The Winds are Blowing
Holy Spirit through Priscilla Van Sutphin

the Lord said...
"The winds are blowing. The Northeasters are blowing hard now to prepare my people , for soon the HOT Southern winds will blow bringing a new refreshing, something not seen before,
something not felt before, quite like this wind. This is the Wind of the Kingdom of God and nothing will be like it after it, nothing has been like it before this. The Winds of Holiness have been blowing .

The call to intimacy has been trumpeted throughout this nation. Iwill breathe on the dead bones of My church and it will be transformed by My GLORY! Do not resist the northeasters that are blowing for their purpose is to blow away all the chaff, that you can be blessed by the winds that will bring great change to
MY church and the earth. Fall on the Rock, lest it fall on you, and you be crushed. Trumpets are blowing, Trumpets are blowing all over the earth and nothing will ever be the same. Look up, for your Bridegroom is coming He will enter the church like a Mighty Rushing Wind and all will be transformed and the lost will be drawn to you.

They will be quickened by MY LOVE poured out in you. Hosts of angels are waiting for this trumpet. Ancients are waiting to see the great drama unfold. Beware of the snare of the fowler, for He is watching as well and hopes to swallow up MY
beloveds. UNITY is coming to MY CHURCH, for the GREAT LOVER of your souls is stirred. He is putting on His colorful robe and grooming Himself for His bride. He is coming in POWER and GLORY to transform His Bride and to lay waste the enemy of your souls for those who are ready and waiting. Do not grow weary in doing good. REACH OUT to others and I will reach out to you !

Ring the bells, sound the trumpets, FREEDOM is coming. LIBERTYof soul is near. Do not be discouraged in your hearts, for He Who is greater than your hearts is coming and the mountains will belaid low, and every valley will be exalted. The Lame will leap like adeer. Blind eyes will be opened. Stir up FAITH in your soul. REACH OUT and touch someone! For lo the Bridegroom cometh! He has fire in His eyes and a sword in His mouth. He will ride forth for justice, mercy and truth.

The Revolution is coming! It will pour out into the streets and highways and byways and the halls will be filled to the brim with the lost and backslidden who will return to ME. Do not make the same mistake as the Sauls and allow yourself to be lifted up instead of Me. DO NOT TOUCH MY GLORY !! For I will not give My glory to another. There will be greater consequence once this earthquake occurs.

Judgment is coming to the house ofthe Lord. Do not think oh hypocrites , that you can hide from the swift sword of My righteousness. I will break the chains that bind you, but if you dare to touch My glory , you will perish as quickly as Uzzah did. I will release My compassion upon intercessors and great miracles will be released as FAITH is restored. But do not think to market this move of My Spirit. Do not think to add to your gain without considering the poor. Be willing to pay the full price, be willing to lay down your lives for your brother, for the glory that is coming will burn up all the chaff.”
Rec’d 1-9-02

Priscilla Van Sutphin