Vestiges of Mercy
June 24, 2023 

The LORD said the above, vestiges of 
mercy. Then, He said, “Righteousness 
exalts a nation but sin causes reproach 
& disdain in the world around you!”

Rep. Boebert citing articles of impeachment 
in the house today against Biden: Forbes 
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'Trampled On The Constitution': Lauren Boebert Discusses Her Bill To Impeach President.

“Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” Proverbs 14:34 NKJV

“I told you that I would bring down all the opposition and I WILL do as I have said. I have proclaimed MERCY over this Nation, because My People are praying & declaring as I’ve led them. Many have repented of the wickedness of the wicked, & of their complacency & apathy.

The groundswell of opposition is growing in all areas where it is needed beloveds. I raise up, & I put down. I pluck out, & I plant & supplant. I build, & I pull down.

Every mountain will be laid low, & every valley raised up in this hour, for the time of JUSTICE for this & many nations has come.

I AM not who they think I AM. I AM THAT I AM! And I WILL HAVE MY WAY IN THE EARTH!
I will crush pride — Leviathan — that wicked serpent, & all the liars & deceivers best be aware!”
Supplant: supercede & replace

“For My Justice is not like their justice! Those in secret organizations will justify their own members, & give them a break, but that is NOT JUSTICE! It is LAWLESSNESS!
So watch your hearts, for not all you would like to see will be done, but never fear, for My Will, will be accomplished no matter what the courts or congress do or don’t do! For I have seen it all! Nothing escapes My Eyes.

Watch as I REPLACE, REFACE, & RECTIFY many positions of power in this Nation. Not only will I do this in the Senate & House, but in every agency of Government, every business & including medicine, pharmaceutical companies, banks, insurance companies, big agra, big food, FDA, & nutraceuticals, every area that has compromised with righteousness, will be affected.

And when the medical profession is awakened to the truth, will you see great repentance, & weeping, & apologizing & MAJOR transformations.

I will rout the murdering “professionals” in all areas of medicine & pharmakeia who have hateful, uncaring hearts, & who went along even with murderous schemes & those also who make money off of mind controlling troubled youth & castrating chemically, & surgically; altering children’s genders!! For they are an abomination to Me.

The way that medicine looks today will change drastically, for they will be bankrupted, & natural doctors will also play a part in altering the whole system so that people once again have access to knowledge that is healthier.

But more than that, will I increase My Mighty Power through My devoted sons & daughters, who I will use to perform great miracles & healings, & raising the dead.
Really startling miracles will be seen, in coffee shops, in restaurants, in churches who don’t even believe I can do it!! For I delight in surprising My Beloveds!

Death & destruction have covered the people like a blanket due to the intentions behind the wicked agenda, but ONE WORD spoken through My sons & daughters of LIGHT, will destroy the works of darkness over many peoples & nations!

Watch as My sons & daughters have the blinders removed, & how the stench of ignorance, cognitive dissonance, complacency, apathy & pride is removed, through all the dredging coming, for increase of all of this is at hand. Summer will be very very Revealing!

And even as it comes, will I INCREASE more & more of My GLORY to you! Sudden eclipses are coming. For My Light will eclipse all the darkness that has been spread & shed!

Seemingly insurmountable problems & factors that have hindered My own will be removed, & replaced with MY blessings.

Angels are already preparing the changes, & are more than ready for the warfare ensuing. You will see many suicide themselves due to what is coming. For they will be overwhelmed with what I expose through My truth-tellers.

Do NOT give yourselves to smugness, only REJOICE in TRUTH being exposed at last.

Though there is a great cost to the revival coming, I will see you through it, & help you overcome all the discouragement & anger at all that has come about.
For it is impossible to not be angry at the flagrant wickedness & degradation of human lives. For MY HEART is in you. 

But know with all your heart that no one will escape my justice meted out to the wicked! Even if the courts fail, will My Hand bring My Justice! Be assured!”

“By fearful & glorious things [that terrify the wicked but make the godly sing praises] do You answer us in righteousness (rightness & justice), O God of our salvation, You Who are the confidence & hope of all the ends of the earth & of those far off on the seas;” Psalm 65:5 AMPC

“But if you [Job] are filled with the judgment of the wicked, judgment & justice will keep hold on you.” Job 36:17 AMPC

Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin

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