“Thunderous Applause”

Felt the Lord saying “Thunderous Applause!”
Waiting on Him for what He wanted to say…
“There is a day of celebration coming that 
cannot compare to any other days! It is a 
day of freedom, justice, victory & retribution. 
For there is a decision made in the courts of 
heaven on that day, & the FIRE of GOD, & 
His great LOVE & COMPASSION will be 
poured out on mankind!

I AM DOING A NEW THING. There will not be any excuse any longer for not recognizing JESUS as LORD! For I will loose MY KINGDOM as never before, & all the prayers & tears of the ages will culminate in a miraculous victory of praise for what I will do!

Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing will be done in the same ways as the past. So steady your gaze upon Me, for I will show you everything you need to know, as you depend on ME alone. MY wisdom, My knowledge, My counsel, My Might, My understanding & Power will be poured out & the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord will fill My house, & the homes of My beloveds. The world will know that I alone am God. NOTHING can stop what I will do. I will execute My justice on powers of darkness & reprobate souls.

And there will be thunderous applause & dancing in the houses of the chosen, & the elect will have their eyes opened & their ears unplugged. They will see with new eyes & hear with new ears. Rejoicing & praise will fill the airwaves. Yes, there will also be some resistance because the enemy will be an unhappy fellow, & the battle will continue with MY own having the favor!! Wickedness always leads to more wickedness. But JOY will come forth from the camp of the righteous, as I make them My habitation!

My glorious Kingdom will super-cede all other kingdoms of this world. ARISE & SHINE beloveds! For the KINGDOM is coming to you, & the pain & suffering of the past will be demolished in comparison to the glory I pour out in you! Old painful memories will fade away into oblivion, and no longer will you grieve. So start rejoicing NOW in FAITH for the things to come beloveds. Declare in the dance your victory over the darkness! Declare in song your praise for the marvelous miracles that I will be bringing.

I will ERADICATE sickness! I will ERADICATE all infirmities & diseases! I will ERADICATE spirits of darkness tormenting My own.
Even your bodies will change to reflect the glory I pour out, because I said you will prosper as your soul prospers, & your souls & bodies will be set free! Radical changes will shock many who know you! Those who mocked you will repent in sorrow for their unjust judgments! Restorations will come to families of those whose children respond to the outpouring. I will humble those who have been so proud & arrogant in their hearts to judge you unmercilessly, for there has been so much presumption in the body of Christ, as in the world.

I AM longing for this wonderful time when you can KNOW ME in a greater & more intimate way! I AM looking forward to time with you in ways you have not understood before. Many of you have been waiting for this a very long time & your hearts & bodies will be resuscitated. The schemes of the enemy will no longer be able to touch your soul as before.

Warlocks & witches will come & repent at your feet because they WILL see the glory on you! Shamans & voodoo priests will cast down their idols & tools of divination & as spoken to another prophet, there will be an awakening even among some freemasons who will recognize their foolishness. So again, REJOICE & give over all your concerns to ME beloveds! “

see Isaiah 60 & Micah 4

Holy Spirit thru ♥️♥️ Priscilla