The Voices of Bitterness
After the Lord said “The Voices of Bitterness”
I had an Impression of human beings in the shape of tornadoes
Like a whirlwind swirling all around them.
I believe this represents the flurry of demonic activity around us if we give in to bitterness. It kind of reminded me of the Charlie Brown character “pigpen”.
I continued to listen and heard....
“The enemy doesn’t play fair. There is no relenting from the warfare he brings. I have called you to life and that more abundantly. My presence brings healing & deliverance & empowerment for service. This is why the enemy tries to keep you from it. There is no joy without me there is no true happiness without me there is no true love without me. You can’t work up enough love for people when you haven’t received love. 

People can be loving 90% of the time, 50% of the time, 25% of the time 5% of the time. But unless your soul receives the healing it needs no one can even achieve these percentages of being loving. You must receive love to express it. This is why I urge you to get into my presence thru worship, prayer & the word that you can receive the fullness of what I have for you.

Bitterness is a thief that takes away a sound mind. It’s steals peace & joy & is a great limiter of being able to give out love. That doesn’t mean that you never can be loving it’s just that it takes more love to get filled up again when you do, because there’s still so much bitterness inside when you’re full of that that needs extrication. 

I work on you in stages sometimes, where you get some healing & then there’s a rest period for a time & then I may uncover another route at another time that you can get free from that! I keep chipping away a little at a time. This is the process of sanctification. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. You can ask for this & when honestly asking, you will receive. It may not always come right when you want to, but father knows best & will bring it in time. All healing is progressive most of the time. Sometimes because of the call on somebody’s life, I will do it in an instant or over shorter period of time.  

The days of long waiting are almost at an end. What I do next will be surprising & glorious & will break every chain that is held you back. People are talking about it but many of you saying well where is it I’m still waiting. Things that happen in the spirit realm are not always instantly manifested in the physical realm in every life. But it is a done deal. I will do everything I have said I will do. I am not a man that I should lie nor son of man that I should change my mind. I keep my promises. I am a good Father who gives good gifts to my children. My care for you is like that of a good father. 

So many of you have not had a good mothers and fathers. So you
expect disappointment & let down. And many others expect to be disqualified if they make another mistake. But I am called Faithful & True for a reason. I am the Father of Lights & every good & perfect gift comes from Me. And I am a generous Giver. I am an extravagant Giver & I don’t withhold from those who love me even if their love is not perfected. Even if they make mistakes; As long as they repent. Showers of Grace are coming. Showers of extraordinary Grace are on the way for you! You will see My Glory manifested as you have longed to see, even though it may come through difficult times, you certainly will see it!!

I made promises to Noah & I kept them. I saw him through & provided for him & extraordinary miracles to accomplish my goals. He didn’t have to search through the world to make the animals come to him. 
I gave him the wisdom for all he had to do & I gave him the strength & the grace to go through even though he was surrounded by taunting masses of people full of sin & lasciviousness, just like now.

You can imagine how hard it was on he his wife his sons & their wives to be opposed daily to be called foolish stupid & reckless for believing that what I said was true. I told you also that Lot was tormented daily by the things he saw & so many of you have been tormented also by the things that you’re seeing uncovered. Is very tormenting to see people make disastrous choices in their lives & to also see those wicked who are of reprobate mind continue on in their lives & schemes to rule the world instead of allowing me to lead them. Lawlessness has ramped up. Antichrist spirit has taken over the minds of many, but there is nothing that I can’t change, so calm your soul in worshipping Me. Strengthen your Spirit in My Word & Put all of your trust on me, & cast all your cares about what’s going on on to Me. I will lead you if you look to me & depend on me. I will never leave you nor for sake you. PRAY always for all you see.

Many of the voices of bitterness now crying out will be saved in the sweeping changes that are coming through awakening so continue on like good soldiers fighting the good fight. Polish & Brandish your sword daily against the enemy. Don’t wait for him to attack! Take an OFFENSIVE STAND! Take your authority & speak aloud My Word! Sing My Word!!! Dance & worship and bring down powers & principalities through your worship. I AM WITH YOU AND FOR YOU DESPITE THE ENEMY TRYING TO MAKE YOU TIRED & FEELING DISQUALIFIED. 

My Love is irreversible just like your love for your children! If anyone tries to attack your child, you would lay down your life! Just as I did for you! So why do you doubt now? Send the liar fleeing & take every thought captive! Rebuke him and he will flee! He has to because I live in you!”

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin