Word for California
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla
“There is coming over California a red 
roll out carpet for the King of Glory! 
Yes I know it seems impossible, but I am 
the God of the impossible. I cannot stand 
by and watch My children destroying each 
other. Yes there is a lot of evil ruling over 
this state. But I hear the sound of my 
children crying out “Save!”

Is there anything I can not do? Is anything impossible with Me? Am
I not the ALMIGHTY ONE??? Yes I AM THE GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS & I PROMISED HOLLYWOOD WOULD BECOME HOLY-WOOD! I have not changed My mind!! I keep my promises. Awakening is coming! Change is at hand. In the midst of darkness I can bring light. I will LIGHT UP my chosen ones and yes, the earth will tremble but oh the salvation of souls that are coming will be beyond anything the church has dreamed of. Many in California have cried out for years for salvation of the lost.

And don’t think that everyone Who came here “illegally“ are disqualified in anyway from receiving MY love & salvation.
I will set hearts on fire. The fire of my burning will come upon the church & will come upon those who know me whether they’re in church or not. It will come upon those who have come here in fear trying to make a new life for themselves, those trying to beat the system or take advantage of it. But I will convict! I will even motivate some to go home and change their nations!

I have many precious stones buried in California! There is still gold in those hills! Transformation is coming. Transformation of minds and hearts and wills. Too many are willing to discard humanity because of the sin that they see in it. How many of you will be like Moses & go back another 40 days to pray & fast for souls? I know you won’t, so I will bring salvation from my own heart by My own hand!!! For my heart is greater than your heart! I will go beyond your capability for fasting and prayers. Yes I am in the midst of bringing judgments to the earth but my judgments are My love greatly provoked to turn the hearts of people back to Me.

My glory is increasing and I will pull out the roots of darkness in this state that has led to greed and self-centeredness & abandoning Me. Do not rejoice in the judgments I bring as if you are somehow better, for apart from ME you can do NO THING! The work I am doing, I am doing all over the world! Did I not say that MY GLORY will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea? Harvest is here and I am sending REAPING ANGELS! So be in expectation! I will eradicate the narcissism. Remember I said the earth will open to HELP THE WOMAN! PREPARE your hearts!
Pray for your loved ones. Pray for those around you & WORSHIP ME IN THE BEAUTY OF HOLINESS!!”
Then I heard Him sing the old song: “CALIFORNIA HERE I COME!”

 ♥️ Love Pris