Serious and Timely call from The Lord - Releasing the Women & Men from Perversion and Freeing Our Nation  [ Part 1 ]
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February 1, 2017

  Please take your time and read this word. It is lengthy, but I was compelled to share this as quickly as possible. Please share as The Lord leads you and please remember to keep my contact information intact and connected to the word. May The Lord richly bless you, today and every day, Amen. Love, Lynne
The other day, I went for a stroll to enjoy the beautiful, mild weather. As I was returning home, I saw a school bus leaving the subdivision in which I live. But on that day, the number of the school bus was quickly highlighted to me and I knew The Lord wanted me to pay attention. The number was 1929. I had been seeking The Lord for confirmation on a certain issue in my life and sometimes he has done that thru numbers and words and colors. I filed the number away and forgot about it.

"I want to kill two birds with one stone"
I heard The Lord say this phrase to me. He continued in great and astonishing detail!
"My children have been crying out to me fervently and I have heard their prayers. Now I want to answer. I want to kill two birds with one stone.
With one stone I took out Goliath thru David and delivered Israel from his taunts and vexation and with one stone from heaven I took out the statue of Nebuchadnezzar and delivered my people from it's bondage and confusion.

I love to kill two birds with one stone." 
I looked up the idiom. 
"To kill two birds with one stone: Fig. to solve two problems at one time with a single action."
I heard The Lord speaking to me.

"I am the rejected stone which became the capstone of a whole new house made up of many living stones. And to the Church of Pergamum I promised a white stone when they repented and overcame. Victory was assured ( Revelation 2:17).
I also like to remove stones, like stony hearts. I like to take away stony hearts and give hearts (of flesh) receptive to Me. (Ezekiel 36:26).
I want to kill two birds now, with one stone. Will you help me? Will you clear the way for me?
If my people will not praise me, stones will cry out. It is time to remove stones, it is time to fitly join living stones together and to use stones to bring forth victory.
The Spirit of Jezebel is "gender fluid". Did you hear me? Is that not the war cry of this present generation? My children love tight corners and small boxes and I would deliver them of them both if they would only listen to me. They love to categorize the spirit of Jezebel as only female in "type", but this is incorrect. This spirit can manifest thru men and women- whatever is expedient for it at the moment!

Please understand that the purpose of my mercy is to open the door to deliverance and salvation. These are the days of mercy and deliverance. They go hand in hand. But in days ahead you will see clearly the division between darkness and light. You will see clearly who has My true liberty and who is in bondage. Many of My own believe in my mercy, but not in my deliverance, and so I will put it right before their eyes. They will see the strange things, the strange spirits which hold them and others captive and they will cry out for deliverance! For that is my mercy!"

"Father, how can I help?", I asked nervously, because he was speaking very steady and deep and measuring to me.
"Where are my Sons?" He asked. And in that moment I knew he was not just speaking generally of the whole body Christ, though I believe women are also sons and men can be the bride, so please understand. In this instance I felt he was speaking specifically to the men in His Body, though women are not barred from responding to this call.

"The ones who say they are my Sons, I will now see if they really are. For many say they are my Sons, but they don't look or act like me. They don't even desire to look like me and I am wondering where are my real Sons? For because of much disobedience and resistance in my Church has my name become a byword and a reproach in the nations (Romans 2:24).
If my true sons will stand in the gap, in this hour, I will answer the fervent prayers of all my children which have ascended to me in heaven like sweet, sweet incense.

When my Sons stand in the gap and repent for the sins of the Father's, I will unlock their sisters which have been held in captivity while standing right beside them.
There are many who say they are my sons, but they have very stony hearts. And they say all the right words but their hearts are hard and they are very dull. They have rushed forward in the arm of the flesh, and with much zeal, but without Wisdom. And so, the accuser of the brethren in heaven holds many things against them in my Holy Courts (Revelation 12:10). 

I would that you would convey the accusations which are against my sons, so they may enter into repentance and I can answer from heaven. 
I want to take out the stony hearts. Hard hearts. I want to fitly join them as my living stones, but first I must take away the stony heart. If they will humble themselves, the bonus is that I will also set them free.

My Son Daniel stood in the gap and confessed and repented for the sins of his people and it unlocked the gates for my people and allowed them to be delivered of Babylon(Daniel 9:5).
Your nation and many others are saturated with the spirit of Babylon and I want my people released from their exile and back home to the bosom of my presence.
"Lord what must be repented of regarding the Fathers?" I asked, more than a little nervous.
"I want my "One New" man sons who have discernment to repent for the sins of the Fathers."
In that moment, he reminded me of a scripture in the bible. One I had not thought of in over 20 years perhaps.
As I searched for this word, I could not believe the Chapter's number: 19:29. The same number of the school bus I had seen as I had returned home earlier!
Leviticus 19:29 says,
"Never dishonor your daughter by making her a prostitute, or the country will turn to prostitution and be filled with people who are perverted."
As I viewed several translations of this passage it was strongly quickened to me the words used:
For dishonor- degrade, defile, profane, prostitute, debase, pollute, contaminate.
And words used for what would happen to the land because of this sinful breach was describe as being filled with: Wickedness, depravity, lewdness, full of infamy.
The Hebrew word in this passage for dishonor/prostitute is:
Chalal- meaning, : To pierce/bore thru, to treat as common, to slay, to play the flute on pipes. And it is further derived from a root word meaning, : To make sick, weak, to make sore, to show signs of sickness, to grieve, to be wounded, to desecrate. To fatally wound and pierce thru.
And I heard The Lord say, clearly, "So who gave the pied piper his pipe to take my daughters away. I say now to my Ecclesia in general and to those who are male specifically: I want you now to consider your ways. I am pleased with your prayers and you have finally begun to take me seriously. The battles have been long and hard, but these battles will be won by the revelation by my Holy Spirit and not only your zeal for victory.
You hold many keys, yet you do not yet know how to use them, but for those who call themselves my sons, I am watching to see if you truly are. The biggest key in this season is your quick and unprotesting repentance and steadfast prayer and worship so consider your ways for I am calling you into a change of thought and behavior.
Behavior modification you say? And I can see the hackles rising up, but hear me, for my word says, "Produce fruit in keeping with your repentance."(Luke 3:8).
As you would say, "the proof is in the pudding!" Or "Put your money where your mouth is." 
For it is time for maturity for the days ahead if you would remain part of the upward swing which is rapidly happening in your nation. There are many places I would lead you, but you would be swallowed up if you continue in the present mindset for I need deliverers and those who can be trusted to carry and dispense my healing and compassion!
I want you to begin to yield to me good fruit in righteousness in keeping with the decree's and confessions of your mouth and obedience to my word. I am not angry with you, for you have done well, but rather I am extending an invitation to to a higher level in order to turn the course of this nation like never before. Heed my word and do what I am asking and a major shift to righteousness and truth shall occur even as you remain faithful to pray and worship and defend the gates of your nations, and cities and homes."
Will the Gatekeepers arise?
The Lord continued, "I want my sons who's hearts are truly broken over what they have seen in the media in recent days regarding the women in pink who marched on Washington DC to come before me and give their ear to me, for surely I will speak to them if only they are willing. For there is a national deaf and dumb spirit afoot.
For I have heard the exclamations of my people and their shock at the river of rage that was spewed in the Nation's Capitol. And I ask you, why are you shocked? Why is your heart surprised? For the cry of the women who marched in Washington in such darkness and shame and vileness, is the hidden shout on the inside of many women in this nation. Though many would not act it out in similar fashion, there is a thread of truth in that twisted war cry! You don't believe me, but it is true.
What was the one of the first things I charged Israel to do? Was it not, "Hear O Israel..."(Deuteronomy 6:4).
And When I spoke to multitudes, what was the call I released over the people? Was it not, 
"He who has an EAR let him hear!"(Matthew 11:15).
Do you hear me now? A clever marketing jingle, but not far from truth. First and foremost I want my sons to repent for not listening to me. Not only not hearing me, but listening to me. My son Daniel repented for not listening.
Was I pleased with that march you ask? Never. I am grieved. But the outcry of the women has always had merit and many of my sons, those who called themselves by my name have always ignored that cry. Discounted it. Only very few in many of generations have shared my heart of grief and longed to right the wrongs. Now is the time. I will begin to raise up the right men to walk beside my Esther's and Deborah's and Hannah's as support and defense. But only those who have an ear to hear me and a heart to obey me.
And now I want to reset the hearts of those who are willing to hear the cries before the devil can capture the voice of another generation and fill it with all manner of poison. For this is one of the accusations he holds against you in my courts.
How can this be, you say?"

part two  
Serious and Timely call from The Lord - Releasing the Women & Men from Perversion and Freeing Our Nation [Part 2]
thru lynne (
February 1, 2017.....
  Again he told me to read Leviticus 19:29.
"For did I not say to the Father's in Israel to never give their daughters over prostitution lest the land be turned to wickedness, perversity and filth?
For generations many who said they were my sons took the part of wickedness and gave MY DAUGHTERS and even their own natural daughters into the hands of the evil one, and they did not repent for that. And some even taught the next generation how to do the same.
And when those daughters took the difficult journey to cry out what they had suffered, the Fathers in the land shut them up and shut them down. For they did not want their sin to be made known, they did not fear me and they took the part of Satan against the woman to destroy her, so that their self built kingdoms would not fall. They sold their daughters sexually to increase their personal finances. They made very poor marriage arrangements for their daughters, not out of true love for their daughters destiny and future, but all for the sake of money or hatred. Many times selling to the highest bidder instead of seeking me for direction in counseling their daughters in this area wanting their best interest above the love of mammon and position and advancement. Many men do not even speak to their daughters let alone listen to them. I call this is prostitution.
Every sharp and evil word which was passed into the heart of a woman, was a seed and it began to germinate. 
So if my children believe that the vitriol, meanness, and ugliness in Washington DC just suddenly appeared, I say, no, it was sowed as a seed of meanness, dishonor, and unjust criticism years and years ago! My sons must repent for those Fathers who walked in an ugly, unkind, base, critical, and controlling, jealous satanic spirit. For it was sown and now it has come to harvest. And what an ugly harvest.
In every society and in every generation women have been traded on Satan's trading floors. Trade for actual money, for fleshly desires, for self advancement, and for political gain. Traded via marriages I didn't approve of, molested, and all manner of uncleanness. This shall not go on and I invite my body to come into right alignment so I can lay the ax to this root.
And when they silenced my daughters, and when they convinced my daughters that I did not love them, did not hear them and that I did not care about the grievous things they had suffered, they turned them out of the way and the women took their scream for justice and their voice out into the world. The voices that I gave to them to be a plumb-line of righteousness in the nations . And so Satan the piper, took them and what began as a scream of horror and pain and trauma looking for healing, and justice, he caused that unheard, ignored voice to become twisted and vile and angry and full of deadly poison. He made their original and right cry for help into "serpents venom".
I want those who call themselves MY sons to stand in the gap and repent for their Fathers who sold their sisters into whoredom.
You think the raging pornography problem in America is solely the fault of the women? Do you find it strange the proliferation of human trafficking in the earth? NO! I say, no! And I tell you the root of these issues is that the Fathers sold their daughters to the devil and I want my sons to repent and renounce this iniquity so that I may bring healing into the hearts of many and into the land itself!
I want my sons to confess this grievous sin before me and repent for it and renounce it so that my Holy blood can be released and applied to atone for this iniquity which is in the land."
The Price
"Remember what I spoke in Deuteronomy 22?"
I turned to Deuteronomy 22 and began to read. The Lord lead me to the 25th verse and he said to me, "the cry determines the stone."
"...But if out in the country a man happens to meet a young woman pledged to be married and rapes her, only the man who has done this shall die. Do nothing to the woman; she has committed no sin deserving death. This case is like that of someone who attacks and murders a neighbor, 27 for the man found the young woman out in the country, and though the betrothed woman screamed, there was NO ONE to rescue her. 28 If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, 29 he shall pay her father FIFTY shekels of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives."
"What you saw in Washington, DC was the clamoring sound of an old PRICE which must be paid. Payment. And in many cases, PAYBACK!!
I want my sons to repent for not listening to and not hearing the cry all around them. The agonizing wail. For I have heard it. Not only for not listening to the cry, but for hating my daughters, their sisters. For despising them.
What began in the 60's and 70's began as a legitimate wail. This is not strictly about a sexual assault, so go deeper into My Spirit so you can see! For I speak of patterns and principles as well as the actual acts and the costs for such."
"For many of those women had been raised in the church! Did you hear me? Many of those women had been raised with My gospel in their ears! But they had seen the abuse of their grandmothers and mothers. They had seen righteous women in my church silenced, mocked, denigrated and denied access to their Father in heaven by the church Fathers! And they had heard the lurid tales of Pastors who had girlfriends and other families on the side and this grievous injustice coated in legalism and arrogance produced an anger and despair in them. Did I not warn the Fathers to not provoke their children to WRATH? Lest they become discouraged/dispirited and of a broken spirit? (Ephesians 6:4, Colossians 3:21).
And some of those same women had also themselves been mentally, sexually and physically abused by those who claimed my name as Church leaders and average pew sitting Fathers and when they cried out for help and tentatively plucked up enough courage to speak out, they were slammed by my word, called liars and worse things and this brought many of them to wrath and brokenness of spirit. Much has been spoken of about the impact of Fatherlessness for men, but look around you and see the impact of bad Fathering for women. Not only ignored but traded. Repent for relying on women to rear the children totally. If you conceived them you must raise them!
Can you not yet see that? And now the seeds of that wrath, that silencing, that ignoring have come to harvest right before your very eyes and yet still, I say that those precious women who have clung to me behind the scenes as my precious daughters, tried by fire have been muzzled right in the pews and in their homes by men who tithe and jump and shout and jump on the bandwagon of the move of my Spirit, but their hearts... Their hearts!! For I tell you the truth, every hard and stony heart that is not yielded to me, becomes a stone of judgment, a stone of war. I want to exchange your stony heart for a heart of flesh."
Amnon, Hophni and Phineas
"For I say the sin of Amnon is in my house and the moan and grief of Tamar is reverberating down the halls (2 Samuel 13). 
Will you not repent so my daughters, your sisters can be healed and released of their forced desolation, imprisonment and shame and brought into my passionate healing?
I say, My Glory departed from this land because of the sin of the son's of Eli which blanketed the land and there were no Fathers suitable to reprimand the sons (1 Samuel 2:12-36)! Those whom I LOVE and consider my sons, I chasten! My glory is coming, but you can hasten that day by considering your ways and aligning with me!! It is time!!
I want my sons to repent for thinking and acting like I only came to deliver them from the curse of Genesis and not also for my daughters. For they have taken redemption for themselves, and claim it as their corner market, but they have denied redemption and restoration for my daughters, their sisters.
Your land is full of prostitution, defilement and every unclean thing and many men are in bondage to whoredom because the Father's gave the evil one access to the daughters when I told them not to do so.
Many of my daughters have repented and repented, and repented until they are blue in the face, and have seen little change, but now i share a very particular key and I want my sons to take this key into their heart and repent and repent truly. And when they do, I will unlock the voice of their sisters which have been held hostage. For you have been decreeing it is time for the Esther's and the Deborah's and that is true, but I will not release mute women."
Deaf and Mute
"Don't you see it? You are angry and sorrowful at the women who marched because they cried out. But when my own, holy, blood bought daughters, your sisters also cry out, you silence them. You deny them the place I shed my blood for them to sit and stand in. My sons, this should not be, for their is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus The Lord , yet you insist on making the distinction for the sake of what you want, rather than what I desire!!! My daughters were MEANT TO SPEAK. For Thru their redeemed voice the enemy is crushed. Thru wisdom saturated and timely speech they can turn the tide of nations. Thru their voice they can finally say no to the evil one. Thru their voice many captives are set free. And so you force them into muteness. And did you not know that a deaf and dumb/mute spirit walk hand in hand?
If YOU will HEAR me( and no longer be deaf and selective of hearing) I will free my daughters from the spirit of muteness which has been partnering with the spirit of deafness in you!!! SELAH.
Read my word! Did I not say that Wisdom is your SISTER and Understanding your KINSWOMAN? (Proverbs 7:4).
Every-time you ask me to endow your President and Leadership with wisdom or understanding didn't you know you are asking me to send in My very strong feminine characteristic and gift to help them?! How can I do this if you despise the feminine? Open your eyes!
Wisdom doesn't like to be around those who refuse to HEAR HER and HEED HER CALL!!! Do you despise your sister Wisdom? If you despise Wisdom, ye shall have Folly instead and you know where her wooing brings you to!
I want to answer your prayers for the Esther's, Deborah's, Hannah's, Lydia's and Sarah's to come forth. But will you listen to them when I raise them up and send them to you? Or will you allow the evil one to continue to work thru you again as he loves to do - to silence them again and again and steal their voices and cause them to be prostituted and defiled thereby allowing "other" women, "wounded" women, "howling, unhealed and twisted" women who have no remedy within them, to rise up and proclaim the agenda of hell into the nation?
I want my sons to repent for themselves and the Fathers who forced the daughters to abort their children. Yes. Yes, I said that. Read it again. Where many men have threatened women behind the scenes when they discovered they were pregnant and demanded those women kill their seed, even giving them the money to have it done, I want you to repent. That is murder. Identify with this and stand in the gap.
Many women would have kept those children, but under threat and abuse instead gave in to the predator spirit against them and slaughtered their babies. Your babies. Inheritance. I want you to repent for the Fathers who molested and committed incest with their daughters, got them pregnant and forced them to kill that seed."
"I want you to repent for those in the church who committed adultery and fornication with the women of the church like Eli's sons, got them pregnant and then caused them to kill the child. For too long women have carried the heavy burdens and judgments against them for having abortions. And many of my daughters have repented with tears and deepest grief. But I tell you, I have seen another side to that equation and too many men have emotionally manipulated, and strong armed women by threatening to end the relationship or marriage unless they got an abortion. For my heart is heavy! And my heart is full of sorrow and grief over this iniquity!! 
I desire repentance for this gross hypocrisy which has gone forth in the land. Gross hypocrisy. Until there is repentance, the rebellious hearts in this land will remain dull and hardened. And the spirit of deafness and dumbness will remain. And though truth be bandied all around this present generation, they will not hear it and I intend that they hear it! But when there is repentance, My Spirit will be released bringing the necessary Godly Sorrow which will lead the people to repentance( 2 Corinthians 7:10).

Serious and Timely call from The Lord - Releasing the Women & Men from Perversion and Freeing Our Nation & Others by F. Clynne (
February 1, 2017 PART 3
....I want my sons to repent for themselves and their Fathers for allowing women to shoulder the burden of exact righteous behavior while they themselves committed gross and hidden sins and convinced others that it was okay. Do you not realize that this is the spirit of Jezebel who convinces my servants that it is okay for them to walk in sexual iniquity?(Revelation 2:20).
You remember what happens to the children of that spirit? I cast them into a bed of sickness. Is this why your nation is riddled with infirmity, sickness and disease and the corruption of your insurance companies and doctors and hospitals are a perpetual stench in the heavenlies? Is this why there is no healing in the land? Repent. Selah."
In the midst of this very detailed and serious word, I could feel the pleading heart of The Lord because he loves us. I could feel his insistence that this must happen and happen now!
"Stop looking at the women for right now for I have need of YOU. 
Go and look in the mirror and consider your ways and the ways which have permeated the entire culture around you bringing many into captivity because of the spirit of arrogance, entitlement, religious hypocrisy, and delusion. I now invite you to repent so that the spirit of delusion will be broken off of you and your nation. And after you do, then I want you to look at the women in your life, in your church on your jobs and prayer groups and ask me, "Father have I sinned, dishonored or counted as less-than any of these women whom you created and whom you sent your Only begotten son to bleed and die for?"
I say, Start with your own house. Your sisters, wives, daughters and mothers and ask me, "Father, have I despised these women? Have I aligned myself with Satan in his war against them?" 
And if you are brave enough, I will tell you, so that you can repent and turn from that wicked path and begin to walk with me and like me in true honor and truth and break the curse Satan keeps bringing around generation after generation against many women. Repent for those Societal and Church Fathers and your own bloodline who released over many women false judgements, and unnecessary caustic, venomous, critical, harsh, and nasty words thinking they were doing me a service. They were not. (John 16:2,3)
Many of my people are praying regarding the spirit of Islam which has risen up in so many corners of the world, and even arrogantly in this nation, but I say to you, unless My Body align with my heart concerning women you will in no way be able to defeat this anti Christ spirit, for you also have the exact same mindset as the captives and slaves of Islam regarding women. Yes, you do. In your hearts you do. Let me take that stony heart out which harbors this ideology on the inside, for I need clean gatekeepers and watchmen in this land. What you are not delivered of, you cannot keep out of the land and by your misalignment actually grant it legal grounds for being in the land because you are in agreement with it in your heart and in the spirit realm.
So repent of these things and no longer agree with them while there is yet time and I will pour out my Holy Spirit in a way that you could not even imagine on my sons and my daughters!!! As I have promised!"
" For didn't I say I long, to kill two birds with one stone? I want to unlock the voices of my daughters, for a great company of women shall run with the gospel of the Kingdom!
"11The Lord gives the command; The women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host:12"Kings of armies flee, they flee, And she who remains at home will divide the spoil!"( Psalm 68:11-13 ).
And by this I make a way of escape (Salvation) for many other captive women and men who have been deceived by an exceedingly crafty, perverse, and unclean spirit and set them free from every wound and deception they have lived and encountered. And in this I will release Godly sorrow to them which IS my kindness and my promise which will lead them to repentance and set them free.
When my daughters are unlocked, when their voices are restored, amped up and released, I shall also deliver many who have been in bondage to the principality of prostitution which is rooted in the land both male and female and even the land itself which is groaning. For the creation will rejoice and be cleansed of the iniquity. For remember, when the cup of iniquity in the land is full, the land will vomit out the offenders. Repent, for many enemies are at the gates and some already are here, longing to displace the people of this land!! It is much deeper than just securing your borders! Remember that before Israel did take the promised land, I said that the land vomited out the people before them who had been living there!
Again I say, that I am PLEASED at how far you have come! YES! To my praying remnant I say, I am pleased, but Keep following closely with me. Hear my voice and obey me. For I hear you and your prayers and I long to bring an exceedingly great deliverance to your nation which will impact families, nations and eternity!"
I heard The Lord say the name Ahab.
"And what about Ahab? I say that Ahab was a lazy man, for he did not govern his own heart FIRST. As King or as a leader, governance and self control must start within yourself. This is why it is said one must "Work out their own salvation with fear and trembling." (Phillipians 2:12). My Kingdom starts first in you.
This is why I am inviting my people to repent first, for I am coming to clean house. If you judge, ponder and consider yourself in Me first, you won't be judged in the midst of the fellowship. (1 Corinthians 11:31, 32). 
But I say, Because of the lies of the spirit of Jezebel, the men who believe these lies( regarding the acceptability of sexual immorality as servants of God) yoke the women they "violate" to them and join them to that spirit of Jezebel operating thru them in a "marriage". There is a price/cost for this. And since they refuse to govern their own heart by giving me the stony heart, there is a cost.
50 shekels was to be paid for a woman who was violated. This cost is the firstfruit offering of bondage.
50 is symbolic of Jubilee. It is thru this price that many lose their freedom. Selah.
And without repentance, such a man can never divorce this woman. And though you have gone thru the Baal divorce decree, remember that Jezebel served Baal. And that cry, the shriek, the bitterness, wrath and rage, that twisted and depraved voice shall attend to such a man always as a terrible reminder of the violation! Is this the voice you want forever released over this land? Then you must stand in the gap and repent!! And when you do, my Holy Blood will come and finalize the divorce!"
And in that moment The Lord allowed me to see The Yellow School bus number 1929 again and I clearly realized that our society trains and schools women to all forms of prostitution from their youth. My heart was very heavy!
He continued softly, "My Church, repent for aligning with a culture which trains women to the Spirit of Prostitution by only focusing on their outer appearance and assigning a value to their soul based only on this instead of based on the fact that I created them, and that I love them and that I came to redeem their souls. This is one of the ways that the transfer of wealth has been held back. How? Read Proverbs 31. And repent for ignoring, dishonoring, robbing, and silencing the righteous women I have placed all around you. For when they are dishonored, eventually I allow them to be replaced by women who match the hardness of your own hearts with an ugly, screeching cry. If you have one around you like this, perhaps you have walked in dishonor somewhere and you need to repent, so that cry is quieted with my blood."
To My Daughters
Suddenly The Lord shifted focus momentarily to address his daughters.
"And to My Daughters, keep holding on, for I have not forgotten you nor have I forsaken you. Many of you I will do a deep, deep healing work on the inside, for you have sought legitimacy and validation which I always intended you to have, embrace and walk in and you were systematically blocked from receiving it from Me. 
So you did the best you could with what you had and sought for that legitimacy and validation from many within My Body and outside My Body and found very little and at other times found outright abuse. But I say, It is okay now, for the wrongs are being righted. Hold fast.

You also can stand in the gap, and lend your forgiveness for all the pain and sorrow. You can repent for holding on to anger, you can repent for not seeking me above all others to free you. You can repent for any and all poison fuel you have released against other women who have suffered similar to you. For these gossipy, orphan speeches have caused small demonic fires to flame up into big, uncontrolled, satanic flames. I tell you the truth, beloved, you cannot carry My fire, and stoke the flames of my enemy in the lives of other people at the same time! This message to my Body is not condemnation! No! It is conviction. My people have mistaken the sting or conviction for condemnation. Receive the tiny sting of conviction, for I am not condemning you. There is no condemnation if you are in me. Conviction is course correction.
Beloved, male and female if you find this difficult, I feel your heart. I understand. I have seen all you have suffered. I am arising as your true Father now! Just come to me and I will give you grace to forgive. Little by little. Measure by Measure. Much grace. Not by your power or strength, but by your willingness and My grace. And when you forgive, great space shall be made within you to receive my Glory in a very profound and beautiful way. Then you will be uncapped, un-stopped, and unlocked and you will rush forward into the vacuum that has been in this land and fill it with my words and my truth. Pray for the Body. Pray for your brothers. Pray for your sisters. Pray!!! 
I say to all, come! Come into the secret place and let us reason together. And what I see you do in secret... I will reward you openly."

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