“Timbrels & Dancing”

There will be celebrations before 
summer is over for all the turn 
arounds I will do!!! I will give you 
much reason to celebrate!! Correction 
is coming to the wicked in ways they 
cannot imagine, for their minds are distorted beyond imagination as you can well see. They are in prisons of 
their own making, because they refused to bow to Me, even when I revealed Myself. Anarchy is being promoted among the wealthy disturbed ones, but I will turn it all on their own heads!

Keep in prayer & worship for all is at hand!
I will be lighting up the skies & your eyes in the days ahead for my glory will roll in like waves on the ocean overpowering all that resists! STAND STILL & SEE THE SALVATION OF THE LORD!! I WILL STOP THIS DEBACLE!!!”

Definition of debacle
1 a : a great disaster
b: a complete failure : FIASCO
2: a tumultuous breakup of ice in
a river
3: a violent disruption (as of an
army) : ROUT

“Christianity is going back to it’s roots in this hour. Your hearts ♥️ will swell with JOY at what I do & cries of thankfulness & grace will fill the airways…yes even on the news!!! Warlocks & witches WILL BE APPREHENDED & CHANGED!!! Angels of COURAGE are being dispatched to give confidence to believers who have been so broken in waiting for what I’ve promised!!!

Priscilla Van Sutphin