Word for the Saints in India:
“Fear not the changes I bring, for as there are judgments coming on the wicked, & there will be opportunities to minister miracles in front of them that will turn their hearts to realize the truth, that I alone Am God!

I came to set the captives free & that too is your mission. Worship, worship, worship for I dwell in the praises of My people & I am bringing a great visitation to you, for I will make you my holy habitation & even greater things you will do.

Do NOT limit Me for nothing is impossible with Me! I AM the I AM the King of Kings & the Lord of lords! Is there anything I cannot do? Stretch your imagination consider that I created the heavens & the earth & everything in them! I can re-create anything. For this year you will see startling miracles. Where people have been cursed & born with distorted limbs I will re-create them. I will destroy infections even viruses for which people seem to not have any hope. Be EXPECTANT to see more of the supernatural miracles in your midst Including startling turn arounds in those practicing the dark arts.”

♥️ Akka