A Word for Florida
Holy Spirit thru Priscilla Van Sutphin
 Feb 6, 2019
  I saw an article on Facebook about a 
cross that washed ashore in Florida. I saw 
it yesterday and Then again this morning. 
Then felt the Lord wanted to speak.
Still small voice...
  “Florida I am making you a corridor for 
my glory, even as you were corridor for 
the settling of this nation for the Spanish 
conquerors, so you will be a Corridor for 
the King of Glory to walk through.

There is much corruption in your government but there are also many good who are fighting against that corruption, and I have seen the prayers of my Saints there. Will I bring to birth and not deliver? Storms are coming, but not everything that comes is from Me. Pray and ask when you see a storm on the horizon. Ask Me & I will show you how to pray and reveal to you it’s purpose. 

I am raising up godly men and women in that state to help overcome the darkness that is planned by the enemy. I am exposing the underbelly of leviathan and I will gut it, that truth and righteousness will prevail.  

I will destroy the strongholds of idolatry with the judgments I bring. I will lay waste utter darkness that has hidden itself In secret places & secret meetings. Their meetings are not secret to me. Their murderous intent is not secret to me. Watchmen do not leave your position on the wall! Listen for the still small voice. I will give you directions to bring down the strongholds.

Murder and cannibalism ( referance to adenochrome use) are an affront to My heart and creation. Do you think that I am overlooking the depravity within your gates? For did I not I say, When the enemy comes in like a flood I will raise up a banner against him? YOU are that banner, saints of God for it is in you that I will make a great display of my kingdom. Fight with the Word, for I will put my words in your mouth!!! And I will give you the boldness you need through my Spirit of Might.

You need each other in this war of wars saints of God, so lay down any animosity you have towards fellow Christians and know that I am coming to you and in you, that everything will change. I will give you new lenses for your eyes to see with, and I will clean out your ears from any deception or lies that you’ve heard. You will be able to love one another as I have loved you. For I will break every chain that has bound you.

I will warn those who need to move in time, so do not neglect your time with me in the secret place so that you can get my personal direction for you and your families. Violence will increase as I told you it would but my protection for my own will also increase. You are My SHINING ones and I will set you ablaze for all to see as you repent for the sins within you, your state, and your nation.  

Wave upon wave of glory is coming & this will not be the same as your past revivals!!! For I am doing a new thing and be careful this time to not accuse My Holy Spirit wrongly. For man will not be able to control what I do next!
Arise and shine!
Arise and shine!
Arise and shine!!”

I also had the impression of Native Americans being an important part of this awakening.

Article: “DIVINE TIMING”: When a massive cross washed up on a Florida beach last weekend, some beachgoers called it an answer to prayer. https://fxn.ws/2MQrw0Q

Love Pris 
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