Warning for the Little Ones 
Bev J Fischer
Word received 2/17/17

DREAM – I opened a white door into a very large room. 
The room had a large glass window on one side, like in 
a hospital nursery viewing room. Then I looked and saw 
many baby beds with babies in them. The babies all seemed 
to be a year old or less. Some of the babies were awake, as
 I could hear them making noises in their beds, but most seemed
to be sleeping peacefully.
Then I was suddenly startled awake and sat up straight in my bed, as I heard the Lord say, “Satan’s next attack will be the youth, the innocent and helpless.”
So I got up to hear what else He would say...
The enemy has always targeted the youth, but now he has opened a new door of demonic beings to go after the very young. He means to use many ways and many schemes to take them and those who love them; sickness, death, mental and physical challenges, kidnappings, will be some of the ways. There will be an increase of demonic activity, with such a push on it. It will seem as if a huge hand is pushing this forward, more and more at an ever increasing rate.
For loved ones, it will bring great anguish, frustration, hopelessness, and despair. As they feel like an unknown force hits from so many ways, all at the same time, all over the world.
The expense in this will be beyond imagination, as it won’t just be the financial expenses from hospitals, doctors, nurses, medicines, and ongoing treatment over time, it is also the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual effects it will have on the bodies and souls of man. For when the enemy attacks your beloved child in a myriad of ways, it can seem to take your very heart and soul from you as you watch them suffering, oftentimes feeling like you don’t know what to do, as they appear so helpless and they are unable to say what is wrong or how they feel. You only have their appearance, behavior, and the noises they make to know they are hurting.
The enemy will take great delight in taking on this next plan, as he tries to take away your future and hope through your children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, and other loved ones. He sees it as a two for one deal. He feels if he can get your beloved child, he has you too.
For many, when they have to go through a battle for their little ones, are unprepared and it appears to literally knock the wind out of their sails in the beginning. But when the attack is ongoing over months and years for some, at a time, it not only takes out the wind, it can take your heart and spirit to fight, to see one so helpless hit so hard.
For some it brings anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, and hatred towards Me, because they don’t understand why I would allow this to happen. Know that I will use it for your good, although to you, it won’t seem like that, at the time. Many will leave and not want Me in their lives any longer and others will have to fight on their behalf for their loved ones.
I’m warning you now, so you will be better prepared. I have urged you again and again to have a relationship with Me. It is for such a time as this, when not only are the little ones helpless, but oftentimes those who love them greatly, also feel helpless. It will be your relationship with Me, and your ability to use it now and in the days ahead, that will be your greatest help.
Many forget I AM the original GREAT PHYSICIAN. I AM the ONE who can heal and create all and take away pain. Although I have given humans doctors, nurses, medicines, technology, and more to fight against sicknesses and diseases, many take it to extremes and will only use those means. They totally forget or ignore what I AM capable of. Many feel if medicine, technology, and their doctor or nurse can’t take care of them, nothing can, and in many ways they refuse My help. They refuse to ask Me or to seek Me, when all looks hopeless. But I say to you, I AM the only ONE who can help in those times, and in many other times.
The power of heartfelt prayer and strategic battle plans to battle and overcome the enemy and your relationship with Me will be your greatest weapons in the days ahead. For some, no amount of medicines, doctors, nurses, or technology will work. It will only be your prayers and the united prayers with others that will help to overcome and defeat what the enemy has planned.
It is for this and other reasons that I’m releasing My Healers and Deliverers. Many think of healing and are excited because they have heard or read of My signs, wonders, and miracles in My Word. But many of these same people think of deliverance and are scared or refuse to have or go to someone who does deliverance in My Name. Little do they realize it is another form of healing and for some it is needed before they can have physical, emotional, and / or spiritual healing and freedom. Many times you have to get rid of the internal bad things or demons to heal other areas, and to allow total healing so that it isn’t a recurring issue.
Many allow pride, stubbornness, and rebellion of My Ways to keep them from healing and deliverance. But even with deliverance, as it is, with medical healing, you should be seeking Me as to who to go to. It is what it is, and just as in days of old, so it is now, there is good and bad to everything. Advertisements only give you the outside picture of someone. I AM the only ONE who can show you or speak to you about the inside of someone, and their heart for Me, so you will know their intent, either good or bad for you.
Again I say, it is about relationship with Me. Does it help to stockpile your prayers? ABSOLUTELY!!! The angels are waiting for you to fill your prayer bowls in heaven, so they can be poured out over you and those you pray for at the right time. Rev 5:8 (CJB) When He took the scroll, the four living beings and the twenty-four elders fell down in front of the Lamb. Each one held a harp and gold bowls filled with pieces of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people;
Pray now and seek Me for the strategies you will need to protect your loved ones in the days ahead, so you have them as part of your arsenal and you are better prepared for the days ahead. Be ready to fight offensively, to stay standing, rather than having to pick yourself up off the floor or out of the dirt to fight defensively, after you’ve been hit. You are a stronger warrior if you can maneuver around the enemy through offensive and pre-war strategies to be better prepared and avoid the full frontal hits or escape them totally before they happen.
Do not fear the days ahead. Rather fight wisely and boldly through your relationship with Me, for I AM always with you. I AM. 
through Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer godsblessingstoyou@yahoo.com