“Saving & Bending”

  “ Startling changes are coming! 
I have so much to do to change 
my people. THAT IS WHY GLORY 
IS COMING!! I will revive the dead bones of my people. I will not for sake America even though many will leave her due to severe conditions. I will not leave her, for there is much value to what I’ve sown in her.
  So many are trying to figure out so many things, but not waiting on me! COME aside beloveds, while there is time & get my orders from headquarters! Only I know every detail of your lives & the plans of the enemy.
  I AM SAVING AMERICA to use her greatly in harvesting of souls but to do that, I need those who BEND to My will & not their own! Bending down to your True King is required in this hour. Too many are self-centered, clamoring for attention out of insecurity, loneliness or striving. Bending will be required on many fronts, because leviathan has been usurping the lives of many.
  Love has grown cold through many circumstances & mind controlled masses who hate me or attempt even more to subdue & control My people, but I AM the One all will bend to in the end, or be destroyed forever.

A husband & wife bend to each other out of love & respect for one another & so it should be a mutual bending of wills to fulfill MY WILL.

Hedge funds will fail.
Crypto will fail.
Systems that are corrupted will fail.
Insurance companies will fold because they cannot handle all the disasters coming.
Systems of medicine have been broken & corrupted & will be partly replaced merging with natural methods & true science.
Their schemes to substitute what I’ve created will fail.
The earth will be cleansed with floods & fires.

Cling to me beloveds & I will fight for & with you! Systems will be extinguished & REBUILT!
I will establish you in GLORY that you may SHINE SHINE SHINE to the world around you the LIGHT of My Countenance!

♥️♥️ Pris