Thru Priscilla Van Sutphin
I heard…
“Virtually everything you’ve been told 
about the Nesara – Gesara goes along 
with the New World order, only with 
a different group running it.“ That’s 
what ‘some‘ would say. But I have my 
own RESET.

1. Repentance
2. Empowerment
3. Sudden change=Showered in MY Presence
4. Extended Life thru Regeneration
5. TRUTH reigning in the earth!

Tears of gratefulness will flow from eyes burdened down with all the suffering they have seen and have gone through. Justice meted out will seem nothing compared to the many lives ruined with suffering or murdered.

But ABBA has declared JUSTICE!
Thus HE comes to change everything! When he says “everything” he means “everything”! All the vain plans of men, encumbered by demonic, thoughts & control, will be eradicated. 

Can you see what’s going on in China right now? You will see much more judgment and disablement of wicked plots and plans than this! All nations acting against me, My own, & My Will, will be judged! I will tear down every plan of men & demons that control or destroy My creation. 

All is at hand, for I have an army that is about to receive further cleansing, even as Gideon’s army
Was vetted & sifted. Those remaining through years of being attacked and tormented are about to be loose from their chains and you will see it! You will be shocked to see who I use, for man’s ways are NOT my ways!

I would sooner use a homeless vet on the streets that swears, then a prideful, religious hypocrite, full of criticism and judgmental ism. All the arrogance and pride of man will be destroyed as I enter my church with the spirit of the fear of the Lord.

No man has seen all that I have prepared for those who love me and have chosen me over the beastly system of evil men and demons.

Churches that have fallen from truth will many of them repent when they see my glory! Many of those “nominal“ Christians have more fruit of the spirit than those who profess to walk in the spirit! 

Oh, what an awakening of hearts there will be! All mankind will know the truth teller from the fake! No more squashing of my true profits! No more jealousy and competition, for all will be humbled before me!

Ready your hearts for unity with me, your kinsman Redeemer! Nothing will be able to stop it or interfere in my plan. Be confident in my plan over that of the enemy! Stop navel-gazing & look for me. 

Expect me to show up in your home, your church, your life has never before. Angelic visitations NOW will help me in executing my plan for you. Orders have been dispatched, and plans will be executed! All will be suddenly! Expect transformation!”


Then a friend sent me this, this morning