperative that it be secure.
For a long time the canker worm and other parasites have destroyed much of the foundation of My church. But in some places, I have begun to restore the TRUTH that is foundational for My true church. So I am rearranging and shifting, and reordering many in the church to place them where they belong in the body.
Many have left the walls of the church because I’ve asked them to leave. I’ve asked them to have NOTHING to do with idolatry to man that is in the modern day church. 

I never set any of the 5 fold ministry to be in positions of control and manipulation, domination or to be idolized as if they were gods. I AM is supposed to be the Preeminent One. Jesus is the HEAD of the church, and all who bow to Him are covered by HIM. Anointing means that you know. HE is the Anointed One. He is the Head, your Adonai, your Master.

All the striving to be better than so and so has to go. I WILL take it out of you. For I am a JEALOUS GOD. My name is Qanna, and I will have no other gods before me, including men or women. I will throw those who have misused their power on a bed of sickness if they will not change. So do not think that I am passively approving of all the idolatry I see in the church. You boast of going here or there to church and want to take new converts to church. But if you make them into people who are religious, what good are you doing? For I’ve told you that he who follows the law over the Spirit is under a curse. RELIGION KILLS but the SPIRIT GIVES LIFE.

Because men and women have made themselves “gods” they have compromised My word, and taught their own heart instead of what’s on My heart. They have relaxed the commandments I gave and led many astray, thinking it’s all right to compromise, and they will still be accepted into heaven. Yes, I look at the heart, but I also said, the heart is wicked above all things. Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can disobey Me, and ignore Me in your personal time, not doing what I want, but only doing what you wish, and still be accepted. WAKE UP from the slumber the enemy has put you in. Break up the fallow ground, and READ MY WORD.
Don’t just go and listen to a man or woman preaching then ignore it all week. You need to take in the Water of Life daily to nurture your soul. 

You need to breathe in Holy Spirit to nurture your spirit man, just as you need oxygen to breathe to help your body to function properly. So many in the pulpit are not seeing what the congregation is dealing with in their personal lives. They have become blind due to comfortability. So I will send prophets and intercessors to bring down the false illusions you have built for yourselves. BE SURE you don’t rebuke them for correcting you or you will find yourself fighting with ME.

I want to not only restructure the building, I want to restructure the body of Christ to function as I meant it to function. One has a word, one has a song, one has a word of wisdom, or a word of knowledge to bring healing to another. Fellowship that is community based, and where everyone shares the gifts they have been given. Yes, this takes time and attention. You are supposed to be like a family who cares for one another. You need HOSPITALITY also. I WILL BRING CHANGE THAT FORCES YOU to care for one another. AWAKE oh church and put on your garments of praise. For in the PRAISES I will transform you and reconstruction will begin. For I dwell in the praises of My people. It is NOT a time for business as usual.

It is time to care for one another as I have cared for you. YOU KNOW that I have been merciful. I have not been a harsh taskmaster. I have given and given much forgiveness, that My Son died for. I’ve built up and I’ve thrust down at times. I’ve tested and tried many who have said YES to Me, to do whatever it takes. That is a brave prayer that I will honor. I will POUR OUT GREAT GRACE if you will humble yourself and pray. You cannot go back to business as usual or doing things the same old way. I am doing a NEW THING. Even as you read this, I am loosing angels to bring about needed change in your hearts. Truth that you believe cannot be selective. You can’t pick and choose what is truth. I AM the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. I AM a good FATHER Who gives good gifts to His children.
You just have to come away from all the busyness and clatter, and unclutter your lives enough to spend time with ME. Life has gotten so busy. 

The enemy has a strategy to wear down the saints, and he’s been busy doing that. But I told you, My yoke is easy and My burden is LIGHT. So come away with ME, and let us reason together beloveds. Get My perspective on your lives. Ask Me for neighborhoods, Ask Me for your unsaved family. Ask Me for your children. Ask Me for NATIONS for I will give to you the riches hidden in darkness if you but ask. It is time for HARVEST. You will find that if you care for just one person who is unsaved, and befriend them, to really get to know them, and share your life with them, your testimony, that I will do amazing things to draw them to Myself. 
Each day ask Me, “what can I do today Lord to sow a seed?” “Who can I touch for You today Lord?” For as you follow My lead, soon explosions in the Spirit will erupt to capture those around them. I will lead you into interesting places and where you have not been before, just to speak My heart to someone who needs it. So LISTEN to the still small voice, and ask for MY COMPASSION to fill you. 

For as you obey to care for the one, I will multiply that over and over. Signs and wonders will follow as you share the good news with others. But be led of ME, not anything in your own heart. Ask and you will receive, all you need to know. For when the floods of souls come, it will be through startling miracles, signs and wonders, such as you’ve never thought of. I will surprise you if you just will listen and obey My leading.

Don’t be dismayed at the many difficult things coming upon this nation. There is so much pollution & corruption that you are not even aware of yet. Difficult times ensue, but GREATER GLORY is at hand to back you up, and to MANIFEST MY KINGDOM as superior to that of the World and satan. Unbelief will be routed from My church. All the lies and chicanery will be destroyed. All the mixture will be removed. Arise and shine for your LIGHT has come and HE will cleanse His threshing floor, and pour out GREAT GRACE to all who will repent, and all the lost who will come. “