The Tightening of the Noose 
HS thru Pris

“There is a Hangmans noose for every Haman in the land in this hour. You’ve seen it in my word; pride comes before a fall. And fall they will, for Hell enlarges itself in this hour. But where sin abounds, grace abounds more for all those who will come, There is a reprieve, a pardon, Grace to believe.

Long awaited measures of love and kindness will be poured out as I release the chains on those who love Me!! Do not think that I will not get to you because of any impediments! Am I not the Omnicient One? Am I limited? Remember the two who didn’t make it to Moses’ meeting still got touched by My glory outside in the camp away from the scheduled meeting!!!

I can find your loved ones who’ve gone astray just as easily as well!  Don’t think I have forgotten your intercessions for them!! Many have suffered so much for the parts of your family who are awol, Yet called to 11th hr ministry!

I never forget those who like Me spend hours in intercession for others, laying down their lives as I did. Many have suffered witchcraft attacks unrelated to your own lives but for the lives of those who will come out of witchcraft into the light! For these are like those in prison and no one says RESTORE!!

For I AM the God of RESTORATION & RECONCILIATION! I WILL DESTROY THE RAMPARTS OF THE ENEMY AND YOUR OWN EYES WILL BE FILLED WITH WONDER AT THE GREAT OUTPOURING OF LOVE & GRACE THAT IS BEFORE YOU! The startling and awesome wonders the enemy will try to duplicate, but Those with true discernment vs suspicion will be able to recognize what is TRUE because your chains will be broken & spiritual blindness will be swallowed up as My glory is poured out! The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord will be poured out beyond anything you have yet seen.

So come away with Me beloveds and rest in my arms that I can transform you in preparation for the great battle that is at hand! For nations will continue to have strife until they bow to My will vs their own will! Pride must be broken & uprooted in the nations.
Worship oh warriors for your worship is breaking through the heavenly battles!!! Speak My Word over nations & people groups! Arise and thresh oh daughter of Zion for Harvesting angels are now sent forth as you pray! Believe I am here with you & will guide your prayers & worship to bring down wickedness in heavenly places!! Yes DANCE ON INJUSTICE! PRAY FOR THOSE DELUDED BY THE VAIN PHILOSOPHIES OF MEN!!! I will apprehend even your own unsaved family members from the clutches of deception as you pray MY WILL!!!”